How to Watch C Span on Roku Streaming Device?

Not every country’s government programs are telecasted to the people. Only certain shows are telecasted but it is not in the case of C-SPAN. From its venture into the field of media, it got hold of the viewers by the call-in feature. Are you interested in streaming C-SPAN? Follow this article on How to stream C-SPAN on Roku.

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What is C-Span?

C Span on Roku

C-SPAN can be abbreviated as Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. It is an American based cable and satellite TV network. C-Span was introduced as a nonprofit public service in the year 1979. It mainly focuses on the United States federal government and public affairs programming.

C-SPAN focuses on U.S. House of Representatives

C-SPAN2 focuses on U.S. Senate

C-SPAN3 focuses on government hearing and other programs related to it. It also provides radio station service. There are around 100million users.

C-SPAN is available as apps which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and web browsers. It can be downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore.

What are the features of C-SPAN?

 The following are the features of C-SPAN:

  • C-SPAN Radio
  • C-SPAN Book TV
  • Points of interests
  • Video library
  • Nonprofit public service
  • Call-in feature
  • A bridge between Public figures and public
  • Filterless reach towards public
  • Political video access
  • Free of cost

And many more features.

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What is the cost of C-SPAN?

C-SPAN and its sister channels can be viewed for free. To get C-SPAN, all you need is a cable TV subscription. And the C-SPAN app is totally free and can be downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore.

How to get C-SPAN without cable subscription?

You can access C-SPAN without any cable or satellite subscription. You can just visit There is no need for a C-SPAN account to watch it on the website. Yet, you can get full access to the network that too for free.

C Span on Roku

How to Sign up for C-SPAN?

Follow the given instructions to sign up for C-SPAN:

Step1: Visit

Step2: Enter mail address, username and password.

Step3: Choose whether you want a public profile.

Step4: And also choose whether you want video recommendations.

Step5: After reading the terms and policy click agree and tap on Create my account.

Step6: You will receive a confirmation mail on your registered mail.

Step7: Tap on the link on the confirmation. Now you have created your C-SPAN account.

How to watch C-SPAN on Roku Streaming Device Via Streaming Service

C-SPAN isn’t available on the Roku channel store. Instead, you can watch it via streaming service.

You can watch C-SPAN on AT&T TV Now.

C Span on Roku

You can watch C-SPAN on AT&T TV Now.

Packages of AT&T TV Now:

  • Plus – $65/month offers 40+ channels.
  • Max – $80/month offers 50+ channels.
  • Entertainment – $93/month offers 65+channels.
  • Choice – $110/month offers 85+ channels.
  • Xtra- $124/month offers 105+ channels.
  • Ultimate – $135/month offers 125+ channels.

Among these packages, you have to pick the Entertainment package worth $93/month to have access to C-SPAN.

How to stream C-SPAN on Roku connected TV?

The alternate way to stream C-SPAN on Roku is by screen mirroring method.

How to watch C-SPAN on Roku via Windows?

Ensure same Wi-Fi connection to your windows and Roku device.

Step1: Connect your Roku device to your TV’s HDMI port.

C Span on Roku

Step2: Switch on your Roku device and Sign in to your Roku account.

Step3: Navigate to Settings and go to System option.

C Span on Roku

Step4: Now, click Screen mirroring mode and choose prompt option.

C Span on Roku

Step5: On your Windows, visit and Sign in if you wish.

Step6: Tap the three dotted icon on the screen and click the Cast button.

C Span on Roku

Step7: Scanning of nearby devices takes place. The list appears.

Step8: On the list, tap your Roku device’s name.

Step9: Now, screen mirroring takes place. Now, stream C-SPAN on Roku.

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How to watch C-SPAN online via cable or satellite subscription?

Step1: Visit

Step2: On the left corner of the homepage, click the TV Networks icon.

C Span on Roku

Step3: The list of cable and satellite TV providers of C-SPAN will appear.

Step4: Search and choose your cable or satellite TV provider.

Step5: Follow the given on-screen prompts to live stream.

Step6: Enter your satellite or cable TV customer ID and password.

Step7: Now, you are a verified customer!

The EndNote

To end, C-SPAN being free of cost streaming, it provides almost all the political content directly to the public. This is very much mobile-friendly which gives access to watching it from anywhere and at any time. C-SPAN’s revenue is gained from the license fee paid by the cable TV provider. It doesn’t charge anything from the viewers. So, if you are a politically interested person, give C-SPAN a try for sure!

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