Netflix Party on Chromecast | How to Chromecast Netflix Party to TV? [2022]

Nowadays, technology is growing at a rapid speed and makes things to get easier. Due to the Corona effect, The world continues to practice social distancing and miss there daily activities like watch movies with friends, but there is another way to watch movies with your friends even they are not in the same place. There is one user-friendly chrome extension called Netflix party. It allows the user to enjoy HD movies and videos and to share the same with your friends as what is displayed in your Screen, By using Chromecast you can stream all these contents to your TV screen easily. Now let’s see in detail about the Netflix party on Chromecast.

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Here we going to share the details about,

  • What is Chromecast?
  • What is Netflix Party?
  • Netflix Party Features
  • How to Chromecast Netflix Party to your TV?

What is Chromecast?


In the year 2013, Google invented a streaming device called Chromecast. It used to cast your handheld device or your PC to Smart TV with WIFI connection. They designed a very small Dongle device that enables our device to play internet streaming AV content to home devices like Smart TV. Screen mirroring is used to cast the screen between your devices and home AV device. It is available in Andriod, IOS as well as in windows. Chromecast is user-friendly and very easy to cast between your devices. To enjoy High definition audio and video systems on your TV use Chromecast.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix party

Netflix Party is the web application that is available in chrome extension which allows you to watch the same screen as your friend exactly watches at the same time. It is also possible for on-screen chatting while you do. Before availing this facility it is necessary to ensure that all our friends that they have Netflix party access who are all want to connect remotely. Netflix Party allows you and your long-distance friends for movie nights. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat. Netflix party on Chromecast allows you to cast your PC screen to your Smart TV to enjoy high definition Audio and Video visuals.

Netflix Party Features

  • Widely used web application which allows you to share your PC screen to your friends.
  • Allows Group chats with your friends.
  • One of the main advantages is the ad-free content.
  • Possible for multiple people to connect at a time.
  • More than one crore people using this Netflix Party.
  • It supports 4K ultra HD.
  • Connectors can watch various videos at the same time.
  • It is possible for video synchronization.
  • Netflix Party access is a must for users.
  • We can access and connect with our friends anywhere in the world

How to Chromecast Netflix Party to your TV?

Before casting Netflix Contents on your TV, we need to know how to use it on the PC chrome browser. Let see how to use it.

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

How to use Netflix Party on your PC?

Step1: First of all, Switch on your PC. Add go to the Chrome browser on your PC.

google chrome browser

Step2: To install Netflix Party, First Go to the Netflix In that Click Get Netflix Party for free button on the webpage.

Netflix party

Step3: After clicking it redirects to the chrome web store.

Netflix party on Firestick

Step4: Click the search in store option.

Step5: Type the keyword as Netflix Party and Click Go.

Netflix party on Firestick

Step6: Click Netflix Party and click “Add to Chrome”

add to chrome

Step7: Again, Tap the Add Extension to finish installing the Netflix party.

add to extension

Step8: Netflix Party will be added to your Chrome next to address bar, it will look gray in color.

Step9: Then go to Netflix website and Enter your Netflix account, login to it.

Step10: click and open any shows you want to watch.

Step11: Video starts to play.

Step12: To create a party, click on the red “NP” icon located next to the address bar.

NP logo in red

Step13: Then click “start party” to get the party started. While clicking a new URL will be generated.

Start a party

Step14: To invite friends, Share the party URL to your friends.

Step15: To join the party click on the party URL, which redirects to the Netflix website.

Copy URL

Step16: Now you and your friends can enjoy the exact same show at the same time.

Step17: This is a way to use Netflix Party on the Chrome browser.

Note: If you want to watch Netflix with your friends together means your friend must have a Netflix party chrome extension on his device. They also need to sign in into it at the same time when you watching.

How to Chromecast Netflix Party to your TV using PC?

Step1: Plugin your Chromecast dongle to your Smart TV. Make sure that your PC and Smart TV is connected to same wifi.

Plugin Chromecast

Step2: When the Netflix video is running on your PC, click the Chrome menu (three-dotted icon).

Step3: From that tap the Cast option

Step4: It will show the list, you want to cast.

Step5: From that Choose your casting device.

Step6: In a fraction of second, Netflix’s video playing on your PC will be displayed on your TV.

netflix party on chromecast

Step7: Enjoy all Netflix’s content with your friends now.

Sums UP:

Netflix Party is one of the most used chrome extension in all over the world. By using this extension, you can enjoy Netflix content with your friends easily. Also, Netflix Party on Chromecast is working fine for me. If you find any discrepancies in the Netflix party on Chromecast, Kindly let us know immediately and we will sort out at our short period of time.

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