How to Download and Watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV? [2022]

Today’s article is all about DirecTV Now’s newly named app or the new app of the expired AT&T TV Now service. Both of them are under one streaming service named as AT&T TV. Being an LG Smart TV user, you might find it difficult to get AT&T TV on LG Smart TV. But no worries we are here with the solution.

AT&T TV Now is no more. It has been clubbed up with DirecTV Now’s new service which is named as AT&T TV which is offered and owned by AT&T. It is known for its multichannel television service, broadband, and telephone service. No new user can sign up for AT&T TV Now but the old users are undisturbed.

What is AT&T TV?

AT&T TV was formerly known as DirecTV Now. It is an over-the-top service that can be accessed with AT&T TV and existing AT&T TV Now info. AT&T TV streams Live TV, Series, Sports, News, thousands and thousands of series to watch and have guaranteed fun. It is the place to have access to the best of Pay-TV. It is been loaded with exciting features DVR storage, a user-friendly interface, and a lot more.

Subscription Packages to avail AT&T TV

AT&T TV comes up with various plans for the users. They are:

  • ENTERTAINMENT costs $69.99/month +taxes which offers 65+ channels
  • CHOICE costs $84.99/month +taxes which offers 90+ channels
  • ULTIMATE costs $94.99/month +taxes which offers 130+ channels
  • PREMIER costs $139.99/month +taxes which offers 140+ channels

Before choosing the subscription package, it is better that the users visit the official website of AT&T TV so that you can have a clearer idea on what to choose by comparing its benefits and limitations.

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How to watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV does not support the AT&T TV app. Since it is unavailable in the LG Content Store. It is advised that the users opt for alternative options which we will be discussing.

AT&T TV on LG Smart TV
AT&T TV on LG Smart TV
  • Roku
  • LG Screen Share App
  • Firestick

How to watch AT&T TV Now on LG Smart TV using Roku?

Step1: Launch your Roku player with your LG Smart TV.

Step2: Enable it by connecting it to your internet source.

Step3: Go to your Roku homescreen.

AT&T TV on LG Smart TV

Step4: Opt for Streaming channels.


Step5: Now, search for the AT&T TV app.

Step6: As the search results appear, click on the AT&T TV App and click the Add button.

AT&T TV on LG Smart TV

Step7: Type in your Roku pin if asked.

Step8: AT&T TV will loaded to your Roku player successfully. Then just Sign in and start to stream.

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How to watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV using LG Screen Share App?

This method is applicable for both Android and iOS devices.

Step1: From the PlayStore, install the LG Screen Share app on your Android.

Step2: On your LG Smart TV, go to Settings.

Step3: Under System,  enable the Miracast Display option to screen mirror.

Step4: Check whether your LG Smart TV and Android Smartphone are under same Wi-Fi network.

Step5: Install the AT&T TV app on your Android.

Step6: Sign in to your AT&T TV account.

Step7: On your device, enable Screen mirroring/ AirPlay option.

Step8: Open the LG Screen Share app and tap the Screen mirroring option.

Step9: Then click the Start button. Your device searches for the available TV to cast.

Step10: From the list, choose your LG Smart TV.

Step11: Open the AT&T TV app and stream on your LG Smart TV.

These are not the only ways to cast AT&T TV on your LG Smart TV. The users can go ahead with Chromecast, Apple TV, Miracast Apps, Third-party apps to cast. But using the LG Screen Share app makes your screen mirroring process easy and efficient.

How to watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV using Firestick?

Before going ahead, firstly you should subscribe for AT&T TV, then only you can stream AT&T TV using Firestick.

Step1: Connect your Firestick to your LG Smart TV.

Step2: Then, Connect it to your internet source.

Step3: Get to the Firestick homescreen.

AT&T TV on LG Smart TV

Step4: Navigate to the Search space.

Step5: Here, type in as AT&T TV and search for it.

Step6: Choose the AT&T TV app from the results you got out of searching.

Step7: Tap the Get button and get AT&T TV on your Firestick.

Step8: After installation, Open the AT&T TV app, then Sign in start watching it on your LG Smart TV.

AT&T TV on LG Smart TV

The EndNote

To end, AT&T TV is the one with the chaos of changing names, because of which it is confusing the users. Yet, people try to acquire AT&T TV service, but without the AT&T TV app on the LG content store, you people might have been annoyed. We are glad that we came up with the possible solutions for your issues on watching AT&T TV on LG Smart TV. Stay connected to know more!