How to Change Location on PS5?

Change Location on PS5: At this point, it has become common to have accounts with every online service.

Indeed, you need to provide your basic details like name, gender, age/birthdate, location, and email to get your account.

Among them, ‘Location’ plays a significant role as it helps you access the content available in your region.

Concerningly, a change in the location will reflect a huge impact on your account and the content. You can observe it more, especially on the gaming consoles like PS5.

Seemingly, you can access your desired games and apps only by choosing the appropriate location.

Because some games/apps will be available only in specific geographical locations. But is it possible to change your PSN country region on PS5?

Well, get ready to explore the possible solutions in the below-given article.

Is it possible to Change Country or Region on PS5?

In simple words, it is not possible to change or edit the location settings on your existing PSN account on PS5.

Indeed, the good news is that the games on the console are not locked to any region as on PS4.

But there may be times when you need to change the location on PS5 to find some new content.

Even though it is not possible to edit the area on the existing PSN account, there is a simple workaround that is worth trying. Continue reading the following guide for more details.

How to Change Location on PS5?

Seemingly, changing location on PS5 is possible by creating a new PSN accountThe account creation process will let you choose a new location for the new account.

Change Location on PS5
How to Change Location on PS5?

Follow the below-given steps for the guide to add a new account and access more content without any geo-restriction issues.

Step 1:

Initially, Turn On your PS5 console, and ensure that it is connected to an active internet source.

Step 2:

Now choose the Add User or New User option.

Step 3:

Click on the “Create a New User” option and accept the PlayStation Agreement.

Step 4:

It’s time to choose your location. Make sure you choose the exact location from where you wish to access the content.

Step 5:

Then, provide your basic details like Name, Date of Birth, Email, Password, PSN ID, and finally, the payment information.

Step 6:

Once after the setup process, launch the PlayStation Store and purchase your desired games or apps.


Will apps and games on PS5 be region locked?

Luckily, No. The apps and games on PS5 are not region locked. So that you can access your favorite content using any PS5 console.

Is it possible to change the location on my PS5 to US or New Zealand?

Yes, changing the location to the desired region is possible while creating your new PSN account. However, make sure you choose the correct location as you cannot edit or change your chosen region in the future.


Hopefully, we have mentioned the most simple way to change your location on PS5. You can use the same guide to change the game region on your PS4 console too.

In addition to that, you can also change the location on PS5 by using a VPN. So that you can purchase games and apps using an international PSN account.

I hope the methods furnished above will be helpful in changing the region on your PS5 console without any hassle.

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