How to Change Age on PS4?

Change Age on PS4: It is common to make mistakes. But the divinity is in rectifying those mistakes.

Similarly, we all would have the experience of making mistakes, especially while creating an online account.

It happens particularly while entering the birth date. Indeed, it is a common case with most PSN account users.

They may enter a wrong or fake birthdate in a hurry to set up the console.

Moreover, some minor players may enter a fake birthdate to play the games which are not available in the minor category.

But is it possible to change your age on PS4? Does Sony allow you to change your child account to a parent account?

Explore the answers to your queries in the following section of this article.

How to Change Age on PS4?

Seemingly, there are only two fundamental reasons that gear users to change age on PS4.

Either user may have entered the wrong birth date or used a fake birthdate to get the adult account.

Change Age on PS4
How to Change Age on PS4?

Indeed, an adult account becomes mandatory to access certain ‘Triple A’ and online multiplayer games.

Moreover, there is a catch awaiting you about editing your age. That is, you can change your birth date only once in a lifetime on your PSN account.

Actually, it is not possible to change your age on your PS4/PS5 console.

However, there is an official workaround that helps you to edit your age on PS4. Follow the below-given guide for more details.

Step 1:

Initially, navigate to the following link using a browser on your PC.

Step 2:

Then, log in to the site with your official PSN account credentials.

Step 3:

Now, enter the correct birthdate that you wish to change.

Note: This is the final chance to change your age or birthdate on your PSN account. So ensure that you enter the details correctly.

Step 4:

Check in the box to accept the privacy policy and click on the Save button.


Is it legal to change the age/birthdate on PS4?

Yes, it is legal as Sony itself is providing the option to edit the age details via its official website. But it is possible to change your age details only once.

What are the other details you can change on your PSN account?

You can edit or change your account details like Name, Gender, Email, Address, Language, and Payment methods.


This is all about the possibility of changing your age on your PSN account. Of course, it is possible to edit your age on your PS4/PS5 account, but only once.

So, ensure you choose or enter the apt details. Make use of the above given article and follow the mentioned steps in order to complete the process successfully without any hassle. Thank You.

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