How to Chromecast Instagram to your TV screen?

Welcome back to Today we are going to teach you on How to Chromecast Instagram App to your TV screen. Let’s see how to do it?

I will guide on,

  • About Chromecast.
  • About Instagram.
  • Features of Instagram.
  • How to Chromecast Instagram App to your TV screen?

About Chromecast:

Chromecast is a small media streaming that allows the user to cast all your handheld devices to your home big screen. For casting to your TV, A TV with an HDMI port is a necessary one. If your TV didn’t have HDMI input means you can’t enable Chromecast feature on your TV. So the HDMI port is just one. To enable the casting feature, a safe and secure wifi connection is required. Some of the Android apps are compatible with the Chromecast features, so you can cast easily. For non-compatible apps, We need to do a screen mirroring option to view the content on the TV screen.

Here Instagram application is a non-compatible Chromecast app so we need to do screen mirroring and experience the view on the large screen.

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About Instagram:

Chromecast Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications all over the world. This application ranks third in most used apps all over the world. In this application, you can share your photos, videos, stories, can chat with others, can tag your friends, comment on your friend’s post, you can follow your favorite celebrities and many more. This application was developed by Facebook on October 6, 2016.

Features of Instagram:

  • Instagram makes all the people very close.
  • Can connect with your friends, express yourself and also see what others also expressing.
  • You can post daily stories to express your feelings that will disappear exactly 24 hours.
  • Chat with your friends similar to WhatsApp, Messenger and more.
  • You can post any photos or videos which you like to share with others.
  • If you are sharing a longer video, use the IGTV option.
  • Can do small business promotion.
  • The application is user-friendly to use.

What are the types of equipment required for Chromecast Instagram?

The required equipments are

  • Google Chromecast device
  • Smartphone
  • Safe and Secure wifi connection.
  • Smartphone with updated version Instagram app.
  • A TV with HDMI input.

Initial Setup:

  • Connect your Google Chromecast or Chromecast ultra on the back of your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Next, check all the devices that are connected to the same wifi or not. (Mobile/Laptop/PC/iOS/Chromecast)

How to Chromecast Instagram App to your TV screen?

Chromecast Instagram to your TV screen
Chromecast Instagram to your TV screen

Once you have done the initial setup, You can cast or mirror your screen in different ways

How to Chromecast Instagram using Google Home App on the SmartPhone?

Chromecast Instagram

In this method, you can mirror your mobile screen to the TV using the Google Home app. For that, your smartphone should have a Google Home app. This method is similar to both Android and iOS devices.

Step1: Firstly, Install the Google Home from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step2: For that, Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step3: Enter the Keyword as Google Home.

Step4: Download the Google Home app on your device.

Step5: Open the Google Home and Sign In your Google account.

Step6: Go back to the Playstore or Apple app store.

Step7: Type the Keyword as Instagram.

Step8: Download and Install the app in your device.

Step9: Again open the Google Home.

Step10: Tap the menu option.

Step11: Further, tap the Cast screen/ Audio in the menu option.

Step12: Again click the Cast Screen/ Audio.

Step13: It will search and shows the available device. From the search list, select the Chromecast device name to get paired with it.

Step14: If it gets paired correctly, you can see your entire mobile screen on your TV screen.

Step15: Go back to the menu and open Instagram.

Step16: Now you can see videos or images of Instagram on the TV screen.

How to Chromecast Instagram using SmartPhone?

Chromecast Instagram

It is another one alternative method from that you can cast or mirror your mobile screen to a TV screen easily.

Step1: Tap the settings option on your Smartphone.

Step2: Inside the Settings option you can see the connected device, Click it.

Step3: Followed by Click the Connected preferences which is located inside the Connected device.

Step4: Further, tap the Cast option.

Step5: Once you tap the Cast option, it will show your home Chromecast devices.

Step6: Select yours from the list and pair it with your TV.

Step7: Immediately a warning popup message opens.

Step8: Click Start now on the warning message.

Step9: The mobile screen is completely mirrored to your TV screen.

Step10: Open Instagram on your Smartphone.

Step11: See what you like to see on the big screen from Instagram.

How to Chromecast Instagram using Chrome browser from PC?

Chromecast Instagram

If you are a non-smartphone user, you can use this method for casting Instagram to your TV screen.

Step1: Double Tap your Chrome browser.

Step2: Inside the Chrome browser, Right Click your mouse button.

Step3: In the Dropdown menu, tap the Cast button.

Step4: Your home Chromecast devices will be shown.

Step5: In that Click the Source option and select the Cast desktop option for casting the entire desktop.

Step6: Now Choose your Living room TV from the home Chromecast devices.

Step7: Within a second, Your PC monitor display will appear on your Living room TV.

Step8: Go back to Chrome and Search Instagram.

Step9: Enter your Login details and Sign IN to your Instagram account.

Step10: Home page of Instagram displays on your TV.

Step11: You can control your TV screen by using Phone.

To Conclude:

Based upon your available feature you can use either of the above three methods for the casting process. Instagram is not compatible with the Chromecast option, so you can use any one method for mirroring to your TV screen. I think you will like this article and share your thoughts or leave your comments below.

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