How to Get 123Movies on Roku?

At present, there are tons of online streaming entertainment service offering apps and websites. These are the best alternatives to relying on rather than paying for the cable services which seem to offer just a few shows and content. 123Movies is one such alternative in the place of cable services. 123Movies is a well-known illegal site to stream movies and shows. This article is to show you How to stream 123Movies on Roku.

Important Notice – This article is only for information purposes. We don’t encourage using these kinds of piracy websites. This is a third-party streaming site. The users are responsible for any issues faced after using the pirated website. There are many alternate official channels such as HBO Max, Peacock, Hallmark Channel, and much more.

About 123Movies

123Movies is an illegal piracy site known worldwide. It has undergone many name changes such as GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, 123MoviesHub. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) stated 123Movies as the popular illegal site in the year 2018. 123Movies has around 98Million users that too being an unlicensed site. This is so because it offers movies and series at no cost. People get to use the 123Movies through clone sites.

Features of 123Movies

123Movies being a piracy site, people love using it because of its loads of features. Here we go with some important features:

  • High Definition videos
  • Latest movies, series, shows, trailers, etc.
  • Wide range of content from various genres: Action, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Western, Science Fiction, Kids, Music, Horror, Comedy, Crime and it goes on.
  • To be specific, it has 475 series to binge and 2,500 movies for free. And one can watch 15,856 films and 1,935 shows by subscribing
  • For all ages of people
  • Closed captions (subtitles) from various languages
  • No need to register
  • Watch random movies or shows from random genres
  • Fast shipping of the orders
  • Music streaming
  • Photo management online
  • Cloud storage

To be honest, its user friendly usage captivates the users towards it.

How to subscribe for 123Movies?

You can watch free movies and shows on 123Movies. But by paying you get access to watch loads of movies and shows. By registering on 123Movies, the user gets a 30-days free trial. You will enter your payment info and mobile number for registration. If you want to continue let it be. If don’t forget to cancel the subscription, as you will be charged after the 30th day of a free trial.

Each movie and show costs as per their trend and popularity. You can only have access to certain movies if you aren’t a member of 123Movies. You can rent/ buy/ subscribe as per your wish and budget.

Is it safe to use 123Movies?

Being an illegal site, one may get afraid of using 123Movies. But for safety purposes, one can access 123Movies via a VPN. Entering into a third-party app may frustrate you with annoying and unwelcomed ads. So, it is advised to use 123Movies using a VPN connection.

Is 123Movies available on Roku?

123Movies is not available on Roku. As you people know, official apps are only available and accessible on Roku. So, the answer is NO.  But it’s not never. You can watch 123Movies on Roku by reading this Article more.

123Movies on Roku

How to watch 123Movies on Roku?

As said before, 123Movies is not available on Roku. But you access it on Roku by using Kodi.

Kodi media center is an entertainment hub cum media player. Using Kodi, you can get access to watch any videos. To be short, it is a video player.

How to get Kodi on Roku?

Follow the given instructions to get Kodi on Roku via screen mirroring.

Remember to connect your Roku device and Android to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Turn on your Roku player.

Step2: Select Settings.

Step3: Go to Screen mirroring only System menu.

Step4: Tap on Screen mirroring mode method.

Step5: Tap either Prompt or Always allow as per your wish.

Step6: Download and Launch the Kodi App on your Android Phone from the Play Store.

Step7: Then, go to settings-> Connections and Sharing-> Cast->option on your Android Phone.

Step8: Select your Roku device on the list.

Step9: Now, your Android screen will be displayed on your Roku device.

How to get 123Movies on Kodi?

Now, let us see How to get 123Movies on Roku via Kodi. Follow the procedure given below:

Step1: Launch Kodi App on your Android Phone.

Step2: Open Settings and click on File manager.

Step3: Tap on Add Source two times and Select >>None.

Step4: Type the URL as and Click OK.

Step5: Add file source screen appears. Now, enter as mucky duck and tap OK.

Step6: Now, return back to the Main menu and tap Add-ons and select Add-ons Browser.

Step7: Click Install from Zip file. Further, choose Mucky duck >> and click OK.

Step8: Pop up flashes. Now click on Install from the repository then, Mucky duck Repo then, Video Add-ons.

Step9: Now click on 123Movies and tap the Install option.

Step10: To launch 123Movies, get to Videos then, Add-ons, and Select 123Movies.

Now you get to stream 123Movies on your Roku player via Kodi.

Sums Up

To conclude, 123Movies is a pirated content site. To use it safely you can access 123Movies originals content to get rid of pirated content. Apart from this, 123Movies have no flaws to be noted. In the arena of online streaming entertainment platforms, there are a vast number of alternatives available rather than using 123Movies. Some are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and etc.

Thank you…