The 50 Best Chromecast Apps

Best Chromecast Apps: Today, there are a lot of possibilities to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and plenty more without the use of a cable TV connection. A handy device or a small device called Chromecast, does this task effortlessly.

Google Chromecast is a dongle that allows the user to stream videos, music, images, games, and plenty more content from Chromecast-supported apps. This device helps the user to watch their favorite content on their TV for a big-screen experience. It was invented back in the year 2013 by Google. Chromecast does not have a remote control device to control. So uses your Android device or iOS device as a remote control. You can also cast the content with the help of a Chrome browser on your PC by using cast technology.

In the starting stage, Only a few apps supported Chromecast technology. Chromecast didn’t have enough apps to choose from its Google Play Store or App Store. But, today most mobile apps support this latest technology. With these apps, you can make your TV into a powerful multimedia device.

If you don’t have a Google Chromecast device means buy it on the Amazon Store. Once you have done your Chromecast purchase, The very next thing you have to do is check out the best apps for Chromecast. It is difficult to find the best apps for Chromecast on the Apps Store. So in this post, we have collected together the best apps that allow the user to do whatever they like to do with the help of a Google Chromecast device.


With these applications, you can Play games, Play music, Watch Movies, and Plenty more on your TV. Below we have listed the best apps for Chromecast.

Best Chromecast Apps for streaming media content:


Best Chromecast Apps

Spotify is one of the famous music streaming applications used by more than 500 million users using this app. Today Spotify has become one of the best Chromecast apps. The app is user-friendly to use. Spotify has freemium features that will impress everyone. This streaming service has over 30 million collections of songs and music tracks along with other features like radio stations, video content, podcasts, and more.

In the free version, you can get more free music streaming than ever. But the only drawback is there will ad interruptions that will irritate everyone. A monthly subscription of $9.99 lets the user hear all the music tracks without any ads and also lets you download and play music even offline also.

With the help of Chromecast support that allows you to cast your music on your TV or stereo. This will give you a unique experience that is never offered by your dwarf mobile phones or tablets.

Download Spotify


Best Chromecast Apps

BubbleUPNP is the most used app in the top countries including the US, UK, and many more. More than 50 million users using this application. This application allows the user to stream all their media content to various devices in their house. It supports platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Andriod, Firestick, Smart TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Playstation 3, and 4.

This application offers you to cast movies, TV shows, photos, and games to the WiFi-connected device. In the Pro version, there will not be any limitations you can get more features at a cost of $4.69

Download BubbleUPNP

Google Photos:

Best Chromecast Apps

The best data storage for photographs is Google Photos. This application allows the person to upload all their photos at free of cost. While uploading a photo in this app its quality will not change. You can store unlimited photos in this app. If you want to see your photos on the big screen means to cast your Google Photos apps on your TV. This will help you see your images in 4K resolution.

Download Google Photos

Google Home:

Best Chromecast Apps

The best and NO 1 Chromecast app is Google Home. Google Home is also called a Chromecast app. This application is specially developed for Google devices and your home devices. Google Home has an inbuilt cast icon. The only thing you need to do is connect wifi to all the devices in your home. Now, you can Chromecast your media content to your TV with the help of the Google Home app.

Download Google Home


Best Chromecast Apps

If you are searching for the best Chromecast apps means Netflix should be your first stop. Netflix is a famous video streaming app. Everyone in the internet media will definitely know about what Netflix is. So there is not much new info here. This Netflix Chromecast app will definitely occupy the top position in the Chromecast app. You can watch thousands of TV shows, and movies and also some live events, sports events, etc… The application is completely free to download in the App store. But you need to Subscriber for streaming content on Netflix. You can cast all the videos in the Netflix app into your TV screen. The plan for Netflix starts at a rate of $7.99 per month.

Download Netflix


Best Chromecast Apps

Hulu is a subscription-based video streaming app. It is one of the best Chrome apps. You can watch current Tv shows and movies in this app. This application is also the best spot to see all the anime series. More than 50+ channels are available in this app including ABC, Fox, Comedy Central, NBC, BBC, Animal Planet, Movies now, Star movies, and more. The plan starts at $7.99 per month. To avoid ads, it cost an extra $4 per month. With this Chromecast support, you can watch all the videos in Hd quality on your TV screen.

Download Hulu


Best Chromecast Apps

The iHeartRadio is the very next app on our list. iHeartRadio is a free music streaming app that allows the user to broadcast, podcast, and stream radio stations. This app is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. You can hear all the music and radio stations all around the world in this app. You can get regular updates of all the news from myriad sports stations, live news stations, and many more. By using the Chromecast option, you can stream all your music tracks to your TV speakers and have a gratifying experience.

