How to Install and Stream CNN Plus on Sony Smart TV?

Have a wonderful mind and heart as always; here is a wonderful article about the process for getting the CNN Plus platform via the CNN app on your available Sony Smart TVs. Let’s get started to read through the ways to get install and use the CNN Plus streaming service on your Sony Smart TV.

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CNN Plus

This CNN Plus platform is an exclusive online media streaming service that was inherited from the actual CNN application. Then this CNN Plus platform provides us with a lot more original content, innovative news delivery, and entertainment elements on using CNN Plus.

Then use this CNN Plus for the budget-friendly charges, which is only $5.99 per month, $59.99 per year, and a special deal for first comers of first four weeks subscribers can get CNN Plus for $2.99 per month. Hence, use this CNN Plus without commercials and a lot more entertainment from March 29th of 2022.

Is CNN+ accessible on Sony Smart TV?

Indeed, this CNN Plus add-on using the CNN app is accessible on some of the Sony Smart TV’s app stores. So you can get download the CNN Plus add-on using the CNN app on your Sony Smart TV.

Way to get CNN+ on Sony Smart TV

You can try this underlying way to get install and watch the CNN Plus add-on using the CNN app on your Sony Smart TV.

Step1: First and the foremost thing is to link up your Sony Smart TV with a power supply and internet supply.

Step2: Then, you’ve to move forward to the Sony Select’s app store to hunt for the CNN app from Home.

Step3: Besides, choose the CNN app and download then install it to your Sony Smart TV’s app section.

Step4: Moreover, you’ve to unfold the CNN app and walk in through the CNN Plus, then do its login process.

Step5: Hereby, pick out any shows or series of CNN Plus to watch on Sony Smart TV.

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Final Words

Here, we are about to end up this write-up about the installation and streaming methods of CNN Plus using the CNN app on your Sony Smart TV. I hope this write-up will help you to get watch CNN+ using CNN app on your Sony Smart TV. Hence, I thank you for your visit to read this write-up about CNN Plus using CNN app on your Sony TV.