The 31 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022 [Updated March]

KissCartoon Alternatives: What does every child need in their childhood? A thing that makes him happy, The thing which makes him happy is cartoons, Cartoons occupies a part in their childhood time. In the old days, only children/ kids are loved to watch cartoons. But today not only kids but adults also love to watch cartoons and anime. When we are bored, depressed, and stressed out means these cartoons will definitely make us happy. So thanks to all the Cartoons and Anime developers.

For watching cartoons there are plenty of websites out there online that offer you to watch cartoons and anime free of cost. Choosing the best one is a little difficult. KissCartoons is one of the best cartoons and anime streaming sites. You can stream all the content on this site for free. Later due to some issues, People are looking for alternative sites like KissCartoon.In this post, we have listed out The 31 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022.

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Here, I will teach you

  • What is KissCartoon?
  • What are the Issues in KissCartoon?
  • The 25 Best KissCartoon Alternative in 2022.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a famous free online streaming site that lets you watch thousands of cartoons and anime shows. Not only original content but also users can watch third party content on this site. From the name itself you can predict that this website is specially designed for cartoon lovers. More than 6,000+ cartoons present in this site such as Family Guy, Scooby-Doo, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones, Superman, Batman, The Popeye, The Jetsons, Beavis and Butt-Head, Pokemon, King of the Hill, Justice League, The Looney Tunes Show, The Tom and Jerry Show, X-Men, and many more.

What are the Issues in KissCartoon?

Kisscartoon is completely free to stream but it contains lots of ads. While watching videos this ads will irritate users. This was the first reason, people are looking for an alternative. The second reason is sometimes the site gets down and facing buffering issues and other issues for streaming some popular cartoons. Therefore, The users are looking for some better sites than KissCartoon. For those reasons, we have listed out the 31 best KissCartoon alternatives

The 25 Best Kiss Cartoon Alternative in 2020:

The best 25 alternatives of KissCartoon has been listed below. These alternatives are completely free, reliable and easy to use. These sites contain a huge collection of Cartoons and Anime Shows for Kids, adults and all kinds of age group people. Without wasting any time, Let’s dive deeper into the alternatives of Kisscartoon.


WatchCartoonsonline is the very first site on our list. This is the best alternative site for Kisscartoon. It has a massive collection of cartoons, anime, mangas, and many more. The user interface is clean. The popular shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, The Starwars The Clone Wars, Pokemon, One punch man, and many more. Cartoon movies like Superman, Frozen 2, Jungle Emperor Leo and much.



KissAnime will definitely occupy one spot in KissCartoon alternative list. It is the sister site of Kisscartoon. This site is mainly designed for Japanese Anime. Having an English subbed and dubbed anime series. This website is similar to the Kisscartoon except the color combinations vary. The user can stream all the videos in HD quality on this site. The collections are available in the genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, and Many more



The next stop on our list is 9Anime. For the name itself is evident that this service is completely focussed on Anime series, You can watch all the anime series in HD. The user interface is very clean to use. This service has filter tabs for all categories like Newest Episodes, Most View, Most Favourite, Most Rated and many.



The very next one on our list is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives. Similar to KissAnime this site is focused on Japnese and Asian cartoons. Anime contents are also available in this application. Nearly 25,000 Anime episodes out there in this site. The user can watch manga shows on this site. You can play games and you will get news regarding anime also



AniWatcher is one of the famous KissCartoon alternatives out there in the online market. This website contains a famous series like Black Clover, Boruto: Naruto Next, Pocket Monsters and so on. Here users can bookmark your favorite series by using a bookmark option. The site contains only fewer ads that will not irritate users. Pirated Contents are present in this site. So parents take more care while children handling this site.



Most of the kids are love to use this site. CartoonExtra contains cartoon movies, anime, shows, comics, mangas and many more. This site contains popular shows like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titans Go, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Regular Show, Dora the Explorer, etc.


Cartoon Crazy:

The next site on our list is Cartoon Crazy. The Cartoon Crazy contains high-quality of cartoons and anime. This app offers more than 25,000 cartoons shows for free of cost. This is one of the best websites to watch cartoons. It contains an inbuilt video player for streaming. All the high rated cartoons are available on this site. It also contains pirated contents, so please aware while using this site.

Cartoon Crazy


Nyaa is over the next stop in KissCartoon’s alternative. It is a torrent site hosted by Japanese. You can download all anime, cartoons, mangas, games on this website. This allows you to watch the contents offline also. It is completely free to download. Nyaa provides ratings, release dates for all cartoons. The few shows which are recently added are number 24, Plunderer, Pet, Black cover, etc…


Anime Toon:

Every online user will definitely know about this Anime Toon. Recently this service launched the mobile app for Android phone users you can get this app in Playstore. The site has a separate tab for Dubbed anime, popular shows, cartoon series, movies. There is no sign-up process on this site. The user can watch various genres like comedy, love, fantasy, romance, action and many.

Anime Toon

Disney Junior:

Disney Junior is the top most popular website for kids out there online. My list doesn’t complete without this site. Disney Junior is an American based streaming service and a kids channel. Explorer DisneyJunior site and engage with your favorite cartoons. The quality of the shows is 100% neat and clean. Disney Junior also offers games for kids also. Enjoy the latest Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventure in Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Cartoon Network:

All the people in the world will definitely know about Cartoon Network. We are all grown up by watching Cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, Scobby-Doo and many. It is one of the best places to recall your childhood days. Also, suggest your children to watch cartoon network. Along with cartoons, you can watch movies, trailers. can play games on this site.

