What Channel is Daystar on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Daystar on DirecTV: This write-up focused on Daystar Channel on DirecTV. It is a Christian channel that comprises all the denominations meaning it cuts across all the faith beliefs. Over time it has been rated as a fast-paced Christian channel that gets famous among people. Nowadays, Satellite TV services play a vital role in streaming platforms.

The most welcomed Satellite service provider in America is DirecTV. It has many channels with different lineups. For example, the Daystar channel mainly focuses on Christian events. This channel got tremendous growth when it started. To know more about this Channel, let’s get into the content without delay.

What Channel is Daystar on DirecTV?

Daystar on DirecTV
What Channel is Daystar on DirecTV?

As the channel started earlier, it still provides consistent content regarding benefits to Christians. You can watch different programs that support your Christian life on this channel. A significant part of this channel programming comprises ministry broadcasts and talk shows. As stated earlier, the daystar channel will get to watch more popular Christian shows than any other channel.

Daystar is available on DirecTV, and you can get it by subscribing to its packages. The packages are affordable to everyone. As we know, the channel numbers may vary for different areas. It is a little hard to find your favorite channel while you change your location. To save your energy and time, we prepared a list of channel numbers that will help you find the Daystar channel quickly.

Channel NameChannel Number
Daystar on DirecTV

Popular Shows on Daystar

  • Gospel Music Showcase
  • Marcus Lamb Memorial Service
  • SkyWatch TV
  • Road Trip To Truth
  • Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
  • Marcus and Joni
  • Christ in Prophecy
  • Today With Marlin and Sarah
  • Scaly Adventures
  • Ministry Now
  • Joni Table Talk
  • Israel Prophetic Condition
  • Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural


Daystar is a multicultural, multi-denominational channel. This type of show made this Channel more famous in the US and across the globe. The above information about this channel made clear about that. You can get the Daystar channel on DirecTV. To learn more about this Channel, read this article to the end without skipping.


What Channel Number is Daystar on DirecTV?

Channel 369 is running as Daystar on Direc TV.

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