Download iHeartRadio

Local Cast:

Best Chromecast Apps

Local Cast is the very next stop in the Chromecast app search. This app is mainly used for casting all your media content on your device. You can cast TV shows, images, movies, music, Pdf, and many more which are stored in your device. Not only Chromecast but also supports all other DLNA-supported devices. To avoid ads disturbance, Subscribe pro version which cost around $0.99.

Download Local Cast

Movies Anywhere:

Best Chromecast Apps

From the name itself you can guess what kind of app is this. This application becomes one of the newer Chromecast apps. It combines with video streaming applications like Google Play Movies, Amazon, Vudu, and Disney. It contains movies from all these apps. There are some bugs present in this app even though it works well. You can buy movies on this app for streaming. Each movie cost different rates.

Download Movies Anywhere

Pandora Music:

Best Chromecast Apps

The next app in our Chromecast list is Pandora Music. Pandora Music or Pandora Radio is a music streaming service and music recommendation internet radio service. It is powered by Music Genome Project and operated by Sirius XM Satellite Radio. More than 50 million users using this app to listen to radio stations based on their moods. It is compatible with Chromecast devices. You need to pay $4.99 to stop ads. To subscribe premium version, costs around $9.99 per month. In the premium version, you can get an on-demand streaming service option.

Download Pandora


Best Chromecast Apps

Plex is another famous Chromecast app available in online media. This app streams all the video content like TV shows, movies, and many more from your PC to smartphones. From your smartphone or PC, you can Chromecast it directly to your TV. It cost around $3.99 per month for a subscription.

Download Plex

Pocket Casts:

Best Chromecast Apps

Pocket Casts gives you a powerful listening experience. It is one of the best podcast apps out there in the market. True podcast fans will love this app. A huge number of podcasts out there that you can subscribe to it. Pockets Casts assist with both audio and video podcasts. Also has other best features like syncing, dark theme, playlists, auto-downloading, etc… I am using the iHeartRadio app for podcast streaming, but still, this one is one of the popular and user-friendly apps for your mobile to podcast streaming with Chromecast support.

Download Pocket Casts

Solid Explorer:

Best Chromecast Apps

Solid Explorer is a famous file explorer with Chromecast Support. The app has unique features like a Material Design interface, dual pane support, and many more. It is awesome to work with this app. Solid Explorer supports various protocols such as FTP, SFPT, WebDav, and SMB/CIFS and also has Cloud storage support. It offers 14 days of a trial package for streaming your stored content, and after that, it cost around $1.99. to stream all your cloud storage content.

Download Solid Explorer

VRV and Funimation:

Best Chromecast Apps

VRV is the very next one on our list of the best Chromecast apps. This app contains a collection of anime and cartoon channels such as Crunchyroll, HiDive, Rooster Teeth, RiffTrax, Geek & Sundry, etc… With this Chromecast support, Anime fans can cast all the animation movies and TV shows from your app to TV. Funimation is also compatible with Chromecast support and has enough anime content in it.

Download VRV and Funimation

Cast Store for Chromecast Apps:

Best Chromecast Apps

All the Chromecast apps are present in this application. You can download whatever app you like. If you click an app on the Cast store, it will take you directly to the play store download link.

Download Cast Store

BBC iPlayer:

Best Chromecast Apps

BBC iPlayer is a famous video streaming app available in the UK and its territory region. Other country users can also use this app with the help of a VPN. BBC iPlayer offers all the U.K. TV channels, movies, and Hollywood series. If you missed the latest episode of a series like Doctor, Looper means don’t worry. Go to the BBC iPlayer on your mobile or tablet and watch it. BBC iPlayer supports both the Andriod and iPhone. This application is compatible with the Chromecast option so you can cast the video content on your TV also.

Download BBC iPlayer


Best Chromecast Apps

Every online user will definitely come across the youtube app at least once in their lifetime. From this video streaming app, you can do mobile streaming, video search, chat, personal channels, watch paid movies, and more. Youtube is owned by Google. So you can cast easily any videos on your TV screen with the help of Chromecast support. All the Google-owned has a Chromecast option. Youtube is now developing its services to attract the audience. It launches new services like Youtube Music, Youtube Gaming, and Youtube TV to attract more people.

