What Channel is the Chiefs game on Dish? [2022]

Chiefs game on Dish: This is a materialistic world where choosing your own element of happiness is more important. In that way, many people will have ‘Sports’ as their favorite element of happiness. Concerning that, this article intends to discuss about the football game and watching the Chiefs game on Dish.

But, what is the Chiefs game? Seemingly, the Chiefs is a professional football team and one of the NFL franchises. If you haven’t heard about the NFL, the following points will give you a hint about it. Indeed, the NFL is a professional football league in America.

The National Football League is conducted among 32 professional football teams. Meanwhile, the 32 teams are furtherly divided into two equal groups with 16 teams. The two groups are classified under two conferences that are named as National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC).

Furtherly, the NFL league is usually conducted with a three-week preseason and an eighteen-week regular season. Moreover, the final team that withstands the heat of the playoffs will be awarded the ‘Super Bowl’ Championship. Among the respective 32 teams, this article will mention in detail about the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a fan, you can watch the Chiefs game using both cable TV and IPTV platforms. This article intends to examine the possibilities of watching the Chiefs game on a cable TV provider like Dish. Are you interested to know what channel is the Chiefs game on today?. If so, continue reading this article to find and watch the Chiefs game on Dish.

About Kansas City Chiefs

In direct words, the ‘Kansas City Cheifs’ is a professional football team in America. The desired team is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Indeed, the Chiefs team participates in the National Football League representing the American Football Conference (AFC) West division.

Meanwhile, the Cheifs team was conceived in the year 1959 actually in the name ‘Dallas Texans’. Lamer Hunt, an American businessman and a charter member of the American Football League was the actual founder of the Dallas Texans team. The year 1963 marked the relocation of the team to Kansas City.

And eventually, the desired relocation made them to change the team’s name from Dallas Texans to Kansas City Cheifs. Furtherly, the merging of NFL and AFL made the Chiefs to join the NFL in 1970. On the achievements part, the Chiefs team has won three AFL championships in the year 1962, 1966, and 1969.

They defeated the Minnesota Vikings team and became the second AFL team to achieve a victory over an NFL team. Seemingly, next to the Green Bay Packers, the Chiefs were the second team to appear more than once in Super Bowl. In addition, the Chiefs were the team who appeared in championship games in two different decades. In 2021, the Chiefs team lost their Super Bowl championship title to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Current Rosters Info

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the most influential players team. Concerning that, the below list will provide you with the names of the players depending upon their position in the team.

  • Quarterbacks – Shane Buechele, Dustin Crum, Chad Henne, Patrick Mahomes
  • Running Backs – Michael Burton, Jerrion Ealy, Tayon Fleet-Davis, Derrick Gore
  • Wide Receivers – Corey Coleman, Daurice Fountain, Josh Gordon, Mecole Hardman
  • Tight Ends – Blake Bell, Matt Bushman, Jody Fortson, Jordan Franks
  • Linebackers – Nick Bolton, Shilique Calhoun, Jermaine Carter, Leo Chenal
  • Cornerbacks – Trent McDuffie, Lonnie Johnson Jr, Joshua Williams, Jaylen Watson

About Dish Network

The Dish Network is one of the largest telecommunication companies in America, serving people for years. Seemingly, the Dish Network is known for providing services like internet, cable TV, telephone, and much more. However, satellite TV streaming is the primary focus of the desired TV service.

As a Dish subscriber, you can watch various Live and on-demand content straightaway on your desired steaming device. Meanwhile, Dish provides the most user-friendly experience with its Dish app. Yes, Dish subscribers can use the ‘Dish’ app to manage their accounts and monthly/yearly subscriptions.

Indeed, everyone wishes to catch up on their favorite shows on the go. Fortunately, the ‘Dish Anywhere’ app will allow you to watch your favorite TV channels and popular shows from anywhere, anytime. The best part is that the respective app is available at no extra cost for the existing Dish TV subscribers.

Excitingly, you can stream content on multiple categories like sports, movies, news, kids, entertainment, and much more. On the part of streaming sports, it is possible to watch the Chiefs game on Dish by using any of the dedicated sports channels. In addition, the Dish Network has one of the affordable and competitive subscription packages. Read the following section to know in detail about the subscription packs available with the Dish Network.

  • Basic – $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular – $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium – $104/month with 290+ channels

What Channel is the Chiefs game on Dish?

As we have discussed above, the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the most popular teams in the NFL franchise. The popular NFL game is going to hit the ground in the upcoming months. Moreover, you can catch up with the desired Chiefs game directly on your desired streaming device using Dish. In that way, this section will offer you the channel to watch the Chiefs game on Dish.

Chiefs game on Dish
What Channel is the Chiefs game on Dish?

Seemingly, there is no dedicated channel to watch the Chiefs game on Dish. But luckily, you can use the natively included sports channels like NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, and FS1 to watch your desired Chiefs game on Dish. Furtherly, the following table will give you the exact numbers to locate the respective sports streaming channels on Dish.

Streaming Service – Dish Network

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN 140
Fox Sports 150
NFL Network 154
CBS Sports 158


This is how you can catch up and watch the Chiefs game on Dish without any hassle. I hope now you will be clear with the methods to watch the Chiefs game on Dish. It is not possible to find a dedicated channel on Dish to watch the Chiefs game.

Indeed, you can make use of the sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and much more to watch your desired sports event in your comfort on your desired streaming device. Check our article and site for more info and ways to watch the NFL events on Dish. Thank You.


Is it possible to watch the Chiefs game on Dish?

Of course, you can watch the Chiefs game on Dish without any hassle using sports streaming channels like Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, and NFL Network.

What channel is the FS1 on Dish?

You can find the FS1 HD channel on Dish by tuning into the number 150.

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