Steps to Cast Youtube on Google Chromecast

Youtube on Chromecast

Youtube on Chromecast – On our website, we are continuously sharing the interesting and trending topics of the digital market. Likewise today we going to discuss about the topic Chromecast. Immediately a question will arise among the readers. What is meant by Chromecast and How it can be work?

The answer to the question is Chromecast is a streaming media adapter developed by Google. It helps the users to play online content like videos and music on your Smart TV. 

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Youtube is an online video player, This application doesn’t need any introduction because this application is known to all the people all over the world. Youtube is the best place to watch videos posted by different users. If you like to watch your favorite video on big-screen, then by using a chrome cast option you can stream the youtube videos in your smart tv. So follow the below steps to cast Youtube on Chromecast.

What are the ways to cast youtube on chromecast

There are two different ways to cast the Youtube on Chromecast

  • One by using Smartphone App
  • Another one by using Youtube’s Official Website

What are the requirements to cast youtube on chromecast

  • Smartphone or PC
  • Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Wifi Connection

Things to do for cast youtube on chromecast

  • First, you have to connect the Google Chromecast on your Smart TV
  • Connect both the smart tv and your smartphone to the same wifi connection

Steps to Cast Youtube on Chromecast by using Smart Phone

Nowadays youtube will be the default app in all the smartphone devices. The casting process will be the same for both the Andriod and IOS. So the smartphone users follow the below steps carefully.

First Step: Connect your phone with Strong wifi connection

Second Step: Connect your Smart TV to the same wifi connection

Third Step: Check out, both the devices are connected to the same wifi connection

Fourth Step: Click the Menus icon on your Smart Phone

Fifth Step: You can see youtube app on the list of apps

Sixth Step: Click and open the Youtube app

Seventh Step: Inside the youtube app you can see the cast icon at the top of the app on the right side.

Eighth Step: Click the cast icon

Ninth Step: Immediately app will show the Cast to device

Tenth Step: Tab the device, now both your chromecast smart tv and youtube are connected

Eleventh Step: Play your favorite video in the youtube

Twelfth Step: That video will be streamed on your Smart tv

That’s it this the one way of streaming Youtube videos on chrome cast smart tv.

Steps to Cast Youtube on Chromecast by using youtube official website

First Step: Click any browser on your PC. Here we are using the Chrome browser.

Second Step: Tap and open the Chrome browser

Third Step: Click the Search bar and Enter as a Youtube .com

Fourth Step: Click Go

Fifth Step: Official youtube website will be opened. Search your favorite video and stream it

Sixth Step: While streaming the video you can see cast icon on the bottom of the screen

Seventh Step: Tap on it, Immediately pop up screen opens with the cast to devices

Eighth Step: Tap the chromecast smart tv

Ninth Step: you can see sources option in that click it. Inside the source option-click the Cast Tab.

Now your Chromecast Smart TV is ready to stream the youtube videos.


How do I use chromecast with YouTube?

Just follow the above steps, you can do it easily

Can you get YouTube TV on chromecast?

Yes you can get Youtube TV on chromecast

Can I watch live TV with Google Chromecast?

Yes you can watch live television streaming by using Chromecast

How do I cast my TV to chromecast?

Steps have been given above just follow it

Final words:

I hope you will definitely love this article, From the above steps you can cast easily youtube on Google Chromecast, just try it at least once. If you have any doubts regarding this article means just comment on us in the comment section. We will help you ASAP.

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