The 20 Best Chromacam Alternative in 2022

In this post, we are going to tell about best alternative to Chromacam application. Let see what are the best 20 Chromacam Alternative out there in the online market.

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What is Chromacam?

A Windows desktop app that works with leading video chat apps such as Skype, Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, and all standard webcam is called ChromaCam. It also works with broadcasting apps such as XSplit and OBS. Within the app settings, you need to choose ChromaCam as the camera and it makes the magic happen. ChromaCam is a feature-rich solution that allows you to remove your background without a blurred background, a green screen makes an impact, and for a more focused with the immersive presentation, etc.

The software is specially built for businessmen who want to make a business meeting with clients, create demos, and more. Chromacam can be able to use in two different versions such as ChromaCam Pro and ChromaCam lite. You can enjoy lots of tools and new features in the Pro version. Various Key feature includes a virtual green screen, no watermarks, custom background, and background blur, add a logo, and much more.

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The 20 Best Chromacam Alternative in 2022:

Below we have listed out the Best Chromacam Alternative in 2022.

Chromacam Alternative
Chromacam Alternative


The first one in our list in Chromacam Alternative is Lumen5 One of the video creation platform which is designed for business and brands to convert their video files from the one format to desired user format. You can avail of the training or experience to convert the video content and engaging in another one.

Most of the people used to amplify the marketing contents and efforts which in turn easily converted to the easy-to-digest videos. Lumen5 gives the professional result and the quality of the content after file conversion is the same as the original.

Media Encoder CC:

The very next one in our Chromacam Alternative is Media Encoder CC. Media Encoder CC is a brilliant video converter that is used to file conversion from one format to another format. Integration with Premiere Pro CC gives features like seamless workflow, handy conversion, and provides a broad range of formats.

Helps in the platform like digital marketing, digital media, printing, and publishing. Media Encoder CC software is user-friendly and easy to handle which covers the attention of the users. Also compatible with all the intel products.

Renderforest Video:

Renderforest video is also a video converter that allows you to convert the online content and the animations video maker to the desired format. It is one of the best online video making platforms which allows users to create broadcast videos for business and private use. Infographics, Animations, music visualization, and more are possible in Renderforest.

Nowadays in movies, most of the first look or motion pictures are produced with the Renderforest Video. So it helps in the promotion of the movie and marketing. It is very easy and saves time for its simple steps.


Handbrake is the next stop in our Chromacam Alternative list. It acts as a primary concern tool for converting video documents or DVD into MKV or MP4 format. It is a programming encoder which utilizes intel sync to speeding up of the equipment to H.264. HandBrake is the best video transcoder, which converts video from their formats to a selection of widely supported and modern codecs. Available as open-source and free of cost. Compatible for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It can convert all multimedia formats to any Blu-ray, DVD, and sources that don’t have any copy protection. Outputs are in the form of video encoders, file containers, audio pass-thru and, audio encoders. In the cutting edge choices, you can avail of the psychovisual, encoding strategy (e.g. reference outlines), examination (e.g. “Versatile Direct Mode”), deblocking, allotment sort, and others. Also, the review comes about, import and fare preset, cluster changes, the sky is the limit from there, and arrange program settings. Framework assets required by the project are very less and takes a while to finish a proposition however it clearly shows how to make the sound quality and great picture. The online client is additionally there for guide accessible.

Format Factory:

Format Factory will definetely occupies one spot in Chromacam Alternative. A multifunctional media file that is easy for the users to format a media file. Converting video and audio files from one format to another is very common for this video converter. Also, it is an expert in convert image format from one to another.

Devices like PSP, Blackberry, and iDevices can use Format Factory to create the MP4 files. It is a Format converter and universal video that converts media files from one form to another. The format factory allows the users to use the converted files on various devices without any issue. It lets users change the formats of their images that are in TGA, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, ICO, and GIFs. Other intuitive functions of Format Factory are support for almost all multimedia formats, and repair damaged audio and video files, and more. The app also decreases the size of multimedia files, specify the format conversion, DVD ripper, backup system, picture converting system, and multilingual support.

All the formats like GIF’s, ICO, TIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, TGA can be allowed to change their formats using format factory. It is shorter than the multimedia file size. Ripping CD’s and DVD’s to other format file is possible by using Format Factory.

WinAVI Video Converter:

WinAVI is one of the enriched and powerful video converters. By using WinAVI we can convert videos from one format to another. It is also possible to convert the audio files changing from one format to another. It is very essential for users who use various multimedia players to play their files on various devices when they face any compatibility issue.

Without any compromising on the video quality and voice quality, It allows the users to play their files in any device. The main advantage of WinAVI is to convert the media file from one format to another which is more compatible with the operating system or media player.

