Chromecast PDF | How to Chromecast PDF files on your TV? [2022]

Can I cast PDF Files from my handheld(Android Phone/ PC/ Laptop) devices to TV? Yes, with the help of the right equipment you can cast all the pdf files from your hand devices to the TV screen easily. In this tutorial, I will teach you about how to Chromecast pdf files to your TV? Let’s see how to do it.

Here I will show you on,

  • About Chromecast
  • About PDF
  • Features of PDF Files
  • How to view PDF Files on Chromecast connected TV?

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About Chromecast:


Chromecast is one of the most popular video streaming devices developed by Google. Even though it is a small dongle, that allows the user to send things from your hand devices to the TV screen. The Chromecast is connected to your TV and it can be controlled by your handheld device like a smartphone. Here your smartphone acts as a transmitter and your Chromecast acts as a receiver. This technology was introduced in the year 2013 by Google. Normal Google Chromecast costs $30.

With the help of Chromecast, you can watch your favorite content anywhere at any time. No need to pay any monthly fees or subscription service. The only thing we need to do is connect the Chromecast device on the HDMI port of the TV. So it is necessary to have a TV with an HDMI port.

About PDF:

Chromecast pdf

PDF is introduced for exchange documents reliably. PDF means Portable Document Format, it is a file format developed by Adobe back in the year 1990. It is one of the best formats to share documents between computers and other operating systems. The user can’t able to alter or modify pdf files, but you can share and print this file easily. By using the PDF reader you can read all the PDF files. Today almost 99% of browsers are compatible with PDF files.

Features of PDF:

  • The user can read the files easily. For example, You can read your favorite books or magazine anywhere at any time.
  • Using Chromecast device you can cast your PDF files on your TV screen.
  • Read the PDF files on the big screen.
  • Easy to view the files in big.
  • Zoom in and Zoom out.
  • Reading mode can be changed.
  • Read aloud is available in the pdf files.
  • Pdf files are used for documents like Application forms, Medical bills, Scanning report, Books, Ebooks, Magazine, College Manuals and many more.

How to Chromecast PDF files on your TV?

You can cast pdf files or view pdf files on your TV using two methods. The two methods are,

Chromecast PDF
Chromecast PDF
  • Chromecast pdf with the help of Android Phone
  • Chromecast pdf with the help of the Chrome browser.

Before viewing the pdf files on your TV screen. It is necessary for the user to do-following things

Things we need to do before casting is

  • Stick your Android Phone and Chromecast to your home wifi.
  • Buy the latest version of the Chromecast device and Plugin it on the back of your TV.

Let’s start the casting process

How to Chromecast pdf with the help of Android Phone?

Today all the Android phone supports pdf files. So it is very easy for the users to cast pdf files on the big screen.

Required things:

  • Google Chromecast device.
  • Android Phone.
  • Good and Secure Wifi connection.

Step1: Open the menu option on your Android Phone.

Step2: Inside the menu option, you can see the settings option.

Step3: Tap the Settings.

Step4: Followed by Click the Connected device option.

chromecast pdf

Step5: Next, Choose the Connected Preference option.

Step6: Now, you can see the Cast menu inside the Connected Preference.

Step7: Click the Cast menu.

Step8: It will show the Chromecast devices located nearby your area.

Step9: Enable yours from the list.

Step10: While enabling you will receive a pop message for casting.

Step11: In that pop-up Click Start Now.

chromecast pdf

Step12: That’s it, Now your phone is paired with your TV. You can see your phone screen on your TV screen.

Step13: Go to the internal storage or SD card on your phone and choose the pdf file which you like to cast

Step14: Choose the file and open it.

Step15: Finally, your pdf files viewing on your TV. You can zoom the files by using your phone. Here you phone act as a controller.

How to Chromecast pdf with the help of the Chrome browser?

As we already told that almost 99% browser supports pdf files. Here we are using Chrome browser for casting pdf files to your tv. Follow the steps,

Required things:

  • Google Chromecast device.
  • PC/Laptop
  • Safe and Secure Wifi connection.

Step1: Switch on your PC.

Step2: Connect your PC to the same wifi connection of your Chromecast connected.

Step3: Choose a pdf file on your PC and Righ Click it.

Step4: Click the Open with from the list of menu.

Step5: Followed by select the Chrome browser.

chromecast pdf

Step6: In a second, your chrome browser opens the pdf file.

Step7: Again Right Click on the Chrome Browser screen.

Step8: A drop-down menu opens, In that Choose Cast option.

chromecast pdf

Step9: A pop up opens and it will show the Chromecast devices located nearby your area.

Step10: In the Pop up you can see Source option.

Step11: Click the Source option, It will show three different sub-option like cast tab, cast desktop, cast file.

Step12: Select the Cast tab.

Step13: At last, Choose your Chromecast device.

Step14: After selecting your Chromecast device, The pdf files will be mirrored on your TV.

Step15: As usual you can zoom, scroll or anything using your PC keyboard.

Wrapping UP:

These are the two possible ways to cast pdf files on your TV. By using the Google Home app you can cast pdf files from your iPhone also. Just follow the above instructions and cast the pdf files on the big screen. Mention your queries and doubts regarding this article in below comment box.

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