Best Free Movies Apps for Firestick 2022 (Updated List)

Best Movie Apps for Firestick brings an unpredictable experience to the user by allowing them to watch free movies, TV Shows, Sports, News and Much more. There has been a lot of application available on the Firestick/ Fire TV for all the category. That has made the user in a confused state to select the best application on firestick. So, We have made a guide by selecting the best apps for firestick on different Genres like Sports, Live TV, Movies, TV Channels, Music, news, Safety, and Utility Apps. Just Go through the guide and Choose your favorite and best application for your Fire TV/ Firestick.

Amazon Inc has developed the best device named Firestick which brings lots of Entertainment to the user in a single touch. they have provided complete freedom to the to install or Sideload Movie Apps for Firestick. Some of the application is already available in the Amazon App Store which can be downloaded at free of cost.

Actually, the user will not require much application on their firestick but need one application for each category. So, you can install the best Movie apps for Firestick from the best-given application below. There will be some applications available in the Amazon App store but they are not Free, you have to pay to watch your Favorite shows or News. In order to use free apps, you have to sideload some of the applications on Fire TV.

Check out the Best Movie Apps for Firestick (Sep-2019). There has been lots of category of apps available for Firestick. So, you can choose the application according to your category requirement and Install it on your Firestick. Let’s Move on the list of the best application for Firestick 2019.

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Best Firestick Apps for Movies 2020

Free Movies Apps for Firestick
Free Movies Apps for Firestick

1. Kodi

Kodi is an Open Source Application which is available for all the Platform and can be installed on the Firestick easily. However, Kodi is available at free of cost with a simple user interface. With the help of Kodi, User can watch thousands of movies online and can download the Movies for later watch.

However, The Kodi has lots of addons in it that can be added in the amazon firestick along with Kodi according to requirements of the User. If a User wants to hear Music on Firestick, then search for Music Addon in Kodi there you can get hundreds of Music Addon. Choose the Addon according to your Requirements.

There are many features available in the Kodi which can be utilized by the user. For Example, Kodi allows sharing the Photo to another screen or another digital album and make it as a slideshow.

Note: Make Sure that you are using a VPN while using KODI on your Firestick.

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How to Install Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV in 2019?

2. Cinema HD

Next, we are gonna see about the most popular application on Android for movies and TV Shows is Cinema HD. It has been available in the APK [Android Application Package] File Format that can be used on all the device including Amazon Firestick.

Cinema HD does not contain any own content of its but keeps fetching links from the Multiple servers according to the location. Also, It provides the Video in different quality of Video formats like HD, UHD, Blue-Ray, MP4, and much more. So, the user can choose the file format which suits their devices and Speed of Internet Connection.

It is a Ligh Weight Application and does not carry much of the space on your Firestick. After installing the APK file you can also delete the file which is not required anymore. However, Cinema HD is one of the best Movie Apps for Firestick which keeps on updating its software and contents in it.

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick/Fire TV in 2020?

3. Cyberflix

Another most interesting application is CyberFlix TV which came out to the world after the existence of Terrarium TV. A lot of application has come to the world with a resemblance to Terrarium TV it is one of them. It has the same features in it as same as Terrarium TV.

CyberFlix TV has a wide variety of movies and TV shows. However, It fetches the links from the external sources and provides it to the user. So, User can choose the video quality and download the movies on the device or watched Online. it has different genres and year to sort of the videos according to your wish.

How to Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick/Fire TV?

4. Titanium TV

Titanium TV is the exact replication of Terrarium TV. I hope that the developer has designed the complete application to function like Terrarium TV. I hope that both the application is using the same codes expect the names.

So, the user who is in love with terrarium TV can make use of the Titanium TV. It supports all the platform like iOS, Android, MAC, PC Windows, and Firestick. It has a lot of categories of movies and releases the movies as soon as possible. Also, It allows the user to download the Videos and movies in good HD quality with high-speed streaming.

It is very easy to install on the Firestick and supports all the Firestick models. Also, It is a Light Weight Application.

How to Install Titanium TV on Firestick/Fire TV?

5. Stremio

By the name itself, you just got an idea of the application. Exactly, it’s a streaming application that allows streaming all the movies, TV Shows, and Live TV in a single click. Moreover it same as the Kodi but there is a slight difference between them. Stremio is an online media service that provides streaming content only. Also, you can install addons on the Stremio application which will not be stored locally on the device.

The application will be stored inside the Stremio application and can be used whenever you want. However, you can install Addons on the Stremio which can be installed in a single click.

Stremio has a simple user interface and a user-friendly application. The update of the addon will be done automatically and its stores in the Stremio application. So, It will not occupy much of your space in your device and a light-weight application.

How to Install Stremio on Firestick/Fire TV?

6. BeeTV

BeeTV is a Crawler application. It crawls the movie and TV shows from the external sources and provides it to the user at high quality. However, it keeps on updating its Movies and TV contents frequently. beeTV dows not contains any content of its own but get the links of the movie and TV Shows from the external source.

