How to Cast Pictionary Air to Chromecast? [2022]

Chromecast Pictionary Air

There is only a few Chromecast supporting games out there online. In that Pictionary Air is one among them. In this post, we are going to tell about what is Pictionary Air? and How to Chromecast Pictionary Air on your TV.

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What is Pictionary Air?

Pictionary means guessing game. Pictionary Air means to draw a word or image on the air by using Air pen, see the image or word on your device and try to identify the word. you can cast your phone screen to your TV by using the Chromecast. Casting the game on your TV is the new way of playing the Pictionary game.

If you love to play Pictionary Air or want to try at least once means download the app on your smartphone or tablet. The things needed are an Air pen and an app to play this game. One player has to draw the clue card from the pack and draw the word. Another player tries to identify words.

Things needed to Chromecast Pictionary Air:

  • Air pen.
  • Pictionary App.
  • Smartphone or tablet.
  • Smart TV
  • Chromecast device

Things to do while playing this game:

  • First of all, make sure that the penlight faces the device.
  • Hold your smartphone or tablet still, don’t rotate it.
  • Don’t draw or play this game in front of direct light.
  • Avoid green and red clothing.
  • Avoid green and red background.

How to play Pictionary Air game?

Follow the simpler steps which have given below for playing the Pictionary game.

Step1: Download the Pictionary Air app on your play store or app store.

Download Pictionary Air

Step2: Get ready to play the Pictionary Air app on the new way by using Air pen.

Step3: Once the download gets over means install the app on your device.

Step4: Turn on the Air pen, Power on button is located at the bottom of the Air Pen.

Step5: Press the blue button on the pen to draw.

Step6: Now click and open the Pictionary Air.

Step7: Click start and play.

Step8: After entering the game app, point the in-app camera at the illustrator. Illustrator means the person who draws the pictures or words.

Step9: Check whether the player and sketch are visible on the screen of your smart device.

Step10: Next, Go to the settings and set the number of rounds, timer for the game.

Step11: Two teams needed to play this game.

Step12: Take the clue card from the box and draw it on the air. Now your teammates need to guess the image which is shown on your screen. If you find the image correctly means you get one point. Likewise, the team gets the most number points is the winner.

Step13: For even bigger laughs Chromecast Pictionary Air on your TV.

How to connect Pictionary Air on TV?

By using below simple steps you can Chromecast Pictionary Air easily.

Step1: If you know playing this game means you can easily Chromecast this app.

Step2: Connect the Chromecast device on the back of your TV in HDMI port.

Step3: Connect both the devices to the same wifi connection.

Step4: Once you have connected the Chromecast device on your TV, you can see the cast icon on the Pictionary game screen.

Step5: Click the cast icon on the screen.

Step6: From the search result you can see your Chromecast device name. Click and connect it.

Step7: Once it gets connected means you can see your phone screen on your TV. You can play more easily and get unlimited fun and entertainment.

Key Features of Pictionary Air:

  • The user can record the game performances and also you can share it with your friends.
  • You can help the beginners by adjusting the time limit to take more time for drawing.
  • You can cast this app to all devices like Apple TV, Andriod TV, etc…
  • The alkaline battery is present inside the pen.
  • There are 112 double-sided clue cards is present inside the box.
  • The cost of the Pictionary Air app is only $19.99.

Final Words:

Those you are like to play Pictionary Air on your TV big screen means just download the app on your phone and follow the above Chromecast steps. Just play it at least once you will surely love it. Get more entertainment and fun on Pictionary Air.

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