Also, various advantages like, high quality of audio and video after the conversion, converting files at high speed which saves a lot of time. WinAVI is capable to support all the video and audio format the conversion of formats. By making a few clicks you can able to convert the files so that it is user friendly to use.

AVS Media Converter:

One of the main advanced converter which converts the high memory video formats like FLV, MP4, HD, AVI, WMC, DVD, MPEG, MKV, and many others. AVS media player allows the users to convert their video and audio file into those formats which they want to convert.

As it supports more than twelve video formats, users can use their own desired format. In addition to converting the videos, the app for AVS media player allows the users to convert their video recorded with their mobile in HD format through their mobile camera.

One of the main use of AVS media converter is after converting the videos you can easily play the video in all the desktops and PCs. It allows the users to share the converted files to their friends. Also, it allows uploading the files on social media using various platforms and in the web pages.

Koyote Free Video Converter:

The video and audio converter that converts all types of video and audio formats into another format at free of cost is called Koyote Free Video Converter. Koyote Free Video Converter allows the users to extract the audio or music from their movies in separation. One of the main advantages of using Koyote Free Video Converter is free to use. It supports all the formats and converts the files at a high-speed rate.

The app provides a user-friendly interface and best converting of file experience to the users. It also includes features like editing the videos. All together with these features makes the app into the best converters for conversion.

We can use the Koyote Free Video Converter for IOS devices that if we want any favorite audio or video files. It gives a smooth experience for all the iPad, iPhone, and tablet devices after the conversion. It is effortless and one of the best app for converting the videos in youtube, other internet files, and videos in desktop to your much-needed format.

iWisoft Free Video Converter:

iWisoft Free Video Converter is the tone of the best video and audio converter which converts the files of audio and video files between multiple formats. The app in iWisoft allows the user to convert the open-source format into another format you want. It helps to convert Video files to only audio files and animated GIF’s format which allows the users to perform various conversion functions.

For mobile devices and mobile operating systems such as Zune and PSP, it is very easy to convert the files. Also in digital devices, it is not that difficult to convert. Frame rate, Codec, Bitrate, Volume and audio channel can be adjusted by the users before converting the files to other formats. iWisoft app is not only for converting files but also for advanced options like trim, crop, water maker, merge, and add subtitles on videos.

One of the main key features is to support HD format video conversion, general format conversion and conversion between video and audio format supports all the operating systems and all the digital devices.

It supports advanced video and audio setting, batch conversion system, fast conversion speed, very powerful video editing options, they all together generates output in best video quality, and no compromise on voice.

Miro Video Converter:

Miro Video converter is also one of the apps which allow the users to convert in a smarter way to convert their files from one to another format. Mira Video converter is more compatible with ios and android systems which convert files to Ogg, WebM, MP4, and Theora. One of the open-source and free converters allows users to convert as per their demand.  

Both the options such as single file conversion or batch conversion are supported in Mira Video Converter. Users can adjust the size and it allows you to edit the file and custom sizing the system before editing in Mira.

Mira Converter is also compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Used to convert audio and video files for apple, PSP, android, kindle free, and many OS. It is the basic function to convert files from one to another format.

Free Studio Converter:

A simple converter is used to convert the audio and video file formats into all other types as per the user’s demands. After the file conversion, Free Studio Converter allows users to play the converted files on the media player, mobile operating system, and computer.

One of the best options available in Free Studio Converter is to convert the files from downloading files. Here users are allowed to download the files from youtube and convert directly to the other format as you want to play it on mobile devices and PC.

Recording and editing the files are also possible in the Free Studio Converter. The basic needs of users like Converting, Downloading, Editing, Recording, and many are full filled by the Free Studio Converter.


WinFF is mainly the Transcoder. It is also an editor and a video converter that allows users to converts the format of files. WinFF is famous for its quick process and conversion for all the video formats. It is also possible to convert the files which are downloaded from the website, mobile phone camera, and digital camera.

The main feature is both batch conversion and single file conversion is possible. Performing the various conversions at the same time without losing the quality of quality audio and video.

An open-source and free app that provides full options for converting the files as per the user’s needs and demands. Videos recorded on mobile phones, digital cameras, downloaded from various websites, and many are allowed to convert using WinFF.

Prism Video Converter:

Prism Video Converter is easy-to-use and a simple converter that allows the users globally to convert their video and audio files. It supports formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, and many others. One of the best multi-format converters which allow the users to compress their files before conversion.

 Although file compression is done in Prism Video Converter video quality is not changed after the conversion. This quality of video in the differences of file size is one of the best advantages of Prism Video Converter. It also allows batch file conversion as well as a single file.

