How to Clear Cache on Firestick to Improve Performance?

Welcome to the simple guide on How to Clear cache on Firestick or Fire TV. Actually, it has been the most trending question asked by the user to improve their Firestick performance.

If your app is buffering a lot or works slowly, then try clearing out the cache of the application. But if your whole firestick device is slow and buffers a lot then, you have to rest the firestick to factory defaults or delete unwanted applications.

Clearing cache on firestick is so simple compared to the Other streaming devices. Just follow the steps below cache clear on firestick to improve performance.

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How to Clear Cache on Firestick or Fire TV?

Clear Cache on firestick

Actually, Amazon Firestick is a user-friendly application allows the user to perform any task easily. likewise, the user can clear the cache on an application in a minute. Below you can find a step by step instruction to do it, just follow it.

Step1: Turn on Firestick /Fire TV

Step2: Move on to the Settings.

Step3: In Settings, select Applications.

Step4: In that, you can find Manage Installed Application.

Step5: Now, you can find the list of the application installed on your Firestick.

Step6: Just select the application which you want to clear the cache.

Step7: After selecting the application, you can find the details of the application like size, date, name, storage, cache size.

Size: The Total size of the application includes local data, cache, and app size.

Application: The Actual size of the application.

Data: It shows the amount of space taken to store photos, videos, music, log in details, and much more.

Cache: Temporary files of the application.

Step8: Just scroll down and select Clear Cache.

Step9: It will clear all the cache files stored on your device.

Well done. You have cleared the cache files of a single application. Be aware before clearing the Data of an application. Because it will erase all the data downloaded from the application and even logged out from the application.


After clearing the cache there are many possibilities of improved performance of the Application.

But if your whole device is slow and buffers then, you have to reset the firestick to Factory data defaults.

Once the factory data reset is done. It will remove all the installed applications, clear all cache & data files.

Think before doing the Factory data defaults reset. However, If you want to know more about the Factory Data Reset. Just Check out a Simple Guide on How to factory reset firestick?.

I hope that you have a clear cache on the firestick of a single application. If you are in need of any Apps for firestick, just Visit

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