How to Change NAT Type on Xbox One?

Change NAT Type on Xbox One: No one can deny the importance of the internet and its impact on our daily life.

Indeed, we are living amidst the IoT devices. Seemingly, a gaming console like Xbox One is an internet-connected device.

However, there are various factors that contribute the strong internet connection on your device. One such element is NAT (Network Address Translation).

Therefore, if you are experiencing an internet connection or lag in gaming, it may be due to a change in the NAT type.

Seemingly, a wrong NAT type may cause various issues like trouble in multiplayer, joining multiple lobbies, and chatting while gaming.

Concerning that, there are various NAT types, and each type will have a different impact on your device. Continue reading the following article to know about NAT types and how to change the NAT type on Xbox One.

What is NAT and its types?

In simple words, NAT is one of the important elements for network connection on Xbox One. Seemingly, Network Address Translation is shortened as NAT.

As the name signifies, NAT on Xbox One is responsible for network and device identification over other devices on the internet.

For example, you may be using a router at your home, and multiple devices may be connected to it. Therefore, all routers will have a unique IP address for network connection.

Similarly, all connected devices will also have a unique IP address to receive the apt information without any data diversion. There comes the importance of NAT.

It helps your device identify the router and is responsible for obtaining the apt data you need. To process it correctly, your Xbox One uses a feature called ‘Upnp.’

Indeed, the Universal Plus-n-Play options help in the effective communication of NAT with the router. But the problem is that UPnP has gone through many criticisms and is unreliable.

So it is good to check and change the NAT type manually to get rid of network issues while live gaming with your friends. Read the below-given guide to change NAT type on Xbox One.

How to Change NAT Type on Xbox One?

As I have said earlier, there are three NAT types, and each type impacts your online experience on Xbox One. Indeed, the three NAT types are Open, Moderate, and Strict.

Change NAT Type on Xbox One
How to Change NAT Type on Xbox One?
  • Open NAT – The best NAT type with no connection issues, and you can host multiplayer games.
  • Moderate NAT – You may experience lags and issues while gaming.
  • Strict NAT – The worst NAT type that allows you to connect only with Open NAT players. Game lag and issues will be at their peak.

Furtherly, you can check your NAT type on your Xbox One console by navigating to Settings –> Network Settings –> Current Network Status. 

You are good to go if you find Open NAT on your console. On the other hand, you will be in trouble if the NAT type is Moderate or Strict.

Do you want to avoid connectivity issues on your Xbox One? Then, use the below-given guide to change the NAT type on Xbox One.

  • Navigate to Settings –> Network Settings –> Refresh the NAT status.
  • Hard reset your Xbox One console by pressing the ‘X’ button on the device. Indeed, the reset process will boost the NAT type.
  • Finally, you can try changing the static IP address manually on your console. First, move to Network Settings and expand the Advanced Settings panel. Now switch the Alternate Port Selection from Automatic to Manual. Then, choose any one of the provided port numbers to get the Open NAT type on your console.
  • In addition, enabling the Energy-Saving option will boost the Open NAT type on your Xbox One.


I hope you have got an idea about changing the NAT type on Xbox consoles. Having an Open NAT type is essential to enjoy Xbox live and online gaming without any hassle.

The above post includes everything you need to know about NAT and how to change it on Xbox One. For further queries, you can visit the official Xbox website regarding NAT and its issues.

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