Chromecast Moviebox: How to Chromecast Moviebox on your TV in a minute?[2022]

Is it possible to Chromecast Moviebox on your TV? Yes, with the help of the right equipment you can cast a Movie box on your TV. In this Guide, we are gonna discuss How to Chromecast Moviebox to TV within a minute. Also, you can know How to Cast Moviebox to Chromecast using Smartphone/Desktop with a simple setup guide.

In this guide, I will teach

Chromecast Moviebox
Chromecast Moviebox
  • What is Chromecast?
  • About Moviebox
  • How to Chromecast Moviebox on your TV in a minute?

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What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a digital media streaming device that allows you to cast your hands-on devices like a smartphone, laptop to the TV. Chromecast is connected to TV through HDMI port and so it is necessary that your TV should contain HDMI port. It is only connected to HDMI port and it is not powered through it. It is powered by two ways:

  • By using USB cable through the USB port of the TV
  • By using a power adaptor which comes along with the Box.

To enable the buffer-free streaming of Movie box through Chromecast, you should have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Chromecast has some compatible Apps in which the Moviebox app doesn’t fall. So, the way is to
screen mirror from Android App of your mobile

About Moviebox:

Chromecast moviebox

Moviebox is one of the top app used to stream online videos and movies on your mobile devices. The app has a straightforward interface that lets the user stream online content according to their wish. It brings videos from top video streaming sites, which makes the app more accessible and exciting. Videos of all genres will provide, and once you install the app, you can watch videos online, or you can also download it free of charge.

The unique feature with the application is that you can watch downloaded videos anytime, anywhere offline. Also, you can easily share the downloaded content with your friends. Another feature was that you could view the cast crew details of the movies which you watch. You can also enable captions or subtitles option of language in which you are comfortable.

Moviebox remains one of the best apps for streaming because it supports Chromecast features. It could be a better streaming app, but it doesn’t help any casting options in it. So you have to download a separate casting app from the Google play store. Apps such as Allcast, VLC media player, Local cast app will more convenient for casting videos.

How to Chromecast Moviebox to TV?

Now let’s see how to cast Moviebox to the TV using these apps.

Step1: Make sure that your mobile device and Chromecast are at to the same wi-fi network.

Step2: Install the Moviebox app on your mobile device.

Step3: Download the Allcast app or any casting app of your wish from Google play store.

Step4: Open Moviebox app – go to settings, change settings as to play online videos and select any video to stream.

Step5: Go to the Allcast app and tap on the cast icon at the top right corner.

Step6: Available devices will display on the mobile screen.

Step7: From that, select your Chromecast device to which the video is to cast.

Now the videos which you play on your mobile device will display on the big screen.

Finally, using this Chromecast feature, you can cast any videos from Moviebox to your TV. However, the videos or movies provided by Moviebox are pirated contents. As the app brings the latest videos or movies free of charge to watch or to download, the government is trying to ban the application, even though people download it using third party sources. The craze on the Moviebox application continues among people.

Final Words

Moviebox is the best streaming application that provides lots of live videos, TV Channels, Movies, and much more. But the application is banned in some of the countries so, it is safe to use a VPN on your device. I hope that you have known How to cast Moviebox to Chromecast. If you got any queries regarding Chromecast Moviebox, then leave a comment below. For more Chromecast apps, Visit

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