How to Install and Watch Bravo on Roku? [Possible Methods]

It is always sad to miss out on our favorite series and shows just because of lack of time. In this era of online streaming, we don’t have any remedy for using time effectively. From now on, you don’t have to worry about missing shows because you have Bravo TV. You can watch it anywhere. Bravo TV supports all the major devices. This write-up is for you to know How to install and watch Bravo on Roku.

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About Bravo

Bravo on Roku

Bravo is an American based paid TV network owned by NBC Universal. Bravo was initiated around the year 1980. Film and fine arts are the primary focus of Bravo TV. Bravo tries to capture the adult and old women towards it providing reality TV series. And also offers Bravo original acts, feature films, and whatnot. Bravo is one of the best streaming services to watch your favorite live TV, recent episodes, and past season content. If you want to access Bravo, you have to Sign In with either cable or satellite TV subscription.

You can also watch NBC Universal programs on Bravo. You can stream NBC Universal programs and new episodes for free You can avail Bravo on the following device: Android, iOS, Cable provider, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku

Features of Bravo

Bravo is loaded with many many features. The following are some of the features of Bravo:

  • Live streaming
  • On demand content
  • Updated schedule
  • Catch the new release the next day itself
  • Watch from where you left
  • Pick your favorites for later streaming
  • Demanded content from NBC Universal Network
  • Special clippings
  • Interviews
  • Watch movies
  • Get hold of old season of your favorite series

And lot more..

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Is Bravo available on Roku?

As said before, Bravo is an official app available on Roku. So you can get the Bravo TV app to stream on Roku easily.

How to Install and Watch Bravo on Roku?

Bravo on Roku

Step1: Link your Roku device to your TV’s HDMI port.

Bravo on Roku

Step2: Establish Internet connection to your Roku and TV.

Step3: Sign in to your Roku account.

Step4: Click on Streaming channels on Roku homescreen.

Bravo on Roku TV

Step5: You will be taken to the Roku channel store.

Bravo on Roku TV

Step6: Next, select the Search Channel and then Search for Bravo.

Bravo on Roku

Step7: Tap on Add channel on Bravo channel info page.

Bravo on Roku

Step8: Select Go to channel to launch the app. By now, you will get the activation code on the screen.

Step9: Visit on your web browser.

Step10: Enter the activation code on the browser and tap Go.

Bravo on Roku

Well done… you have successfully installed and activated the Bravo on Roku TV.

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Alternative way: Bravo on Roku using Streaming Service

You can access Bravo with the subscription of any of these streaming apps on Roku TV.

Here are some subscription plans of Bravo on streaming services:

  • Hulu – get Bravo by paying $54.99/month and it is inclusive of various other channels such as ESPN, Disney, etc. You can access Hulu on various devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Phones, etc.
  • Sling TV – pay $30/month for the Sling Blue package, as it offers Bravo in its package. As you know, Sling TV is available on Roku, Chromecast, etc.
  • Fubo TV – costs $59.99/month which includes Bravo, Lifetime, etc. You can test and pay for it by going for the 7-days free trial.
  • AT&T TV Now – at its Plus package of $55/month, you can avail Bravo like AMC and HGTV. You can access AT&T TV Now on various TV streaming services like Roku, Fire TV, etc.
  • YouTube TV – at $64.99/month offers Bravo including 70 channels. Roku, Apple TV, Android, iOS, etc supports YouTube TV.

This is the another one alternative way to access Bravo on Roku TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I re-authenticate my Bravo on Roku?

First, delete the app and restart your Roku. Try to restart all your Roku devices simultaneously. Then, re-authenticate your Roku. And do the same for all of your Roku devices and re-authenticate.

  • How do I change my Roku provider?

Restart your Roku device by going to Settings, then to System and do Restart. After restarting, add back all your channels and login via your service provider.

Sums UP:

To end, get hold of Bravo TV if you want to enjoy a wide range of your favorites on cable TV providers itself. Bravo offers all the content for free. This is really cool. Wishing you a happy streaming with Bravo TV on your Roku. Thank you for reading.