How to Connect Chromebook on Chromecast connected TV?

Chromebook to Chromecast TV

On our website, Today we are going to tell about how to connect Chromebook to Chromecast TV. Follow the simple steps which are given below and cast the Chromebook on your TV.

What is Chromebook?

Chromebook means laptops, desktops, tablets that powdered with Chrome OS. By using these Chromebooks you can do multiple tasks with the help of google chrome browser. Very first Chromebook was launched back in the year June 15, 2011, by Acer Inc and Samsung. Chromebook also having the capacity to run Andriod apps. So you can cast all the media easily from your Chromebook to Chromecast connected TV.

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What are the features must-have on your Chromebook?

Before buying a Chromebook, please check whether the following features are available or not. These following features help you to work easily.

  • Andriod Apps Compatibility: All the latest Chromebook runs Andriod Apps.
  • Minimum 32GB storage is required.
  • Also, 4 GB RAM is required to work efficiently.
  • Tablet mode.
  • Buy durable and portable Chromebooks.
  • Good Battery life.

How to connect Chromebook to Chromecast connected TV:

By using three different methods you can cast Chromebook on your TV. The Three methods are,

  • Casting Chromebook with the help of the Chrome browser.
  • Casting from Chromebook desktop.
  • Chromebook Google Drive videos.

Things Required:

Before starting the casting process, we need some mandatory things for the casting process are,

  • Chromecast device
  • Strong Wifi Connection.
  • An Andriod TV with HDMI Input.
  • Chromebook.
  • The latest version of Chrome OS.

Common Steps for Chromebook to Chromecast:

A few common steps are similar in all the three processes are,

  • Turn on both the TV and the Chromebook.
  • Plugin the Chromecast on the back of the HDMI port.
  • Connect all the devices to the same wifi connection.

How to connect Chromebook on TV with the help of the Chrome browser?

This is the first method, you can cast Chromebook to TV easily. This process is similar for all the laptops, tablets, desktops. follow the steps,

Step1: Tap and open the Chrome browser on your powerfully Chromebook.

Step2: Followed by click the more option, more option means three-dotted icon.

Step3: Next, Click the cast option.

Step4: Cast button appears on the top of the screen.

Step5: Again click the cast button.

Step6: You can see two options on the screen. one is cast tab and another one is cast desktop.

Step7: By choosing the cast tab, you can cast only the current tab. or by choosing cast desktop you can share the whole screen.

Step8: Choose anyone you want.

Step9: Finally, select your Chromecast device.

This is one way of casting Chromebook on TV.

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How to connect on TV from the Chromebook desktop?

The very next method for casting Chromebook is by using Chromebook desktop. Follow the simple steps,

Step1: Firstly, switch on the Bluetooth connection.

Step2: Next click on the Time which is on the bottom right side and followed by select the cast devices.

Step3: Choose your Chromecast device and connect it.

Step4: Now, select what you want to share.

Step5: Finally Click share option, your window screen is displayed on the screen.

Step6: For stop casting, click the time at the bottom right.

Step7: Click the stop option next to the casting screen.

This is the second method you can cast Chromebook easily on your TV.

How to cast Chromebook videos stored in Google Drive?

For casting a movie file or a video file from your google drive means this method is very useful to you.

Step1: First up of all click the launcher icon which is located in the corner of your Chromebook.

Step2: Secondly, Tap the Files icon.

Step3: Followed by double click the My Drive folder.

Step4: In the Drive folder you can see the video files. Click anyone from it.

Step5: A video starts to play and at the bottom of the video screen you can see the cast button.

Step6: Tap the Cast button, Choose your Chromecast device from the list.

Step7: Now the same video will be played on your TV screen.

Wrapping UP:

From the above three methods choose whatever the method you like and you can easily cast your files on the TV screen. These three methods are the best way to cast any files from Chromebook to Chromecast connected TV. So, if you are using Chromebook means try at least once on your TV. For more info mail us or comment us in the comment box.

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