How to Install and Use Chrome Browser on Google TV?

Do you struggle with Getting Chrome Browser on your Google TV? Hereafter, no more struggles to get your desired app on your device since this article will help you with the process.

Nowadays, Chrome Browser has become the essential Web browser that is needed in our day-to-day life. Almost all our personal and professional needs depend on Chrome for every search on the Internet.

So, getting it on the devices that we daily use will be helpful for us. In that way, you are wishing to install the respective Web browser on your Google TV device.

Indeed this write-up will guide you throughout the entire process of installing and accessing Chrome on your device. Without any further delay, get into this article to learn the steps for getting Chrome.

How to Get Chrome Browser on Google TV?

As we said above, installing Chrome on Google TV is not a straightforward method. It has some prerequisite processes and sideloading methods. So, starting from the prerequisite procedure to accessing the browser on your device you shall learn all the steps below.

Chrome Browser on Google TV
How to Install and Use Chrome Browser on Google TV?

Steps to Send Chrome APK to Google TV

Once you are done with downloading the Chrome APK file on your phone, you should send it to your Google TV device using the “Send Files to TV” app. Hence, follow the below steps to send the Chrome APK file to your Google TV.

Step 1:

First, launch and open the “Send Files to TV” app and give storage permissions to the app by tapping the ‘Allow’ option.

Step 2:

Next, go through the on-screen tips, move down, and click the Receive option.

Step 3:

Similarly, launch and open the “Send Files to TV” app on your Smartphone and give storage permission by tapping the Allow button.

Step 4:

Then, go through the on-screen tips, scroll down, and click the Send option. 

Step 5:

Now, go to the Download folder on your Phone and to the default download location of your files, and select the Chrome APK file.

Step 6:

From the list of recipient devices, choose your Google TV device name and the Chrome APK file will be transferred to your Google TV device.V?

Steps to Install Chrome Browser on Google TV

If you completed all the steps above, you are done and you shall install the Chrome app and access it on your Google TV device the steps are below.

Step 1:

To proceed, head to your Google TV device’s internal storage and open the Download folder if you are using FX File Explorer or other similar apps.

Step 2:

Now, look for the Chrome APK file you transferred earlier, select it, and click the Install option.

Step 3:

If you are using the APKMirror Installer app, select Browse Files option and go to ‘Downloads’.

Step 4:

Then, choose the Chrome APK and click the Install option to add it.

Step 5:

Finally, Google Chrome Browser will be installed on your Google TV device once the installation process is complete.V and it will create a shortcut for your Apps and Channels on your Google TV device.

Final Note

After a long procedure on getting Chrome browser, we have reached the ending portion of the article. Hope you might have understood the whole process of installing the browser. 

But the procedure is quite risky in that you have to understand it thoroughly and follow each step. There are two methods mentioned in this post which you can choose based on your needs.

So, following the steps correctly will help you to access the Chrome browser on your Google TV. Thus, probably, you will be getting Chrome Browser on your Google TV after referring to this guide.

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