Cartoon Network


It is the best option for you to watch cartoons online in a legal way. Nickelodeon is an American satellite television network which was started back in the year 1977. The popular shows present in this site are SpongeBob Squarepants, Black Clover, Sam & Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. It also offers other services like games, videos, events, voting and many.


Cartoons On:

Cartoons On is the next on our list. This site also doesn’t fail to impress everyone. All the latest release cartoons are updated on this site regularly. More than 10000+ cartoons are present on this site. All the new and old classic cartoons are available. 1 million users visiting this site every day. Watch the latest episode of Louis and Luca in cartoons on.

Cartoons On is another one platform to watch cartoons and anime shows free of cost. The user can stream all the shows in HD quality in this application. On the home page you can see your favorites shows in the favorite tab. The schedule of all the upcoming shows has been on this site. This feature is very useful for the user to watch their favorite shows.


There is no need to give an introduction to this site. YouTube is the video service hosting site which was started in the year 2005. Here you can watch all the channel videos of cartoons, anime, mangas and many more. This site will never disappoint any users, it gives whatever they like. Without wasting time, Jump into YouTube and enjoy cartoons.



Toonova is another one best site to stream cartoons. The new release episodes of cartoon series have been uploaded on this site in a short span of time. Multiple mirror feature is available in this site. It is one of the oldest cartoons streaming websites still out there in the online. It offers thousands of cartoons in different genres like Sci-fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Action, etc…



WatchSeries is our next one on the list. This service does not specialize in one single genre. It offers Movies, Dramas, Series, Anime. The user can bookmark your favorite shows, it will be available in the My Shows column. The trendings anime like Radiant 2nd season, Plunderer, Super Shiro and many available on this WatchSeries.



BakaBT is another one Public torrent site that is similar to Nyaa. This torrent site is specially designed for anime. The user can download and watch anime without using the internet. It is famous for offline streaming. The user interface is very friendly to use.



AnimeStory has a huge collection of dubbed and subbed anime. It is a Japanese streaming service site it works on both the website and Android also. AnimeStory has various categories like ongoing series, the latest release, popular, recommendations, movies, OVA list, anime, mangas, etc…



KimCartoon has a vast collection of cartoons, which you can stream at free of cost. This website updating the database very frequently. KimCartoon is specialized in offering cartoons. The website has a good background design, neat layout. There is no separate section for Anime, it focuses only on cartoons. Can stream all the videos in HD quality.



Anilinkz is one of the popular KissCartoon alternatives out there. It having a very clean and neat interface for streaming. Before streaming the user need to create an account. The site has different genres, categories, search bars, bookmarks, settings and many. Anime, Mangas, and comics are the three categories having more than thousands of videos in this site.



AnimeLab offers thousands of episodes for free. For streaming, you need to signup on this site. Currently, this website is available in Japan, Australia, Newzealand, and few other countries. If this site is not available in your region means use a VPN for streaming. This device supports platforms like Xbox One, Android, PlayStation, iOS, PCs and more. Watch the popular shows like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, The Promised Neverland, etc…



Chia-Anime is a free anime source, Here you can watch anime and also you can play games. The user can read mangas on this website, Without any registration, you can stream thousands of anime at free of cost. The features available in this site are Anime subbed, Asian Dramas, Anime soundtracks, Manga list, Anime movies, etc..


Dubbed Anime:

Dubbed Anime is specially developed for English subbed and Dubbed Anime. It is another one great website like KissCartoon. The site contains ads, that will interrupt you while watching videos. So purchase the premium plan and enjoy the streaming without any ad interruption.

Dubbed Anime

Anime Wow:

Anime Wow is a good website to stream all anime movies and series. Here you can search all your favorite anime series in various different genres like comedy, romance, action, horror, thriller, etc.. Anime Wow having a separate tab for Anime series, Anime movies, Anime Cartoons, Anime characters, English Dubbed anime.

Anime Wow


If you are searching for a website to stream cartoons means ToonGet is the best option for you. It contains a large number of cartoons, for that you can stream whatever you like. If you don’t have any idea about what to see means this site has one tab called Suprise tab. If you click the Surprise tab means it will play the cartoons or anime by random. This service is available on Android phones also.



Why I am Suggesting this site, It is recently trending site in all over the world. This site is a suitable option for you to watch cartoons and anime online. Currently, this site has been down due to some buffering issues but this site is worth to see anime series.


Disney Now:

Disney Now is an old famous website. It is the No 1 website for watching cartoons. You can find cartoons starting from Tom and Jerry to the Justice League. Disney Now has some channels like Disney Junior, Disney XD, Radio Disney. Each one focuses on different genres. The shows in Disney Now are Bluey, Big Block Sing Song, Duck Tales, Fancy Nancy and many.

Disney Now


AnimeRhino is another one best platform to watch anime and cartoons. It contains tons of cartoons and anime. Here you can find whatever you like. Before streaming AnimeRhino, we need to signup for it. Buy the premium plan for more additional features. The anime in AnimeRhino are Blood Lad, Avenger, Another, Brain Powered, etc…



AnimePahe is the nice one on our list. It has a good collection of both cartoons and anime. Watch the top-rated and high rated cartoons in this site without any ad interruption. If you are a fan of anime& cartoons means enjoy AnimePahe



SuperCartoons occupies the last spot in our list of KissCartoon Alternative. It offers thousands of classic cartoons. There is no download option available on this site for watching offline. Old animated Disney tunes also present in this application.


Wrapping UP:

After a long search, Here we listed out the best KissCartoon alternatives. Kids love to watch cartoons and anime series. For them, it is difficult to find their favorite cartoons at one single site. For that reason here we have listed the top-rated cartoon sites. I hope you will definitely love this article. Don’t forget to mention your queries and issues in the below comment box.

Thank you for your patience guys…

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