How to Install and Watch Amazon Prime on PS5? [Updated February 2022]

Amazon Prime Video is the most familiar streaming service in the global markets where you can stream your favorites on any compatible devices or via its official website. And even on the home video game consoles. And here, you’ll get the guide for PlayStation 5 (PS5). PlayStation 5 is the home video game console designed by Sony which provides the specific area for the Media section. So it is easy to manage and access the media section. In this article, you’ll come to know the steps on how to install and watch Amazon Prime on PS5.

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What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming service started by Amazon. Amazon Prime Video allows the users to enjoy streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Series, Animes, Documentaries, and so on. You can enjoy Live streaming on certain devices. And the contents available on Amazon Prime Video are productions of Amazon, contents of other providers, and so on.

The devices which are compatible with Kindle Fire Tablets, Fire Phone, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Desktops, Android Smartphones and Tablets, Android TVs, LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Bravia TVs, Roku, Roku LT, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Nvidia Shield TV, Nvidia Shield TV Pro, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.

Key Features of Amazon Prime Video

We have shortlisted some of the features of Amazon Prime Video. But the features are more to go.

  • Get a free trial for 1 month.
  • 3 devices are allowed for concurrent streaming.
  • Stream Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Live TV, Series, Amazon Originals, Documentaries, and much more to go.
  • Live Channels are accessible regarding your device.
  • HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME, AMC’s Shudder, and more Add-Ons are available.
  • Download your favorites. And this is applicable on certain devices.
  • No need to pay additionally for Amazon Prime Video if you own a Prime membership. You can get the Amazon Prime Video subscription alone. Both of them are accessible regarding your region.

And the list goes long.

Features of Amazon Prime Video On PlayStation 5

  • Ultra HD streaming quality and surround sound up to 5.1 are accessible on PlayStation 5.
  • Closed captions and Live streaming is available.
  • Ad-supported channels and Live Ad-support are also accessible on PlayStation 5.

Is Amazon Prime Video on PS5?

 Yes, Amazon Prime Video is available on PlayStation 5 (PS5). You can directly install the Amazon Prime Video app from the PS5 AppStore. And accessing the Amazon Prime Video is easy on PlayStation 5. Let us move to the procedure.

How to Install Amazon Prime on PS5?

Here are the steps to install Amazon Prime Video on PS5.

Step1: Associate your PlayStation 5 and your TV and turn them on.

Step2: Allow your PlayStation 5 to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Amazon Prime on PS5

Step3: Access the Media Tab on your PlayStation 5.

Amazon Prime on PS5

Step4: Tap on the All Apps icon at the top-left corner.

Amazon Prime on PS5

Step5: Search for Amazon Prime Video and select when you find it.

Step6: Now prefer the Download option and wait until the installation process completes.

Step7: Launch and open the Amazon Prime Video app on your PlayStation 5.

Amazon Prime on PS5

Step8: Log in with your Amazon Prime Video credentials to start streaming.

Step9: Start watching your favorites of Amazon Prime Video on PlayStation 5 and enjoy.

You’ve now installed Amazon Prime Video on PS5.

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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Subscription on PS5?

You may have got the Amazon Prime Video subscription alone. Here are steps on how to cancel it.

Step1: Sign in to your account.

Step2: Access Account & Settings.

Step3: Prefer to Your Account tab.

Step4: Choose End membership and confirm your cancellation if you own only the Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Note: The above-given procedure is only applicable to those who have bought the Amazon Prime Video subscription alone. You won’t be billed for the additional subscription which is associated with your Prime membership or Amazon Prime Video membership if you’ve canceled the Prime membership or Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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Amazon Prime Video allows you to stream your favorites with ease. You can enjoy it wherever you want like on the go or home. You can download such titles which are favorites for you to watch offline. And we’ve put forward the steps to install Amazon Prime on PS5. We hope that the procedure will be useful for you.

Thank you.