Download Youtube

Now TV:

Best Chromecast Apps

If you want to get all the benefits of the Sky Go app without using Sky subscription means, use Now TV. Now TV is a video streaming application that contains all the Sky’s portfolio of shows, movies, Hollywood series, sports, etc… You can access all the Sky content in this app without the use of any Sky subscription. Now TV app is not available on Andriod TV.  So you can download the app on your Phone and cast the content to your big TV screen. Now TV is one of the best examples of why Chromecast technology is great. You can cast any app with the help of Chromecast.

Download Now TV

All 4:

Best Chromecast Apps

All 4 is a video streaming service owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. The app is launched back in the year 2006. This on-demand service app offers a variety of programs from the Channels like Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4music, Shorts, etc… You can watch 100’s TV series in this application. The Downloading option is also given in the application. You can download and watch your favorite shows like Peep Show, Father Ted, etc… You cast all these shows on your TV screen with the help of the Chromecast option

Download All 4

BBC Sports:

Best Chromecast Apps

BBC Sports is an app belonging to the department of BBC. This app offers the latest sports news, live-action, scores, and highlights. Live to a stream of sports events such as Football, Tennis, Cricket, and many more. This app is available in the UK and its territory region. People outside the UK use a VPN for streaming this app. Thanks to BBC for making BBC Sports a Chromecast support. You can access all the Live Sports events on your TV big screen.

Download BBC Sports or Rakuten TV:

Best Chromecast Apps

Rakuten TV is previously known as Rakuten TV is similar to video streaming apps like Netflix, and Hulu. This app offers all the video content for subscription, or you can purchase a particular movie or series for a period. Also, you can earn money by renting your video content to others in this app. The price of the content varies based on the video quality, and new release. Rakuten TV has content from famous studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The app supports Chromecast devices. So you can watch all these contents on the big screen.

Download Rakuten TV

Big Web Quiz:

Best Chromecast Apps

Big Web Quiz is one of the best Chromecast apps out there online. The gaming app supporting Chromecast is limited only. That, Big Web quiz is one among them. It is difficult for the user to play this on their smartphone for more time. So please cast your app screen on your TV and enjoy playing.

Download Big Web Quiz


Best Chromecast Apps

Crunchyroll is a video streaming service that mainly focuses on anime movies and series. This app is famous among kids, with nearly 10 million kids using this app all over the world. It also offers Anime, dramas, manga, and on-demand shows. Over 900+ anime shows, 250+ Asian dramas, and 50+ mangas are present in this app. You can watch most of the videos free of cost, but there will be ad interruptions while watching videos. If you want to stop ads interruption means to subscribe to the pro version at the cost of $4.99 per month. In the Pro version, you can watch unlimited videos without any restrictions.

Download Crunchyroll


Best Chromecast Apps

TED means Technology Entertainment Design is a media organization located in America. In this application, you can see thousands of talk videos including talks on scientific, cultural, political, and academic, design, art & aesthetics, philosophy, philanthropy, intellect, and many more. You can watch and download all the videos in the TED official app. All the talk videos are famous for their slogan ideas worth spreading.

The TED app is compatible with Chromecast Support. With this Chromecast support, you can watch all the knowledgeable videos on your TV’s big screen. Expand your knowledge with the TED app.

Download TED

BT Sport:

Best Chromecast Apps

BT Sports is owned by BT Groups. The United Kingdom-based sky sports channel is not compatible with Chromecast. So, all sports fans are looking for an alternative app that will support Chromecast. Well, sports fans joys as BT Sport supports Chromecast. It is a subscription-based app. The user can stream all the popular games that they love to see on their TV. There are many channels available in this app. Each has a different subscription. The channels included in this app are BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Extra, BT Sport ESPN, BT Sport Europe, BT Sport Showcase, and BT Sport Ultra HD.

Download BT Sports


Best Chromecast Apps

Games, Everybody loves to play. One who loves to watch other people playing games means download this Twitch app. Otherwise, don’t download this app because that’s exactly what the Twitch app does. The app is completely about watching the games. While watching you can chat with others, can learn tips and tricks for your favorite game. This app supports PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Right now the app is available on Chromecast. This lets you watch other people play games on your TV screen.

Download Twitch

Tricky Titans:

Best Chromecast Apps

We had to find Chromecast-enabled games on the internet. But Tricky Titans is one that is compatible with the Chromecast option. Tricky Titans is a famous game, The theme of the game is players need to protect their village from the giants. You need to guard your town by defending or attacking them or charging them. At the end of the game, the player enduring the least damage will be declared a winner. This game has features like attractive artwork, good graphics, and many more. If you love to play this game on a big screen means use the casting process.

