How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick?

In this Guide, we are gonna see How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick?. Actually, Amazon Prime Video is the product of Amazon. So, it is easy to install on your Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming application in which you can watch all the latest movies, TV shows, Web series, Sports, and much more. Actually, it supports all the languages in your location.

Amazon Prime Video + Amazon Firestick is a gem to use which works flawlessly. And also you can easily get to watch all your favorites shows. But it is a paid version to use and not available at free of cost.

Moreover, Amazon Prime is providing a 30-days free trial with any of your debit or credit card details. Users can log in to the amazon prime video using their Amazon store account.

Features of Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

  • Watch unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Sports and more in a single package.
  • Watch anywhere, anytime from your device using Amazon Prime Video App.
  • Users can download the movie from Amazon Prime and can watch offline.
  • It has an inbuilt data saver to control usage of the Internet while watching movies & Videos.
  • Also, It has all the cartoon channels and videos for the Kids.
  • Parental controls are available.
  • Ad-Free.
  • Supports up to 3 devices for a single package.
  • Many benefits are available on a single membership like Ad-Free, Fast delivery on Products, Ad-Free Music.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Firestick?

Installing an Application on firestick is so simple whereas installing an amazon product in firestick is much simpler. Just follow the steps to Install Amazon Prime on Firestick.

Step1: Turn on your Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Prime Video on Firestick
Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

Step2: In Home-page, Move on to the Search option and open it.

Step3: Type Amazon Prime in the search tab and click on the ok button.

Step4: It will search for the amazon prime app and shows below.

Step5: Select the amazon prime app and open it.

Step6: In the middle, you can find a options as “Get it“. Click on it.

Step7: It will begin installing and downloading the amazon prime on Firestick.

Step8: Once the Installation completes, click on open.

That’s all. You have successfully installed Amazon Prime on Firestick. Just Sign in and enjoy watching all your favorite shows & movies.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Video?

Actually, Amazon Prime does not ask for any of your details like another service provider. If you have an Amazon Account is also enough to sign up for Amazon prime video.

Don’t’ Worry, If you don’t have your Amazon Account we will create one and sign up Amazon Prime. Just follow the steps below to create an account for amazon.

Step1: Open this link to sign Up for Prime Video

Step2: On the next page, it will ask you to choose your package and offers.

Step3: Just select one package of your choice and click on the Package.

Step4: Next Page, you will be asked to Sign in to your Amazon account.

Note: If you already have your Amazon account just sign in and proceed. or else just follow the steps.

Step5: Below, you can find Create your Amazon account. Click on it.

Step6: Enter your Name, Phone Number, Email(optional), and password. And then Click on Continue.

Step7: An OTP will be messaged to you to confirm your number.

Step8: Enter the OTP and click on submit.

Step9: Then you will be logged in to your Amazon account.

Step10: You will be redirected to the payment method using your debit card/credit card.

Step11: After buying the Amazon Prime Package, you watch unlimited movies, Shows, Web Series and much more.

How to Sign in Amazon Prime Video on Firestick?

Step1: Open Amazon prime app on Firestick.

Step2: You will enter into the login page. Enter your Login details and click on Sign in.

Step3: It will take you to the Prime Video home page.

However, you can start watching all the movies, TV Shows, Sports, Web series, and much more.

How to watch premier league football on amazon fire stick?

After signing in to the Amazon Prime account by following the above steps. Then you can easily watch the Boxing day games on Amazon Prime.

Just toggle to the sports section, there you can see the live stream of the football matches and other games. Just tap on it to watch the live Football match stream on Amazon prime Video.

Final Verdict

Amazon Prime Video is an amazing application to watch all the latest movies, TV shows on HD quality on your device. However, Users can get a better experience when connected to the Amazon Firestick. Enjoy using the application, If you have a doubt in the installation or signing in. just leave a comment below. For more Application Visit

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