How to Install and Watch Crave on Roku? [2022]

Crave on Roku: Hello Buddies!!! Happy to revisit you here. Today we are going to see about the topic of Crave on Roku. Additionally, from this guide, you can get more information about How to install Crave on Roku? So, thus without any delay, let’s look into this article and learn more about Crave on Roku.

About Crave

Crave, correspondingly known as Crave TV. The Crave application is a Canadian subscription video-on-demand service. The owner of this service is Bell Media. Consequently, Crave is the main competitor of many primary American services and applications. In addition, the Crave application is available in English and French languages.

Additionally, the main feature of this service is accessing the programs from the many  U.S. television and streaming services and various theatrically-released films. Here you can get multiple types of content, including the HBO / HBO Max films, Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, and the Star Trek franchise. The launching year and date of this service are December 11, 2014. As of March 2022, it has near 3.0 million active users. Indeed, you can use this Crave application on many devices. For example, you can use this application on many Android & iOS devices, Streaming devices, and so more.

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Crave Subscriptions

Further, the Crave application has three types of affordable and budget-friendly subscriptions for its customers. They are,

  • First Plan

Crave’s first plan costs $9.99 per month and $99.90 per year. It includes Crave Originals, Showtime, Hit TV series, and streaming On Demand at any time.

  • Second Plan

From the second plan, you can get the Crave movies + HBO Add-on+ Crave Originals, Showtime, Hit TV series +Latest Hollywood Movies, Family and kids films, 6 Live channels, and On-Demand. This plan costs $19.98 per month and $199.80 per year.

  • Third Plan

The third plan of Crave gives Crave MOVIES + HBO Add-on STARZ Add-on + Hollywood movies, More Family and kids movies, Live channels & on Demand, STARZ Originals + Crave Originals, Showtime, Hit TV series. The costs of this plan are $25.97 per month and $259.70 per year.

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Is it Possible to get Crave on Roku?

The answer is Yes. You can get the Crave application on your Roku device. Additionally, the Crave application is officially available on Roku Channels. So, therefore without any disturbance or interruptions, you can watch all Crave application content on your Roku device. Furtherly, by reading the next part, you will know the procedures to install the crave application on your Roku device step-by-step. So, subsequently, to know elaborately about the installation process of Crave on Roku, read this article thoroughly.

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How to Install Crave on Roku?

By the way, maintain your reading speed here. Because of this is the soul of our article. So, from this portion, you will know all the essential techniques to install the Crave application on your Roku device. Additionally, you can stream and install the Crave application on your Roku device by following our steps. In addition, the steps below will adequately lead you to your destination.

Crave on Roku
How to Install Crave on Roku?


The first step of this process is connecting your Roku Stick to the respective Smart TV.


Afterward, connect the Roku Stick, Turn on your Roku TV, and connec5t it to the uninterrupted internet connection.


After that, go to the home screen of your Roku device by pressing the home button on your Remote control.


After reaching the home screen, navigate the search bar on your Roku screen.


Then, on the next screen, type the Crave app name in the search bar and click the lens icon on your Roku Screen.


Here, you want to leave your Roku device for some time until it loads the search result.


As a next step, select the Crave application from the appearing search result.


Then, click the Add channel to add the Crave application to your Roku Screen.


Within a few minutes, the Crave application on your Roku Channel.


After adding the Crave application, open the Crave app and complete the log-in process on your Roku Screen.


Once you complete the log-in process, finally, you can Stream all the crave application on Roku Screen.

Note: Before performing these steps, update your respective Smart TV to the latest version; suppose it is not updated.

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Bottom Line

However, successfully, now we are trekking the conclusion stage. So, therefore now we are going to present the final words about our topic, Crave on Roku. Undoubtedly, the crave application is the perfect choice to stream all types of on-demand content like News, entertainment, TV shows, series, and so more. Additionally, you can use this Crave application on many devices, game consoles, and Smart TVs. Moreover, we believe this complete article will help you to learn more about Crave on streaming devices. Furthermore, suppose you want more information as well as this kind of topic, then you can get the information as your wish from our forthcoming and updated article by tracking our website.

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What are the compatible Smart TVs with Crave?

Without any doubt, you can use this crave application on many Smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Sony Android TV, and so more. Additionally, you only need an active internet connection to access this Crave application on your Smart TVs, as said above.

What are the Compatible games consoles to Crave?

Fundamentally, the Crave application is compatible with many Gamesoles as follows. Consequently, using these gaming consoles, you can stream all types of Crave content on your respective devices. They are Sony Playstation, PS4, PS4, Slim, Xbox One, Xbox X, Xbox S, and so more.

How to create Crave Account on Roku?

Formerly, you could create the Crave account on the Roku screen without risk. Further, that is easy too. Do the following step to make the Crave account on your streaming device. First, go to the official website of Crave on your Roku device> then click the sign-in button> enter your email address and password on the respective field> then click the ok button.