What Channel is COZI TV on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

COZI TV on DirecTV: We will see about COZI TV in this write-up. It is an American TV network that can be accessed free to air. It is owned and operated by NBC TV Station. So when we think about Satellite TV providers, the first name that pops up in our minds is DirecTV.

DirecTV is famous for its vast range of channels with different lineups. But, first, this Channel started as a lifestyle and news programming with the brand name NBC Nonstop. So without delay, let’s get into the content to know more about COZI TV.

What Channel is COZI TV on DirecTV?

COZI TV on DirecTV
What Channel is COZI TV on DirecTV?

COZI TV is Channel there; you can enjoy its content in the early days; their name was NBC Nonstop. Later that name was rebranded as COZI TV. Today COZI TV has broadcast most of the programs that keep people engaged. Aside from this, it can also be available on other platforms. Nowadays, COZI TV added some classic programs, but it didn’t change their original lifestyle and News programming. The basic format of this Channel is they perform 13 hours of programming per weak. Luckily you can get COZI TV on DirecTV by subscribing to its package. Four packages come with the plans and are affordable to everyone. To save your energy and time, we prepared a list of channel numbers to help you find your favorite Channel. Because you know that it is hard to find your favorite channel number because DirecTV has hundreds of channels.

Channel NameChannel Number
COZI TV on DirecTV

Popular shows on COZI TV

  • Columbo
  • Emergency!
  • Gimmie a Break
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Quincy, M.E.
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Highway to Heaven
  • The Bionic Women
  • Amen


I hope that I have covered all the information about COZI TV on Direc TV. Then, you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment on COZI TV. It will keep you and your family full of joy. On this Channel, you can enjoy all the fantasy series. To learn more about this channel, read this article to the end.


What Channel Number is COZI TV on DirecTv?

Channel Number 68 is running as COZI TV on Direc TV.

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