Udemy Online Courses:

Best Chromecast Apps

Udemy is a famous online learning platform for students. You can learn something new in this app. The topic includes such as business management, IT, Design, Photography, Marketing, etc. Don’t waste your time watching movies. Learn something new in this app. With Chromecast, you can learn and watch educational videos on your TV screen. The app is completely paid app, but it is worth your money.

Udemy Online Courses

Dashboard Cast:

Best Chromecast Apps

The personalized home screen for Chromecast is Dashboard cast. From this app, you can create and organize widgets based on your taste that will be displayed on your TV. The application is completely free to use. Widgets available in this app are Clock and date, Weather, RSS, Calendar, Stock, Audio, Note widget, Picture slideshow widget, Facebook and other social media integration, and Email widget. This app is a third-party app you can’t get this app on the play store.

Download Dashboard Cast

YouTube Kids:

Best Chromecast Apps

Youtube Kids is an app made only for kids. The app is a world of learning and exploring. Youtube kids app is made safer and user-friendly for children to explore the world. Kids can explore the world through online videos. Kids can learn everything in this app. Not only education but also they can watch Fun, Arts, crafts, plays, toys, and creative videos. The app is 100% safer for kids to use. Based on the user feedback and human reviews, the videos have been uploaded by our engineering team. You can filter the videos by selecting the categories to include parent-approved + collections, Blocking, Timer, and Content level by age.

Download YouTube Kids


Best Chromecast Apps

IPTV apps are famous among all movie lovers. HBO GO is a famous IPTV application that belongs to the American TV channel company HBO. It is compatible with the Chromecast device so you can easily stream all the contents to your TV. All the HBO content present in this app includes current and past series, films, specials, and sporting events. If you want to stream this app means you should live in the U.S. and its territory region. Outside the U.S. people use VPNs for streaming HBO GO. For a month it cost around $10 to $18 per month.


Best Chromecast Apps

HBO Now is another video streaming application belonging to the American cable TV company HBO. If you are looking for the best apps for Chromecast means HBO Now definitely occupies the top position in the list. HBO Now Provides stunning HBO content like movies TV shows and many more. The Subscription package costs $15 per month. Watch all the news, comedy specials, and smart talk shows on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

Download HBO Now


Best Chromecast Apps

AllCast is one of the famous Chromecast apps, used for casting mobile storage like images, videos, music, documents, etc… It also supports other devices like Xbox, Andriod devices, PC, Roku, Apple TV, and more. Not only the local storage contents bus also you can stream all the contents from cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Photos. Using this app, it costs you $4.99 per month.

Download AllCast


Best Chromecast Apps

Vudu is a movie streaming app that newly joined in the list of best Chromecast apps. If you are a big fan of new and blockbuster movies means you will definitely love this app. Vudu distributes all the movies contents, you can buy, stream, rent, or watch it free of cost. You can stream all the content on the device of your own choice. Vudu offers tremendous Chromecast support. By using this option, users a stream their favorite movies on their TV and watch them at HD resolution with Dolby atom sound system

Download Vudu

Angry Birds Friends:

Best Chromecast Apps

It is very difficult to find Chromecast-supporting game applications online. Here we are going to talk about one of the famous gaming app called Angry Birds Friends that support the Chromecast option. Angry Birds Friends is the fourth game in the Angry Birds game series. It is a puzzle video game, Compete with 20 different levels every week and also compete with individual opponents.

Download Angry Birds Friends


Best Chromecast Apps

Dailymotion is a french video streaming application that supports Google’s small streaming dongle called Chromecast. The application is similar to youtube. A limited amount of ads is filled within this application. Daily motion is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is free to use.

Download Dailymotion

Just Dance Now:

Best Chromecast Apps

The next one on our list is Just Dance Now. Just Dance Now is a video game application developed by UbiSoft. Just Dance Now is the best application for kids. The kid’s favorite Just Dance Now application doesn’t require any additional technology to work. The only needed thing is a smartphone and a Chromecast-connected TV. Dance to your favorite songs with your kids and enjoy it. Just Dance Now application works by sensing the user’s moves with the help of gyroscopic sensors in your smartphone. Every month there will be new trending songs and exclusive hot content are added to this app.

Download Just Dance Now

Google Chrome Browser:

Best Chromecast Apps

Everybody will definitely know about the Google Chrome browser. Here we have already listed the best Chromecast apps for movies, music, TV shows, and photos but if you want to mirror a webpage to your TV screen means use Chrome browser. In the Chrome browser, you can easily cast all your search results. The application is compatible with both Android and PC.

