How to Watch Ball Drop on Firestick? [2023]

Ball Drop on Firestick: A hearty welcome, dears!!! Think good, do good. Then you will get all goods in your life. Firstly, happy to see you all here. Are you want to know about Ball Drop? If you say Yes, then this article is for you. Here, we will present the many essential points about Ball Drop and its stream on Firestick. So, therefore without any pause, let’s go into the article and gain more about the topic Ball Drop on Firestick.

About Ball Drop

Fundamentally, the Ball Drop is formally known as the Time Square Ball. The unique Ball Drop is located in New York. Without any doubt, the Ball Drop is the central part of in Newyear celebration. At first, the Ball drop was designed as the Ball falling by a flag pole at 11.59.00 pm, which is the symbol of the upcoming new year. But, nowadays, the Ball Drop gives Live entertainment Programs, Shows and Music, and more. However, you can stream all Ball Drop events without any cable service or satellite through this service. In addition, straightforwardly, you can stream the Ball drop events on your Bigscreen without any disturbance or interruptions with a good antenna. The Inauguration of this Ball drop year is 1907. The Starting time of this Ball drop is 6:00 p.m. EST and the ending time of this event is 12:30 a.m. EST.

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Is it Possible to watch the Ball drop on Firestick?

Of course, Yes. But Straightforwardly, watching the Ball Drop event on Firestick is a little tricky. Because Emphatically, the Ball Drop is officially not available on Firestick. But, don’t worry, here we are giving to the possible ways to watch the Ball Drop on Firestick. According to many Users priority to watch the Ball Drop events is the website of Ball Drop. In addition, from the next portion, you will learn all the procedures to monitor the Ball Drop on Firestick.

How to watch Ball Drop on Firestick?

Fortunately, many ways are available to stream the Ball Drop on Firestick. Here we are going to show all the ways to watch the Ball Drop on Firestick for your reference. Furtherly, from this section, you will learn about the ways step-by-step. In addition, You can stream the Ball Drop event without a cable provider using streaming services like Sling TV, Youtube TV, AT & T TV now, and Hulu with live TV. Moreover, You can stream the Live Ball Drop Event on ABC, NBC, Fox, and CNN.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a famous American Streaming television service. It offers a large number of channels and OTT platforms to the customers. Indeed, this streaming service is applicable on many Smart TV and devices. As of January 2022, Sling TV holds 2.486 million subscribers. Including the Sling TV is a free service.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is the best live streaming service. It offers many Live TV and on-demand content from more than 100 Channels. Indeed, Youtube TV gives Fox, CW, and PBS content. Instead, Youtube TV costs $654 per month.

Hulu with Live TV

Undoubtedly, here you can watch live and On Demand TV content from 60+ top-rated channels, including sports and news content. Without any doubt, here, you can get the best streaming experience with Hulu Live TV. The cost of Hulu Live TV is $69.99 per month. It includes 75+ channels, Disney plus, including ESPN +.

AT & T TV now

AT&T TV is now DIRECTV STREAM, the best Live Streaming service. It gives Live TV Sports, TV Shows & Movies to its customers. Moreover, it provides its service at no cost. Additionally, you can use this service on many devices like Roku, Andriod, iOS, Firestick, and so more.

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How to Watch Ball Drop on Firestick using Sling TV?

Consequently, using Sling TV, you can watch the Ball Drop event on your Firestick. Indeed, the following steps apply to all Streaming services, as said above. Additionally, you can complete this process within a short time. Emphatically, from this potion, you will know all efforts to achieve the Ball Drop on Firestick process. The Steps are,

Ball Drop on Firestick
How to Watch Ball Drop on Firestick?


The first step of this process is connecting the Amazon Firestick to your respective devices. 


After connecting your device, turn it up and connect it to the Internet connection.


Afterward, go to the home screen of your Firestick screen and click the Find option. 


Next, type the Sling TV in the search bar on your Firestick Screen.


As the next screen, choose the Sling TV from your search result on your firestick screen.


Next, click the install button to install the Sling TV on your Firestick Screen.


After completing the installation process, open the Sling TV and complete the Login process with the required details.


Once completing the Login process, you can access the Sling TV on your Firestick.


Now, you can stream the Ball Drop event on your Firestick device using the Sling TV.

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Bottom Line

As told in the above sections, you can watch the Ball Drop content on your Firestick Screen. Luckily, there are many ways to stream the BallDrop event on your Firestick device. In addition, you can stream this Annual Ball Drop Live event on many devices like Roku, Fire TV, and so on. However, we believe this complete article will clear your doubts about BallDrop on Firestick. Furtherly, suppose you want any details, remaining our website and great more information as your wish from our Forthcoming articles.


Can I watch the Ball Drop app without a cable?

Without any doubt, Yes. Emphatically, you can watch the Ball Drop application without any cable provider by using some Streaming services like Sling TV, Youtube TV, AT & T TV now, and Hulu with live TV.

Are there any free webcams to Stream Ball Drop?

Fortunately, you can Stream the Ball drop events on some free Webcams like Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and  TimesSquare