How to Download and Install ABC App on Samsung Smart TV? [2022]

Entertainment has evolved in various ways. But still now watching TV has a special place for it, whatever new forms may arrive. Moreover, people start to stream TV shows and content on their mobile, PC, tablet. For this reason, the top television channels and networks started to offer streaming apps for their networks. This article is also about that kind of streaming app, named ABC. We will be detailing on ABC App on Samsung Smart TV.

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What is ABC App? 

ABC on Samsung TV

ABC is the American Broadcasting Company. It is one of the top American Television Networks. ABC offers its users with top shows with full episodes, news, game shows, series, talk shows, award ceremonies, sports, and more. It definitely for all people from young adults to old age. It is owned by Walt Disney, which makes people to know its worth. ABC has rich content to stream in. And guess what? ABC television network has its own streaming app named ABC app. It has amazing features of live TV, flexible watch time and the top best feature is no cost watching.

To stream ABC through the ABC app, the users can use their cable TV provider login details which offers ABC as a part of its subscription. And no new subscription is needed.

How to Install ABC on Samsung Smart TV?

ABC official app is available on the Samsung Smart TV, this makes it easier to have access to ABC on Samsung Smart TV. Before moving on with the installation steps, the users have to remember that, there is no separate subscription plan to avail ABC even though it has an official streaming app. The users should use their Cable TV provider info which offers ABC to sign in to the ABC app. This method is applicable for Samsung Smart TVs which run on Tizen.

ABC App on Samsung Smart TV
ABC App on Samsung Smart TV

Step1: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step2: Connect it to your home internet connectivity.

Step3: Go to the Samsung Smart Hub.

ABC App on Samsung Smart TV

Step4: Using the search feature, type in and search for the ABC app.

ABC App on Samsung Smart TV

Step5: Choose the official ABC app and install it.

Step6: After installation, click open the ABC app.

Step7: Then, it’s for activating your Samsung Smart TV to stream the ABC app.

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How to Activate ABC App on Samsung Smart TV?

Step1: Open the ABC app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Step2: Head to Settings.

Step3: Your Samsung Smart TV will show you the activation code.

Step4: Use your Smartphone or PC to visit the following website to activate ABC:

ABC on Samsung Smart TV

Step5: Here, you have to type in the activation code you got on your Samsung Smart TV screen.

Step6: Then click the Continue button.

Step7: Then go ahead by entering your Cable TV provider login.

Step8: Then start streaming ABC on Samsung Smart TV.

Alternative Ways

You can use Abc App on any Samsung TV by using following ways.

How to Cast ABC on Samsung TV using Android smartphones?

Step1: From PlayStore, install the ABC app.

Step2: Under same Wi-Fi network, connect your Android Smartphone and Samsung Smart TV.

Step3: Now, go to the Notification panel of your Android Smartphone.

ABC on Samsung Smart TV

Step4: Locate and tap the Cast icon.

Step5: This will search for the devices to screen mirror.

Step6: From the list, you have to opt for your Samsung Smart TV.

ABC on Samsung TV

Step7: As everything is all set, you can get ABC casted to your Samsung Smart TV.

How to AirPlay ABC on Samsung TV?

Step1: Add the ABC app to your iOS device.

ABC App on Samsung Smart TV

Step2: Launch your Apple TV with your Samsung Smart TV.

Step3: Check whether you have connected your Apple TV and iOS device to same Wi-Fi connectivity.

Step4: Navigate to the Control center on your iOS device.

Step5: Now you have to opt for the AirPlay icon.

ABC on Samsung TV

Step6: After scanning for available devices, you will see the devices list.

Step7: Here choose your Apple TV.

Step8: Get back to the ABC app and choose the program you wanted to watch and get it streamed on your Samsung Smart TV.

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To end, ABC is America’s top commercial broadcasting network. With the ABC app, the users can definitely enjoy all the contents of the ABC network. With the help of this write-up, the users will enjoy it on your Samsung Smart TV. Thank you for reading.