Download Google Browser


Best Chromecast Apps

If you looking for an app to stream slideshow automatically to your TV big screen, then this shoebox app is the right app to help you with an automated slideshow. Shoebox is an app that stores all your photos by taking an automatic backup from your phone. This app will help you to keep your content safe and secure.

You can watch the slideshow on your Chromecast-connected TV easily. Tap and open the app, inside the app you can Chromecast icon, tap, and cast your mobile screen. Then start the slideshow on the menu icon.

Download Shoebox

Web Video Cast:

Best Chromecast Apps

Web Video Cast is another one video streaming app, that allows the user to watch their favorite series, movies, sports, comedy videos, etc… The main highlight thing of this app is you can cast your own stored videos and photos on your TV. Capturing the videos on your smartphone and watching them on the big screen with the help of the Chromecast option.

Download Web Video Cast

Server Cast:

Best Chromecast Apps

Server Cast is an app from the name itself you can predict what kind of app is this. It is one of the best apps used for the casting process. You can stream all your phone storage to TV by using this app. Server cast supports devices like  Chromecast, Smart TVs, Fire TV, Apple TV, DLNA, Xbox, etc…


Best Chromecast Apps

GPlayer is a famous free android video player app. From this app, you can cast all your video content to the screen with Chromecast devices. The application is user-friendly and free to use.

Download GPlayer


Best Chromecast Apps

The most functional Chromecast app the online is Castify app. This will let you cast all the media storage of your phone and also you can cast everything you like. The thing we need to do is, move the media content to the Castify app. Inside the app, you can see the Chromecast icon, tap, and cast it.

Download Castify

Maps On Chromecast:

Best Chromecast Apps

If you are planning a family trip, this app will guide you in an easy way by casting the app on your Chromecast-connected TV and getting a clear idea about your traveling route. Download and experience it. Searching the places and zoom in by using your two fingers. Get a clear view of your traveling route. Try it at least once.

Download Maps On Chromecast

YouTube Gaming:

Best Chromecast Apps

Youtube has launched a separate app for gaming called YouTube gaming. This is one of the best apps for Chromecast devices. You can watch game videos and live streams of other players playing videos. You can learn new skills, techniques, and tricks from this. YouTube Gaming is similar to the Twitch app. If you want to try an alternative to twitch means, try YouTube Gaming. By using this app, You can get 4k resolution video clarity on Chromecast plugin TV.

YouTube Gaming


Best Chromecast Apps

If you are a great fan of Pictionary ( Pictionary means guessing game), you will definitely love this app. Two teams can face each other. When you draw a word on your smartphone or tablet, your friends will try to guess the word. This is the theme of the game. This game supports both the iPhone and iPad. The app is kids friendly and safe to use. The languages available in the apps are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, and Czech.

Download Cast-a-Draw

Gaming Cast:

Best Chromecast Apps

Thanks to Chromecast! The very first mobile gaming console that supports Chromecast is the Gaming Cast. Play the game on your big screen with the help of a smartphone or tablet as a controller. The currently available games on this app are Snake, Pong, Xonix, Tetrominoes, Flapper, and Breakout. 

Download Gaming Cast

Fox Sports:

Best Chromecast Apps

Fox Sports is a subscription-based video streaming application that allows the user to stream all sporting events in live streaming, replay, and highlights. Also, you can get score updates and news updates. Fox Sports will definitely occupy one spot in the best apps for the Chromecast list. popular channels available in this app are FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network  FS501 to FS507. Cast the app to your TV and enjoy all your favorite games on the big screen.

Download Fox Sports

Google Stadia:

Best Chromecast Apps

The newly launched cloud-based gaming service app is Google stadia. It is the product of google. By using this application, you can stream games up to 4K resolution on your TV. This device supports other platforms like PC, Smartphones, Apple TVs, Tablets, etc… The Chromecast Ultra only suits this application. Also, needed a stadia gaming console for playing on TV.

Download Google Stadia

NFL Game Pass:

Best Chromecast Apps

NFL Game pass is a part of the application from the NFL series. From this application, you can see all the NFL matches, and you can stream and watch on-demand pre-season, playoffs, regular season, and Superbowl.

Wrapping UP:

Chromecast is a very small media player, with which you can share all your media content to the big screen in an easy and fast way. Here we have listed out the best 50 Chromecast apps for Movies, Live TV, TV Shows, Games, Education, and many more. Choose your favorite app from the above list, Download it on your handheld device and watch it on your TV with the help of Chromecast.

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