How to Chromecast Zwift Videos on your TV? [Updated 2022]

Being techie is way more important nowadays. This is because every single action takes place online just by a single tap or swipe. This sounds weird but, this is the undeniable truth. This also refers to the field of fitness. Many online apps offer fitness programs and services. Zwift is one such platform offering fitness programming. If you feel bad using Zwift on a small screen and want to use it on your TV, you are in the right place. This article will help you in knowing How to Chromecast Zwift to TV?

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What is Zwift?

Chromecast Zwift

Zwift is the multiplayer turbo trainer app. It allows users to train themselves via online cycling and physical training programs. In Zwift, everything happens in the virtual world such as training, competing, communicating, and interacting. Zwift serves the purpose of being an anytime trainer because of its service online. This was launched in the year 2015.

Zwift is available on the following devices. They are Android, iOS, Tablet, macOS, and Apple TV.

Features of Zwift

Being an online fitness training service, Zwift is in the field just because of its new roll-out every now and then. Let us ponder upon the features of Zwift

  • Massively multiplayer
  • Turbo trainer app
  • Update your daily workouts
  • Follow people you wish
  • Fitness training cum social media
  • Avail third-party services
  • Add fitness goals
  • Compete with many other Zwift users
  • History of your activities
  • Change direction
  • Communicate

 There are more and more features to ponder upon.

What are the subscription plans of Zwift?

Zwift costs $14.99/month. This cones with taxes applicable for you based on your region/country.

How to Register for Zwift?

Step1: Browse

Step2: Go for Create Account.

Chromecast Zwift

Step3: Enter the details asked for.

Chromecast Zwift

Step4: Read the Terms & Conditions and accept it.

Step5: Tap Submit.

Why to Chromecast Zwift?

Chromecast is one of the easiest and best ways to stream any app or streaming service to your TVZwift isn’t compatible with Smart TVs. But you are desperate enough to stream Zwift to Smart TV, you can Chromecast. To do so, read the article.

How to Chromecast Zwift on your TV?

 To Chromecast Zwift to your TV, there are 3 ways to do. They are:

  • PC
  • Android
  • iOS

What are the prerequisites to Chromecast Zwift?

Step1: Establish the same Wi-Fi connection to your Chromecast and the device which is going to cast.

Step2: Get yourself a Zwift account.

Step3: Purchase Zwift Subscription.

Chromecast Zwift

How to Chromecast Zwift to TV via PC?

Step1: Go to Chrome Browser of your PC.

Step2: Browse the official Zwift Website.

Step3: Tap on the three dotted icon on the screen at the top right.

Chromecast Zwift

Step4: Click on the Cast option.

Step5: You will see the list of casting devices available.

Step6: Tap on the Cast Tab option.

Step7: Choose your Casting device.

Step8: Now you can see your PC Tab of Zwift getting streamed on your TV.

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How to Chromecast Zwift to TV via Android Phone?

Step1: Launch the Zwift app on your Android.

Step2: Sign in to your Zwift account.

Step3: Head to your Android Settings.

Step4: Click on Connected devices.

Step5: Go for Connection Preferences.

Step6: Go to Cast option.

Step7: You will see the list of Casting devices available.

Step8: Choose your casting device.

Step9: You will see a pop-up of screen mirroring note.

Step10: Allow casting by tapping on Start Now button.

Step11: You can see your Android mobile screen getting streamed to your TV.

Step12: Open Zwift and enjoy it on your TV.

How to Chromecast Zwift to TV via iPhone or iPad?

Step1: Launch the Zwift app on your iOS.

Step2: Sign in to your Zwift account.

Step3: Now, launch another app named, Chromecast Streamer on your same iOS device.

Step4: On the Chromecast Streamer homescreen, click on the Cast option.

Chromecast Zwift

Step5: Choose your Chromecast device.

Chromecast Zwift

Step6: Tap Connect.

Chromecast Zwift

Step7: Click the Screen Mirror option.

Chromecast Zwift

Step8: Now, Tap on the Start Broadcast option.

Chromecast Zwift

Step9: This will cast your iOS screen to TV.

Step10: Open Zwift and enjoy it on your TV.

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How to Chromecast Zwift to TV via Google Home?

Step1: Use your Android device and head to Google Home.

Step2: You will see a list of casting devices available.

Step3: Choose your Chromecast device.

Step4: Scroll to the bottom and click the Cast screen option.

Chromecast Zwift

Step5: You will see a pop-up, tap on Start Now option.

Chromecast Zwift

Step6: Your Android screen will be cast on your TV, go ahead by opening Zwift on your Android.

Chromecast Zwift

The EndNote

To end, Zwift is becoming an undeniable fitness trainer in the field because of its super cool features and frequent updates. With the above-mentioned methods, you can get a bigger, larger experience of Zwift. Hope you find this article super useful. Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts below!