What Channel is the Chicago Bears game on Dish? [Updated 2022]

Chicago Bears game on Dish: Do you love football games? If yes, then you must have heard about the Super Bowl and the NFL games.

National Football League, in short NFL, is one of the professional football leagues in America. The NFL game is conducted every year once regularly.

Indeed, the league usually starts during the month of August and ends by the month of January. Moreover, the NFL league consists of thirty-two teams which are furtherly divided into two groups with equal members.

The two groups are named as American Football Conference [AFC] and National Football Conference [NFC]. Every NFL season begins with a three wee preseason and an eighteen-week regular-season game.

Each team undergoes several sets of games, and seven teams from each conference will move to the playoffs.

Seemingly, NFL is one of the favorite football leagues watched worldwide. It has many teams and players who are many people’s favorite.

Indeed, one such team is the Chicago Bears. The NFL game is going to strike sooner, and you can watch it on various channels and online services.

Concerning that, the following article will give you the best channel to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish. Read the following article to explore more about Chicago Bears.

About Chicago Bears

The ‘Chicago Bears’ is a professional football team in America. The desired team is based in Chicago. Moreover, they are members of the National Football Conference (NFC) North Division.

The Chicago Bears are one of the teams who actively participate in the Nationa Football League. Indeed, the respective NFL franchise was first founded in the year 1920 in Illinois.

Furtherly, they moved to Chicago in the year 1921. The Chicago Bears team has the proud mark that they are one of the two teams who still stand since the founding of the NFL.

Chicago Bears used to play their home games at Wrigley Field until 1970. Currently, the Soldier Field is the primary stadium where the Bears team plays their home games.

The Chicago Bears of 1940 have the record for the biggest victory margin in both playoffs and regular season. Indeed, the victory rate is 73-0, which was captured over the Washington Redskins.

The largest recorded home game victory for the Bears team is 61-7, which was against the Green Bay Packers team in 1980.

In contrast, the largest defeat faced by the respective team is 52-0 against the Baltimore Colts team in 1964.

Overall, even though there is nothing much to describe about the Bears team, they have an irreplaceable place in the NFL franchise.

Current Payer Info

The Chicago Bears is one of the favorite teams for most favorite NF teams for many people. In that way, the following list provides you with the info about the players and their positions in the team.

  • Quarterbacks – Justin Fields, Nathan Peterman, Trevor Siemian
  • Running Backs – Trestan Ebner, Darrynton Evans, Khalil Herbert
  • Defensive Backs – Jaquan Brisker, Thomas Graham Jr, Lamar Jackson, Jaylon Jackson
  • Wide Receivers – Velus Jones Jr, Darnell Mooney, Dante Pettis
  • Linebackers – Matthew Adams, Noah Dawkins, Trevis Gipson
  • Tight Ends – Ryan Griffin, Rysen John, Cole Kmet

About Dish Network

In direct words, Dish or Digital Sky Highway is an American satellite TV provider. The services provided by the Dish Network include satellite broadcast, pay television, pay-per-view, and over-the-top media services.

In addition, you also get internet, IPTV, and DVR services. Apart from that, every Dish subscriber can enjoy watching various live and on-demand content on their desired streaming device.

In addition, the DVR provided with your subscription allows you to save and access your favorite content anytime.

Moreover, the Dish Network assures you to stream your favorite content without any ads and interruptions.

Furtherly, Dish Network is one of those TV providers who provide the best in quality service at an affordable price.

Concerning that, the below passage will give you the complete guide about the subscription plans available with the Dish Network.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

The first basic package gets you to access 190 channels at just $69.99/month. It also includes America’s Top 120 programs.

This package consists of some of the all-time favorite channels like ESPN, CMT, E!, and Disney Channel. Wait, you have a few more. Yes, you can watch 28,000 free titles by subscribing to this basic Dish package.

The second package, ‘Everything Sports & Entertainment’, offers you 240+ channels, including the channels of the basic package. This pack also includes America’s Top 200 shows.

Seemingly, the desired package has some exciting channels like Disney XD, Sundance, MLB Network, and local channels. Yes, as you have expected, this package also offers 35,000 free titles to stream with your Dish network.

Indeed, the final package, ‘Everything Sports, Entertainment, & Movies’, has much more than you expect. You can watch 290+ channels and 36,000 free on-demand titles at just $104.99/month.

Here you can explore some premium channels like Starz, Smithsonian Channel, The Movie Channel, and much more. As with the previous packages, this premium plan also includes America’s Top 250 shows.

What sounds more exciting is that you can customize all the three packages as you need. Continue reading to explore more about watching the Bears game on Dish.

What Channel is the Chicago Bears game on Dish?

Seemingly, the Chicago Bears is a favorite football team in the NFL franchise. As we have seen earlier, there are various methods available to watch the Chicago game.

Here we use the Dish TV provider to watch the desired football game on your desired device. Unfortunately, there is no official dedicated channel to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish.

Chicago Bears game on Dish
What Channel is the Chicago Bears game on Dish?

But don’t worry. Here we have certain alternative ways to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish. And you can make it possible by using the native sports streaming channels included with your subscription.

Those channels include ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, and NFL Network. Furtherly, the following section will give you the complete list of channels and their exact numbers to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish.

Streaming service – Dish Network 

Channel Name – ESPN 

–>Airing On – 140

Channel Name – Fox Sports 1

–>Airing On – 150

Channel Name – NFL Network 

–> Airing On – 154

Channel Name – NBC Sports

–>Airing On – 2-70


I hope now you have an idea regarding the channels that include the Bears game as a part of their subscription.

Even though you can’t find a dedicated channel to find the Chicago Bears game on Dish, the above article helps you to do so.

And the best part is that you don’t need to pay any extra charges for those channels mentioned above. Indeed, every sports channel mentioned above comes as a part of your subscription.

So that you can watch your favorite Chicago Bears game on Dish and much more NFL games using the above-mentioned channels.

Tune into your desired channel and watch your favorite Chicago Bears game on Dish without any hassle.


Is it possible to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish?

Yes, you can watch the Chicago Bears game on the Dish network. But there is no dedicated channel to watch the desired game. Instead, you can use the natively included sports streaming channels to watch the Chicago Bears game on Dish.

What channel is ESPN on Dish?

ESPN is one of the best sports streaming channels to watch popular sports events like NFL, MLB, and much more. Indeed, you can locate this ESPN channel on channel number 140 on the Dish network.

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