Black Mirror: Bandersnatch that won’t work on Chromecast

bandersnatch chromecast

Today in this article we are going to tell about Bandersnatch Chromecast. Below we have completely explained about what is Bandersnatch? and why it is not playing on Chromecast?.

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What is Bandersnatch?

Last year Black Mirror launched an instalment called Bandersnatch. Until now it had got everyone talking. Bandersnatch is an interactive drama film in science fiction written by Charlie Booker and it was directed by David Slade. This stand-alone film was released on Netflix last year December 2018.

Why Bandersnatch is not working on Chromecast?

The film had been written using Twine. Twine means an open-source platform. Twine allows only interactive fiction and narrative-heavy games. Due to interactive active nature, you can’t run this on all the devices. For running interactive fiction dramas, you need the device that supports interactive content. Once you have entered the Netflix app and click the Bandersnatch means, Immediately you will receive a mail from Netflix regarding that the devices which are not supporting Bandersnatch. You can’t play Bandersnatch on devices Chromecast, AppleTV, PlayStationVita, Nintendo Wii U. Chromecast don’t support interactive content so it is difficult to play.

What are devices compatible to run Bandersnatch on Netflix?

From the same mail, you have received from Netflix confirms that Bandersnatch supporting devices. The devices that support Bandersnatch TVs, game consoles, web browsers, Android phones, and iOS devices.

Can you Chromecast Bandersnatch?

Streaming Bandersnatch through Chromecast connected devices is not possible. So you can stream the content by using the Andriod phone Google Home app to your Andriod TV is the only solution.

Step1: Download the Netflix App.

Step2: Subscribe the Netflix app.

Step3: Search the Bandersnatch film and stream it.

Step4: Connect both the device to the same wifi connection.

Step5: Go to the Google Home app on your phone and mirror your phone screen.

Step6: Now you Bandersnatch film will start to stream on your TV.

This is only a possible solution you can watch Bandersnatch on your TV without using a Chromecast device.

Wrapping UP:

In this article, we have completely explained about the Bandersnatch and it’s supporting devices. So Chromecasting Bandersnatch is not possible so you can run the Bandersnatch on your TV by using a mirror option. If you have any doubts or issues regarding this post means tell us in the below comment box.

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