How to Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV? [2022]

Google Chrome on LG Smart TV:  If you want to know more knowledge from an excellent browsing platform. Then you choose the correct page here. Yes, here we are going to tell you about a perfect Browsing platform. The unique Browser is Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser. The Google Chrome browser is a developed version of google. The launching year of this service is 2008.

At first, this browser is launched only for Microsoft Windows. And then later, it became the default browser on Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

Additionally, the Brower is the main component of Chrome OS. According to Statcounter, 68% of users make Google Chrome as their personal browser on their Personal computers worldwide.

Indeed the google chrome browser is currently available on many iPads and Smartphones. Furthermore, Google has extended the “Chrome” brand name to other products like Chrome cast, Chromebook, Chromebit, Chromebox, and  Chromebase to honor the Google Chrome browser’s victory.

Luckily, the Google Chrome Browser is available in 47 languages. So, is it doable to get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV? Let us know about that by reading this note.

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Unique Features of Google Chrome

The multi-perform Google Chrome Browser has many unique features compared to its competitors. So hence, here we list some special features of this browser for your knowledge. They are,


The Google Chrome Browser works with high speed. So, here you can get your search result without any delay. Moreover, it gives many organized results to the users depending on their suggestions.


Luckily, this Google Chrome browser is too secure and safe for use. Anyway, hereafter you don’t be afraid about its safety and security. Undoubtedly, the browser is very safe and more secure.

Password management

Google Chrome maintains your password correctly. It helped you when you forgot your password. by using this browser, you can easily reset your password if you forgot your pin.

Instead, here we mention some other features of Google Chrome to you. The unique features are,

  • Web Support
  • User Interface
  • Built-in tools.
  • Desktop shortcuts 
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Attachments

Is it possible to get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. There is no availability of a dedicated Google Chrome browser on LG Smart TV. Although, don’t worry about that. Here, we will discuss possible ways to get Google Chrome on your LG Smart TV Screen. By observing our given methods unquestionably, You can get the Google Chrome browser on LG Screen. the possible ways are,

#1. Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV by using the USB drive.

#2. Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV through Screen mirroring from your Smartphone.

#3. Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV via Chromecast.

#4. Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV through Streaming devices.

Chrome on LG Smart TV
How to Get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV

How to Install Google Chrome on LG Smart TV Using Chromecast?

Chiefly, Using the Chromecast method, you can absolutely get Google Chrome on LG Smart TV. The Chromecast method is one of the most acceptable methods to get Google Chrome on your screen. The following steps will correctly lead you to catch your goal.


To start this process, first, you want to plug your LG TV wire into the strong power board.


Next, you want to connect the Chromecast device to your LG TV.


Afterward, connect the Chromecast to your TV and power up the LG TV.


Now is the time to connect the Chromecast and your Smartphone with the same Wi-Fi connection.


Then subsequent, download the Google Chrome application from the Google Play Store or the App Store on your Smartphone.


After downloading the application, click the install key to install the Google Chrome application on your Smartphone.


Here, you want to wait for some time because the process of installation will take time if there are any network issues.


After completing the installation, open the Google Chrome app and finalize the login process with your details.


After that, launch the Google Chrome Brower app and browse your desired topic on your Smartphone.


Next, press the Chromecast icon on your Smartphone’s Google Chrome application.


Afterward, choose the LG Smart TV from the available devices list on your Smartphone.


Finally, within a few minutes, Your Google Chrome application will work on your Chromecast – connected LG TV.

Note:  Before performing the above steps update your LG Smart TV to the latest version of your TV is not updated.

How to Install Google Chrome on LG Smart TV Using Screen Mirroring?

Also, using the Screen mirroring method, you can get the Google Chrome Browser on your LG Smart TV. In addition, You can attain the  Screen mirroring method in two types Wireless and wired. In this portion, you will learn to Screen mirror Google Chrome on LG SmartTV.


First, turn up your LG Smart TV and connect it o the internet.


Now, take your mobile and connect to the same internet as your Smart TV.


Now, enable the Screen Mirroring option on your Mobile and LG TV.


Then, choose the LG TV from the available devices on your Smartphone.


Afterward, select the accept button on your LG TV.


Now, open the Google Chrome application and Browse any topic.


Finally, now your LG TV will display your mobile screen with a Google Chrome page.

Note:  Before conducting the above steps, update your LG Smart TV to the latest version of your TV is not updated.


Thereupon, Successfully, we touch the final note. So, here, we will conclude the article, Google Chrome on LG TV.

However, the Google Chrome browser is the best browsing platform to get your desired content. This is because the Google Chrome browser has many advanced features like  Speed and security.

Indeed, it secures your search history with the password. Methodically, we hope our entire guide will vanish your doubts and Queries.

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Is Google Chrome cost to use?

Absolutely, No. The multi-played Google Chrome lightweight browser is free to download and use for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

How can I get Chrome on a PC?

Straightforwardly, you can get Chrome on your PC. Do the following steps to get the Google Chrome Browser on your personal computer. First, go to the Google Chrome official Website> Click the Blue box> then click the download >wait for the download file> click the install button>, and you can start to use it.