What Channel is CBS Sports on Antenna? [Updated 2022]

CBS Sports on Antenna: Fewer more Americans using Antennas to watch TV shows and programs. But still, half of the US people are used to watching TV shows on cable or Satellite Networks. These affordable indoor antennas pull in over the air, including HD Channels with excellent picture quality.

In addition, these Indoor TV Antennas make a great backup to watch your channels while a storm knocks on your cable or satellite network. So, let us dive into the content to know more about it without delay.

What Channel is CBS Sports on Antenna?

CBS Sports on Antenna
What Channel is CBS Sports on Antenna?

We already know that CBS is a well-known Sports channel. On this Channel, you can enjoy all sports programs and other events. CBS Sports is a usual broadcast channel available with Antenna. In addition, this Channel includes Shows like college sports events and other smaller events in the country. This Channel is dedicated to sports, and it is a must-have channel for a sports fan. If you are a cable or satellite user now, you want to change your provider, and it’s time.

You can switch to the Antenna, and you don’t want to pay bills monthly as you paid for cables or satellites networks. If you live in an apartment or areas near the highest mountains in those areas, the TV antenna is low, but you can get Indoor Antennas that you can also use instead of that. With the help of this Antenna, you need not get a streaming contract with the cable or satellite networks. This Channel is available in Antenna, and there you can get a good picture quality. So we prepared a list of channels that help you find the channel number quickly.

Channel NameChannel Number
CBS Sports221
CBS Sports on Antena
  • Inside College Basketball
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball
  • AFC Championship
  • NFL Today
  • PGA Tour on CBS
  • CBS Sports Spectacular
  • Soccer on CBS
  • Major League Baseball on CBS
  • Arena Football on CBS


The above information of the CBS Sports on Antenna will clarify all your doubts. This Channel will keep you and your family full of joy. CBS Sports is a must-have channel in your lineups. Over a million people have access to this channel in the US. So to learn more about this channel, read this article to the end without skipping.


What Channel Number is CBS Sports on Antenna?

Channel 221 is running as CBS Sports on Antenna.

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