How to Chromecast LG Smart TV within 2mins? [2022]

In the year 2013, Google launched a new streaming device called Google Chromecast. Until now this Chromecast device is popular among all the people who are using smart TVs. The device comes with an affordable price you can purchase it from online. This device helps you to stream all your media contents from mobile, PC or other devices to your Smart TV screen. This post is about Chromecast LG Smart TV.

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In this post, you will learn

LG Smart TV within 2mins
LG Smart TV within 2mins
  • What is meant by LG Smart TV?
  • Features of LG Smart TV.
  • How to Cast Smart TV with the help of Chromecast?
  • How to Chromecast LG Smart TV?

What is meant by LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV was developed by LG Electronics multinational company. It was started back in the year 1958 in South Korea. There are a lot of LG Smart TV out there. Most of the devices support only Google’s assistant, Alexa inbuilt, Apple Airplay. The LG Smart TV doesn’t have inbuilt Chromecast support.

Today most of the people watching movies, tv shows, playing games, etc… via Andriod smartphone. This LG Smart TV doesn’t support the Chromecast process directly. You can cast all your media content with the help of the Google Chromecast device. Once you have connected the Small Chromecast Dongle on the back of your TV means you can watch all the things at 4K display.

With the help of Apple Airplay, you can cast your iOS device without using any Chromecast. Some Television which is compatible with Chromecast function is sharp, Toshiba, Sony, Philips.

Features of LG Smart TV: (varies based on the models)

  • It has Google Assistant.
  • Alexa inbuilt.
  • It works on Apple Airplay.
  • It also works on Apple Home Kit.
  • The app having an inbuilt application like Netflix, HotStar, Amazon Prime Video, etc…
  • Supports Dolby vision & Atoms
  • It has Dolby Vision 4K HDR, 4K Cinema HDR.
  • The Speaker is 4.2 Ch Speaker.
  • Wi-fi inbuilt.
  • Bluetooth Audio Playback.
  • Magic Remote.
  • Voice Recognition.
  • LG Store.
  • Multi-view.
  • Miracast.

How to cast Smart TV with the help of Chromecast?

You can do this casting process by using two ways,

  • Smart TVs having inbuilt Chromecast.
  • Smart TVs don’t have inbuilt Chromecast.

#1:Smart TV’s having inbuilt Chromecast:

If your smart tv having inbuilt Chromecast option means, it is a very easy process for you to cast. First, connect the same wifi connection to both the device. Open the application on your device, just cast by simply tapping the cast icon. There is no need to buy the Google Chromecast device for this kind of Television.

#2: Smart TVs don’t have inbuilt Chromecast:

If your Smart TV is not compatible with the Chromecast option. Every LG SmartTV user using this way only for the casting process. For the casting process, you need to buy a Chromecast device. By using this device you can stream all your video content to LG Smart TV.

How to Chromecast LG Smart TV?

You can cast LG smart TV by using the following two methods

  • Chromecast from SmartPhone.
  • Chromecast from PC.

The Necessary things for the Casting process are Smartphones, PC, Good network connection, LG Smart TV, Google Chromecast.

Initial Setup:

  • Plugin your new Chromecast on the back of your LG Smart TV.
  • Connect all the devices to the same wifi.

Chromecast from Smartphone:

For Android users:

Android users can do this process using the Google Home app.

Step1: Download the Google Home app

Step2: On the left side of the Google Home app, Tap the menu option.

Step3: In the Menu option, Click the Cast Screen.

Step4: Immediately it will start to look for close devices. The list of the available devices will be shown.

Step5: Select your Chromecast device from the list and pair it.

Step6: The entire mobile screen is displayed on your LG Smart TV Screen.

Step7: Now, Go to any of your favorite streaming application on your phone.

Step8: Open the application, play any video you want to cast.

Step9: The same video playing on your mobile phone is displayed on your TV screen.

For iOS users:

iOS users can cast your iOS device’s screen easily. LG Smart TV has an inbuilt Apple Airplay option. So you can cast directly within a minute.

Step1: Open anyone streaming application on your device.

Step2: Login to it.

Step3: Connect iOS device and TV to the same wifi connection.

Step4: Google Chromecast is not required for this process.

Step5: Play any video on the app.

Step6: Tap the AirPlay icon on the app.

Step7: It shows nearby devices

Step8: Choose your TV and Connect it.

Step9: Now, your entire mobile screen appears on your TV screen.

Chromecast from PC:

For Chromecast from PC, we need to do this process with the help of a chrome browser.

Step1: Open the Chrome browser on your PC/Laptop.

Step2: Wifi Connection as already done.

Step3: Right Click on your mouse.

Step4: Choose the Cast option from the Popup.

Step5: The list of the nearby devices will be shown.

Step6: In that Click, the Source option and choose Cast desktop.

Step7: Now, Choose your Chromecast device and pair it.

Step8: Finally, your entire PC screen shows on your TV screen.

Step9: Now stream anything it will show on your TV screen also.

Wrapping UP:

Well… We have tried our best to cover all the topics regarding Chromecast LG Smart TV. By using the above two methods you can cast easily to your TV screen. Using this way you can cast any devices to your LG Smart TV. LG Smart TV users use the second Chromecast device method, it is very easy.

If you read the article completely means please share your views on the comment box. If you have any doubts on Chromecast LG Smart TV means to tell us in the comment box. We ready to help you at any time.

Thank you…

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