How To Chromecast VRV on your TV within 2mins?

Chromecast VRV

VRV is one of the best streaming anime apps out there in the online market. VRV has a decent collection of anime and cartoon streaming channels with a lot of popular shows. It connects all the popular streaming channels in one site. The famous streaming channels are Boomerang, Cartoon Hangover  Crunchyroll, HiDive, Rooster Teeth, RiffTrax, VRV Select, Mondo, and Geek & Sundry. We didn’t face any issues while testing Chromecast devices on the VRV app. The Chromecast support VRV is too good. Below we are going to guide you, How To Chromecast VRV on your TV within 2mins?

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It connects all the dots between the tech, sci-fi, anime movies and shows together. This service has both dubbed anime shows and English subtitle shows. The categories include in this app are family, fantasy, kids, music, war, politics, sci-fi, thriller, crime, documentary, drama, etc… The few popular shows that present in this app are The Seven Deadly Sins, Knights of Sidonia, Little Witch Academia, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Death Parade, etc…

Features of VRV:

  • The subscription cost is only $9.99 per month.
  • If you want to buy an ad-free version means you need to pay $2 per month.
  • The premium users can watch the videos even in offline also.
  • You can pick your favorite channels from the list.
  • Bookmarks option is also available so you can create your own watch list.
  • You can leave comments, join the convo, make new friends, etc…
  • It supports dynamic switching languages.

How to Sign In and Setup VRV?

VRV is available in the US and its surrounding region. The people from outside the US can use this app with the help of a VPN. So, Install the VPN on your device first and connect the server area to the US region. Follow the Sign In steps below,

Step1: Go to

Step2: Enter your email address.

Step3: Click the Sign UP on the site home page.

Step4: Enter your Login details and Sign Up.

Step5: Choose your plan.

Step6: Buy your plan and go to the home page.

Now, your account is ready to stream. Enjoy unlimited anime shows on VRV.

How To Chromecast VRV on your TV?

If you want to cast VRV on your TV means a few things are required and also we have to do some mandatory connection for casting.

Things required are Smartphone, PC, Chromecast ultra, HDTV

Mandatory connection: Connect Chromecast device on your TV, Connect all the working devices to same wifi connection.

You can cast VRV by two methods.

  1. Chromecast from your smartphone.
  2. Chromecast from your computer browser.

How to Chromecast VRV from your smartphone?

Step1: Open the Google play store on your phone. If you are using an iOS device, open the Apple App Store.

Step2: Download the VRV app on the app store.

Step3: Install and launch the app on your smartphone.

Step4: Open the VRV app.

Step5: Enter your login details and Sign In it.

Step6: On the home page search your favorite show and play it.

Step7: While playing you can see Cast Icon on the Video screen.

Step8: Click it, it shows the list of Chromecast device.

Step9: Connect yours, Once it gets connect means the same video which playing on your phone is displayed on your TV screen.

Step10: This is the process of casting an application from your mobile.

Step11: For stop casting, click the cast icon again and click stop.

How to Chromecast VRV from your computer browser?

Step1: Switch on your PC.

Step2: Go to the Chrome Browser.

Step3: Search

Step4: Sign In your account.

Step5: Right Click on your mouse and choose cast option.

Step6: Immediately a pop up appears with two options one is cast tab and another one is a source.

Step7: Firstly click the source option and select the cast tab.

Step8: Now choose your Chromecast device on the Cast tab option.

Step9: Now you can see your PC screen on your HDTV screen.

Step10: Play any anime video and enjoy it on your TV screen.

Final Words:

VRV is a collection of your favorite anime channels, movies, events, communities, comics, video games, and many more. It is an all in one app. You can download your favorite movies or anime shows in this app. With the help of this post, you can cast your VRV app to your Tv easily.

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