How to Chromecast Funimation to TV?

Today people can stream their favorite shows, movies, series, animes, and much more online with a subscription plan. We all know that not only kids love Anime, but adults love it. Today, our topic is Funimation. Funimation is a well-known service to stream our favorite content, including Anime.

Even though the Funimation app is compatible with most devices, you may own a device incompatible with Funimation or an old model device. So then we go for the device which is consistent with it. Naturally, the first thing that comes to our mind is Chromecast. So today, we are going to guide you with the steps on how to Chromecast Funimation.

How to Chromecast Funimation?

You can cast Funimation using Chromecast from the following devices. As the Funimation app has a built-in cast function, there is no need to proceed with the screen mirroring method.

Chromecast Funimation
Chromecast Funimation
  1. Android
  2. iOS

Chromecast Funimation Using Android

Get along with the steps to Chromecast, the Funimation app, from your Android phone.


Attach your Chromecast to your TV and power it on them.


Merge your Android to Chromecast by connecting with the same Wi-Fi.


Now install the Funimation app on your Android from the Play Store and sign in or register.


Play any content in the Funimation app on your Android.


Tap the Cast icon in the Funimation app while playing the content on your Android.


Then find your Chromecast device from the list in the Funimation app on your Android.


Enjoy streaming the Funimation content on Chromecast-connected TV.

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Chromecast Funimation Using iOS

Try casting Funimation on Chromecast using iOS by proceeding with the given steps.


Associate your Chromecast and TV with each other and allow a power supply.


Merge your iOS to Chromecast by connecting with the same Wi-Fi.


Install Funimation and Google Home on your iOS from the App Store.


Get into Google Home on iOS and sign in with your Gmail account.


It will look for nearby devices. Press Next in the Google Home app on your iOS when your Chromecast is shown.


A confirmation code will be shown on your Chromecast and iOS. Press Yes on your iOS only if the code is matched.


Pick a location for your Chromecast on your iOS.


Press Continue and Next when your devices are connected.


Get into the Funimation app on your iOS and register for an account.


Play your favorite in the Funimation app on iOS and press the Cast icon.


Prefer your Chromecast device on your iOS in the Funimation app.


Now the video is playing on your Chromecast-connected TV.

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Funimation is a streaming service to stream your favorite Anime and other content. Funimation serves people nationwide except in Asia. You’ve got the steps to Chromecast Funimation—hoping that you’ve found our article helpful.

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