MX Player Chromecast|Can I Chromecast MX Player to My TV?

Can I Chromecast MX Player to My TV?

MX Player is an offline and online video streaming player developed back in the year 2011. The application is invented by the South Korea company J2 interactive. In the early stage, it was developed as the media-playing application. After the successful reach of this application, later it was developed as an online video streaming platform. You can watch new release movies, blockbuster movies, web series, Live TV and many more. You can get this application directly from the play store. In this article, you will learn how to cast MX Player on google chrome cast device

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MX Player is specially designed for the Andriod user. But it supports Apple tv, Roku, Kodi, Firestick, PC, etc… This MX Player is not directly compatible with Google Chromecast device but you can cast by using the following steps.

Features of MX Player:

  • The app user interface is very simple to use.
  • Advanced hardware acceleration
  • Dynamic language switching
  • Offline video streaming
  • Can adjust volume and brightness
  • Bookmark options
  • Lock Screen option
  • Music Player available
  • Sports News
  • Two different themes

Can I Chromecast MX Player to My TV?

Yes, you can Chromecast MX Player by using two different ways. Before that, we need to install MX Player. You can get the app directly from the play store and app store itself.

#1: Go the App Store on your phone

#2: Search MX player on the Store. Click the App from the result

#3: Download the MX Player and install it in your device

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Two ways of MX Player Chromecast

The MX Player has inbuilt Cast Icon, so it is easy for the users to cast the app. The casting process is the same for both the Andriod and iOS devices.

Two ways are,

  • One is by using Andriod and iOS Smartphone
  • The second one is by using PC

Casting MX Player on Chromecast device using Andriod / iOS Smartphones

Using Mobile phones you can cast this app by two methods.

Method1: Google Home app


Step1: Plugin your GoogleChromecast device on your Smart TV.

Step2: Make sure that the smartphone and smart tv to the same wifi connection.

Step3: One the Google Home app on your Smartphone

Step4: Tap on the Menu option on the left side

Step5: There, you can see Cast screen/ Audio option

Step6: Tap the Cast Screen / Audio option

Step7: List of the Chromecast devices will appear on the screen

Step8: Click your Chromecast device. Now your phone screen will be displayed on your smart tv.

Step9: Next, open the MX player on your phone.

Step10: Choose your favorite video and stream it.

Step11: Now, you can see your MX player on the big screen.

Method 2: Local cast


Step1: Go to the play store

Step2: Search Local Cast and download it.

Step3: Install the Local Cast app on your smartphone

Step4: Open the MX Player and play any video.

Step5: On the left side of the screen you can see the three-dotted icon.

Step6: Click the three-dotted icon, you can see Tools option inside it.

Step7: Tap the Tools menu

Step8: Within that, you can see the Share option.

Step9: Click the Share option. Share the video to the Local cast app

Step10: The same video started to play on the local cast and displays the Chromecast device

Step11: Choose your Chromecast device

Step12: Now, the video will be displayed on the TV.

These are the two methods of ChromeCast MX Player using Smartphones.

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Casting MX Player on Chromecast device using PC

This is one of the best and easy way to cast your MX Player on the big screen. Follow the below steps for casting your MX Player


Step1: Switch on the Wifi connection.

Step2: Select the same wifi connection for both PC and Chromecast Smart TV.

Step3: Open the Chrome browser

Step4: Search the URL link MX

Step5: Play any one video from the website

Step6: Touch the three-dotted icon. Inside that, you can see cast option

Step7: Tap the cast option

Step8: Chrome devices will be loaded and display the devices.

Step9: Then click the source option from the pop-up.

Step10: Select the Cast tab from the source option.

Step11: Finally, Click your device.

Now your MX Player video will be directly displays on your smart tv.


Can you chromecast MX Player?

You cannot directly Chromecast MX Player. But you can cast it by using the above methods

Can I Chromecast MX Player iPhone to Smart tv?

Yes you can cast the MX player by using Momocast app

Final words:

Use any one of the methods from the above for casting the MX Player Chromecast. MX Player is the best online streaming device, more the 500,000 users using this app. This article will be helpful for MX Player users. For more info leave your feedback on the comment section.

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