How to Connect Chromecast to DLNA/UPnP? [2022]

Connect Chromecast in DLNA /UPnP: Do you want to Stream and enjoy all your local video, images, and music on one screen? If you nod, Yes. Then, this article is only for you. Because here, we will present the device to fetch all your videos together on one screen. The unique device is DLNA. Furtherly, to know more about DLNA, read this article continuously. By reading this article, you will learn more essential points about connecting the Chromecast to DLNA. So, thus without any hesitation, let’s jump into the note and gain more knowledge about DLNA.

About DLNA

Formerly, DLNA was Known as Digital Living Network Alliance. The founding month and year of this device are June 2003. Instead, the founder of this service is Intel. Additionally, you can stream all your local videos and images and listen to your local music through this application with a network connection. In addition, you can use the DLNA on your Smart TV, Smartphone, Tab, and PCs. Also, you can share your media with other devices with the help of this device. Also, this device is compatible with some game soles like  Xbox 360, Xbox One, Play station 3. without any doubt, you can share your content from media to media with the help of home wifi. Moreover, it gives good quality videos and audio to the users. Indeed, the DLNA is available with all sony productions like  Blue-ray Disc players, Televisions, Sony Smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

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What are the main requirements to access the DLNA-enabled device?

Emphatically, you want some basic needs to access the DLNA-enabled device. Unfortunately, without these required things, accessing the DLNA-enabled devices are a little tricky. In this portion, we will present the requirements for your references. From the following lines, you will know that elaborately.

An Uninterrupted Network

Emphatically, the uninterrupted active internet connection is essential to connect via a wired or wireless connection. If you have a poor network connection, you can not access and cannot use the DLNA-enabled device properly. Additionally, a high network is required to view your photos and videos and listen to your favorite music content.

DLNA Certified Digital Media Server

Furthermore, to access the DLNA Enabled device, a certified digital media server is essential. The DLNA device allows you to stream your favorite video content, view your photos, or listen to your music with the digital media server.

DLNA Certified Digital Media Player

Without any reason, you want a certified digital media player to stream your stored video content on your devices like a Home theater or your Smart TV. The work of this digital media player is fetching all your content together and giving them on one screen.

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How to connect Chromecast to DLNA /UPnP?

Indeed, connecting the Chromecast to DLNA /UPnP is a straightforward method. This process that connects Chromecast to DLNA doesn’t waste your time. You can complete this method in a few steps. We can’t connect the Chromecast to DLNA directly, so here we will use the bubble UPnP application to complete the process. The following steps will ideally lead you to complete the process thoroughly. The steps are,

Connect Chromecast to DLNA
How to Connect Chromecast to DLNA/UPnP?


Before performing these steps, connect your Chromecast to your respective Smart TV.


Now, please turn on your Chromecast device and connect it to a stable internet connection.


Now, take your Smartphone and connect it to the same wifi as your Chromecast device.


Then next, go to Google Play Store and hit the search bar on your Smartphone.


Now, type Bubble UPnP in the search bar and click the search option on your Smartphone.


With some moments, you can find the Bubble UPnP app, From your Search result.


After finding the application click the Install button to install the bubble UponP on your Smartphone.


Now, go back to your Chromecast device and connect the Tp-link from your Chromecast TV.


Then, go back to the Bubble UPnP application and select the respective  Chromecast device on your Smartphone.


Now, Launch the Bubble UPnP app and select your desired video. 


On the next screen, move to the input list and set in on any signal like HDMI TV. 


Eventually, now your selected video will display on your Chromecast device. Then you can stream all your favorite videos on your Chromecast-connected DLNA device without disturbance or interruption.

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By the way, this is the stage of conclusion. So, henceforth, we are going to frame the bottom line of our topic  How to connect Chromecast in DLNA /UPnP? Undoubtedly, the DLNA gives more features to stream your content endlessly. Finally, by use of this DLNA device, you can stream all your content like images, videos, and music on one television screen. Moreover, from our guide, you will learn enough about the process of connecting the Chromecast to a DLNA device. Furtherly, have any doubts, clear your doubts from the upcoming article through follow our website.


What are the basic needs to connect the Chromecast to DLNA?

Chiefly, to connect the DNLA device to Chromecast, we want some basic needs. In addition, connecting the  DLNA to Chromecast is impossible without these things. The basic requirements are as follows,

  • Google Chromecast
  • Wifi connection
  • Connecting cable
  • Smartphone or Smart TV

What is DLNA?

Chiefly, you can select and share video, images, and music from your media to other media over any wifi connection through this application.