The main features of Prism Video Converter are to adjust settings in the video, preview the file before one step to conversion, DVD conversion system, and many which are possible before converting the video formats.

Any Video Converter:

The best and superb converter converts any form of video and audio files into the desired format. To do some advanced options for the clients on converting the files, Any Video Converter is one of that in the many advanced video converter.

It is one of the best tools for audio and video file editing, video and audio tags, and batch converting or recording. One of the main features of Any Video Converter is to supports more than 100 formats of different files and gives the result in more than 160 formats.

Various internet sources like youtube, Dailymotion, and Facebook video files are supports in Any Video Converter with no change in audio and video quality. It does not cause any damage to the files.

Xilisoft Video Converter:

Xilisoft Video Converter is also called a handy video converter. Both options such as converting video file to audio-only formats and one form of video files to another format. Most of the movie sound checkers use Xilisoft to converts the dialogues and soundtracks. One of the smart and ultimate video converters is compatible with operating systems like Mac and Windows.

It is an expert and supports more than 160 video and audio formats. Without a change in the quality of the video, users can convert the bigger size HD video files to their desired format. It is not a big deal to convert the simple video and audio file in Xilisoft Video Converter.

3D conversion from 2D is very easy by using Xilisoft and it is the main work of the app. Some of the existing features such as adding and adjusting subtitles, video editing, and in the special effects and many more makes the Xilisoft to another level video converter.

Total Video Converter:

One of the more advanced and powerful digital converters for converting the most type of video and audio formats is Total Video Converter. Integrated player and the audio ripper is available in Total Video Converter is the main advantage of the app to convert the file formats.

Not only the file converter but also the DVD burner for Mac OS and Windows systems. It is very easy to convert the files from one format to other and it is a multifunctional converter. After the file conversion, it allows them to play on devices like PC, DVD players, and mobile phones.

It supports mostly all the formats available in audio and video files which are used in various OS and other media players. Multiple features include easy conversion, separate and extract audio from video, burn the videos for blue-ray players, RIP CD to audio, and convert normal video to HD format.


SUPER is also one free video converter which is used to convert tons of file format to the other easily. It is user-friendly and makes easy for users to convert the files to existing audio and video formats. SUPER converter is also called a universal converter. It is not only the converter but also the recorder, and player simultaneously.

SUPER app makes the users for the simple environment for encoding, recording, converting, the media files. Integration of the features and function as users need by using the SUPER app. One of the conversion app which supports all the file formats to convert without any limitations. If the video files are not supports in devices like Android, IOS, Blackberry, and PC you can use the SUPER app for file conversion and make them support.

Freemake Video Converter:

One of the best Chromacam alternative is Freemake Video Converter. Freemake Video Converter app is launched in the market by Freemake Inc. The Video converter app which is free of cost and an open-source for converting the various audio and video files are called Freemake Video Converter. The converted files through Freemake is almost supported in all the devices. More than 500 file formats are supported in the Freemake.

The output for the conversion is possible without any change in the quality of parent audio and video file format. If any conversion is not possible in other apps it can be made possible through this app. Compatible with most of the IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Video-sharing platforms like youtube, daily motions, and many are to download videos for Freemake.

Once the conversion completed Freemake allows the users to upload the converted files to iOS and iTunes. Both small video content and large file are possible through the Freemake. It is not a big deal for converting HD videos.

Panther Media Converter:

It is also an open-source and free media converter that is used to convert large number video files from one format to another file format. Panther media converter is not only a converter but also a recorder and encoder. It is very user-friendly and helps to convert the songs from one file format to another.

Also, it is possible to play a clip on the operating system or any media player after conversion. There are various operating systems and many multimedia players are developing and they have their infrastructure. The fast conversion engine in the Panther used to convert the files easily and less time.

Squared 5:

The last one in our Chromacam Alternative Squared 5 media converter is a multiplatform media converter. It is not only the converter but also the editor as well as a player for Mac and Windows operating systems. It is very difficult to work with the other media files and it is challenging rather than playing and converting. But using Squared 5 the challenge becomes easy to convert the files.

MPEG files playing without any external support are capable of using Squared 5. It is more useful for the iPod to encode movies to any popular formats. The main features of Squared 5 include cutting, trimming, and joining from multiple videos. It allows users to edit and convert the file.

Sums UP:

ChromaCam is one of the best apps to make our video pleasant and business stronger. I hope you can find the best 20 Chromacam alternative. You can make use of it for ant type of video content and audio formats. Kindly let me know your issues on the above Chromacam alternative in below comment box. Your questions are most welcome and I will get back to you with the best answer ASAP.

Thank you for your patience guys…

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