Steps to Chromecast Ziggo GO on your TV within 2mins? [2022]

Google Chromecast is a small dongle that allows you to cast media content from your hand devices like Mobile, Laptop, PC. To enable this Chromecast feature on your Smart TV, Smart TV with HDMI port is must require for the casting process. In this post, we will guide you on how to Chromecast Ziggo Go on your TV.

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Ziggo GO:

Chromecast Ziggo GO on your TV
Chromecast Ziggo GO on your TV

Ziggo GO is an online streaming service app available in the Netherlands and its surrounding region. This service was started back in the year 2012. Ziggo GO has new movies, TV shows, series and many more. One of the highlight things in this service is it has a complete collection of HBO contents. Ziggo GO has a separate app and website for streaming. Almost 90% of online users in the Netherlands using this streaming service for watching movies and TV shows. For other country users, you can use this app with the help of a VPN application.

Features of Chromecast Ziggo GO:

  • Streaming 80+ TV channels in this application.
  • Currently Viewed movies and series are displayed on the home page.
  • Watch popular movies like Gooische Women, Margin Call, Johhny English Reborn, Hustle, The, and many more…
  • Most viewed Series in this app are Billions, Night Shift, Vikings, New Amsterdam, etc…
  • HBO series like Sex and the City, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, True Blood, etc…
  • HBO movies like Finding the way home, As You Like It, Into the Storm, and many…
  • This Service has a separate column for Kids & Family.
  • You can save your video content in this app.
  • The Ziggo GO is user-friendly to work.
  • The Interface is very simple.
  • Subtitle option.

Steps to Chromecast Ziggo GO on your TV:

If you are using Chromecast Support TV means you can cast easily from your hand device. But if you are using a Smart TV that doesn’t have inbuilt Chromecast features means plugin the Chromecast on your TV.

Using inbuilt Chromecast Smart TV:

Step1: Download the Ziggo Go on your Smart Phone.

Step2: Turn on the Wifi network.

Step3: Connect both the Smart Phone and TV to the same wifi connection.

Note: For other countries users, Please Download the Vpn app and set the server to the Netherlands location. Now you are ready to stream the Ziggo GO app.

Step4: Open the Ziggo GO app.

Step5: Login to it

Step6: Play any of your favorite movies or series.

Step7: While Playing, you can see the cast icon on the top of the video screen.

Step8: Press the Cast Icon.

Step9: The list of the available devices will be shown.

Step10: Select your Chromecast TV and connect it.

Step11: Now your TV screen shows the same as your mobile screen shows.

TV doesn’t have inbuilt Chromecast:

Step1: Plugin new generation Chromecast device on the back of your Smart TV.

Step2: Switch the Wifi connection, Connect all the working devices to same wifi network.

Step3: Download the Ziggo Go app on your smartphone.

Step4: Install the app.

Step5: Launch the app and Sign IN to it.

Step6: Choose the best video and stream it.

Step7: When you watching videos on your mobile you can see Cast Icon.

Step8: Touch the Cast Icon.

Step9: Choose your Chromecast device from the list which is shown.

Step10: Once you connect your phone to your Chromecast device means, The look of your Cast icon will change.

Step11: The video content will appear on your TV screen.

To Conclude:

An alternative app to watch HBO Contents is the Ziggo GO app. If you get bored on watch movies, tv shows on your smartphone, just try this method and cast your Mobile screen to TV screen. Watch all the videos in HD quality with 4K resolution. I hope you should definitely love this article. Thank you for your patience.

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