The application has a countless collection of movies and a huge media library is there to watch some streaming content anytime. That makes the BeeTV be on the Best Apps on Firestick/Fire TV. The Developer has made the application so lightweight and so simpler to use. Also, Subtitles are available along with the playback tool. Mostly, it supports all the devices and operating platforms.

How to Install BeeTV on Firestick/Fire TV?

7. Morph TV

Morph TV is yet another clone of the Morpheus TV, which has a complete resemblance of the application. Still, Morpheus TV is working but it has stopped updating its content. So, most of the user are shifting to Morph TV, which keeps on updating its content frequently. Actually, Morph TV which has a huge collection of Media Library with latest Movies and TV shows on it.

The Application updates the streaming content along with the subtitles in it. Also, Morph TV fetches the MOVie and TV Show links from the external sources along with the proper subtitle with your preferred language. That’s the reason it has become one of the best Movie apps for Firestick/Fire TV for Movies and TV shows.

How to Install Morph TV on Firestick/ Fire TV?

Still, Some of the users looking for Morpheus TV on their Firestick. For them, we have made a guide to install it. Just click the below link to move on to the Installation procedure.

How to Install Morpheus TV on Firestick/Fire TV?

8. Plex

Plex is the best Media Management application. There are lots of Media Management applications available on the Play store but one a few works properly with all the functions availability. Plex brings all the media files and streaming links in one place with the thumbnail of the videos.

Only some of the application allows recording the Live broadcasting videos, in that Plex is one among them. It allows the user to watch and record the live broadcasting videos. Also, It allows watching your videos stored in the external drive using the Plex application. Check out some of the Features of plex application.

  • Allows remote sharing and Access.
  • Provides subtitles, including SRT, PGS, SSA/ASS
  • Parental Controls
  • Wirelessly Sync Videos with Mobile devices.
  • Supports all file formats of music like MP3, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, and more

How to Install Plex on Firestick/Fire TV

9. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix is a Paid Version of application which provides unlimited Movies and TV Shows online. It has been the most popular streaming application but still ranks below because of its paid version. But they provide a good quality of content with high streaming speed when you subscribe to their plan.

Especially for the classics lover, it is a treat for them to watch all their favorite old movies. Also, Netflix has a huge collection of library collection from classic to the latest movies. Also, It also to watch web series developed by NetFlix at free once you subscribed their plans.

If you have subscribed the Netflix Plan then you can use that account in another device also alternatively. Also, It allows having a trial for a month for free, if you like it you can subscribe to its plan.

How to Install Netflix on Firestick/Fire TV

10. Mediabox HD

Mediabox HD is the best application on providing the Video-On-demand services for Firestick and other Mobile devices. It has a huge collection of the media library of Movies and TV shows. The User Interface is so simple and easy to use the application.

It provides the videos and movies at High Resolution and HD quality. Mostly, you can get the HD quality videos links in this application. It fetches the links from the external source with high resolution and good quality video link.

However, Mediabox HD has a huge collection of different category of Movies and TV shows. Also, it uses Trarkt Sign-in, with the help of it you can sync with any other devices.

How to Install Mediabox HD on Firestick/FireTV?

11. TVZion

Another most interesting application is TVZion, which most trending streaming application online these days. Application is fully customizable with unlimited categories of movies with infinite scrolling option. Movie content will be updated frequently along with the subtitles. Supports all the formats of video formats with high resolution and good quality of videos.

It has a Simple User Interface and customizable options of your application. Has a Tarkt & real debris sign-in option with seamless integration. TVZion has a wide variety of Anime Series, Movies, TV shows, and much more. Supports all the Platforms like Android, iOS, MAC, PC Windows, Firestick, and much more devices. It fetches links from the external source but provides the best link with high quality of videos.

How to Install TVZion on Firestick/ Fire TV?

12. Onebox HD

Onebox HD is one of the Best Movie Apps for Firestick for watching Movies and TV Shows. But it is available only on third-party Website but it provides HD quality and videos at free of cost. It has an inbuilt player and videos which can watch multiple times. But it takes time to update the content on their application.

The Onebox HD has a huge library with different categories and makes easier for the user to select their favorite movies. This application is specially designed to watch Movies and Videos with high-quality streams, fast scraping, and quick playback.

How to Install Onebox HD on Firestick/Fire TV

13. Live Lounge

Live Lounge is available in the APK file format and supports all the devices including Firestick. It provides streaming content and Videos on demand. Also, you can watch live TV Channels, Sports, Movies, and Movies at free of cost. Even Though it not that effective application for streaming content but it’s good at providing Video On Demand. However, the application is on the best Movie Apps for Firestick because of the Video-On-demand.

Some of the links provided by the application won’t function properly, it has been a major problem in this application. However, it is a Light Weigh application and does not occupy much of the space on your Firestick storage.

How to Install Live Lounge APK on Firestick/Fire TV?

Wrapping Up

Hope you have got an idea for best Apps for Firestick in 2019. We have handpicked the best application by trying on your device and provided the review for it with a description. Hope that it was helpful for you if you found this guide helpful share on Social media. Also, Share your Review on Best Apps for Firestick and comment below for more Apps or anything left above.

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