How to Watch Alibi Channel on Freeview? [2022]

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About Alibi Channel

Alibi Channel is the most popular British pay television Channel. The launching date of this service is November 1st, 1997. At first, it launches with the name UK Arena.

Afterward, in 2000 it was renamed Uk Drama. Additionally, then in 2004 changes, the term UKTV Dream. Lastly, it got this Alibi Channel name in 2008.

The Alibi Channel is as well as known for the crime drama series. It broadcasts many crime dramas, crime shows, and evil stories for the users. The BBC studios own this Channel.

Altogether, the Alibi Channel applies to many Streaming services. In addition, you can use this Channel on your Smart TV. The primary purpose of launching this Channel is to entertain the people.

Although, this Alibi Channel is only available in England and Ireland. The Alibi Channel is available on Sky Go, Virgin Player Go, Talk Talk TV, and TVPlayer.

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About Freeview

Freeview is the most famous United Kingdom’s exclusive digital terrestrial platform. The DTV service Ltd operates this service. Freeview television has More than 70 channels and 15 HD channels.

Moreover, this television allows you to stream your on-demand content for 40,000 hours. Happily, The Freeview service is free of cost. So, hence, you don’t want to pay any extra fee.

Further, you can watch popular shows, premium TV shows, series, movies, and more elements through the Freeview services.

The BBC, Arquivo, ITV plc, Sky Group, and Channel Four Television Corporation own the Freeview service.

Is it possible to get the Alibi Channel on the Freeview service? Let well discuss that in the upcoming portion of our article.

Is Alibi on Freeview?

Unquestionably, the answer is Yes. The Alibi Channel is available for Free view. Because the Alibi Channel is officially available on the Freeview channel list.

Frankly, there are many ways to stream the Alibi Channel on-demand content on your Free view service.

Additionally, you can stream your Alibi Channel on Free view on Andriod and iOS devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and too firestick.

Hence, You can stream your Alibi Channel content on the Free view service using the following Ways. The Ways are,

#1. Watch Alibi Channel on Freeview by installing the Free view app on your Smart TV.

#2. Watch Alibi Channel on Freeview through the Streaming Devices.

#3. Screencast the Alibi Channel on Freeview via Smartphone.

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How to Watch Alibi Channel on Freeview – on Smart TV?

Undoubtedly, you can stream the Alibi Channel content on Freeview by Installing The Free view application on your Smart TV. Although you have any type of TV like Samsung, Hisense, Sony, and more, you can proceed with the following step. This step will work on all Smart TV brands. The following steps will ideally rightly lead you.

Alibi Channel on Freeview
How to Watch Alibi Channel on Freeview?


First, you want to connect your desired TV to the excellent power board to Strat this process.


After that, you want to boot up your respective TV.


Afterward, connect your respective TV with a stable Wi-Fi connection.


Now, press the Home button on your TV Remote.

NOTE: If your TV is Samsung wants to press the Smart Hub button. If Vizio presses the V button, If LG presses the LG content Store button on the remote.


After entering the Home Screen, click the Apps Store from your TV Screen.


Now, navigate the Search bar from the Apps Store on your Screen.


Now, you want to type the app name [ Freview] in the search bar on your TV screen.


After that, Choose the Freeview app from your result on your Big Screen.


Then, now you want to click the install button to install the Freeview on your Screen.


Here, be patient until the installation process is complete.


After the installation process, your app will add to your TV Screen.


Now, open the Freeview app and finalize the login process on your Screen.


Afterward, Launch the Freeview application and search the Alibi Channel on your Screen.


After finding the Alibi Channel content, play the content on your Screen.


Eventually, now you can stream the Alibi Channel on the Free view service.

Note:  Before attaining the steps, update your Respected TV to the latest version if it is not updated.

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However, certainly, now we are reaching the concluding Stage. So, we will write an End note to this tutorial Alibi Channel on Freeview.

Chiefly, the Alibi Channel is the best platform to Stream your favorite crime stories and novels. Freeview is also the best service to stream your favorite Channels.

You are using the Freeview application to stream your favorite content at no cost. We believe this complete guide will give you more information about the Alibi Channel and the Freeview application.

Especially, if you want any data, keep path our website and get more information from our upcoming article.


What are the most popular shows on Alibi Channel?

The Alibi Channel has so many popular Shows. At this point, we will reveal some shows on Alibi Channel. They are Father Brown, Clarice, Evil, Frankie Drake Mysteries, Hudson & Rex, Major crimes, and so more.

What Channels are available on Freeview?

Undoubtedly, the Freeview service has many channels like BBC Player, Alibi TV, My5, ITV Hub, STV, BBC Sounds, All4, CBS Catch up, Horror bites, Pop Player, and Explore Freeview Play.

How to get Alibi Channel on Freeview on Android & iOs devices?

The process of getting an Alibi Channel on Freeview on Android & iOS is straightforward. But instead, you can complete the process with less effort. Do the following step to achieve the strategy. First, download the Freeview application on your device from Google Play Store & Apple Store. After that, Open the Freeview app and complete the login process. After that, search and Find the Alibi Channel on your Freeview application. Finally, now you can Stream the Alibi Channel on Free view.