How to Delete App on PS4?

Delete App on PS4: Hey, PS4 users, do you want to delete the app from your gaming console? If so, join us to learn the technique to remove the app from your device.

Today we are going to see the simple methodology to delete apps on your PS4 console in this article. PS4 is a gaming console that allows you to play all your favorite games on the big screen without any limitations.

PS4 offers a lot of features like playing games, streaming your favorite shows, installing apps, and so on. In this order, deleting the app on your console is possible. Let’s join us to know the procedure to Delete an App on PlayStation 4.

How to Delete App on PS4?

In this portion, we are going to discuss the procedure to delete an app on your PlayStation 4 gaming console. So, make use of the upcoming guide without skipping to delete the app.

Delete App on PS4
How to Delete App on PS4?

Step 1:

PS4 Internet Connection
PS4 Internet Connection

Firstly, power your PS4 console and connect it to the wifi connection.

Step 2:

Reach the home screen of PS4
Reach the home screen of the PS4

Then, go to the Home Screen and navigate to the App Menu.

Step 3:

Apps on PS4
Apps on PS4

Now, choose the app that you want to delete and highlight it.

Step 4:

Delete an App on PS4
Delete an App on PS4

Hit the Delete button from the menu to remove the app from your PS 4 gaming console.

Step 5:

Finally, you delete the app from your PS4 gaming console successfully.


How can I Move Apps on PS4?

Moving apps on your PS4 gaming console is quite easy with Touchpad. Make use of the left stick to move the cursor and the right stick to select the app. Once you select the app, it will become blue. Then, you can drag and locate the app as per your wish.

How to Delete Games on the PS4 App?

You can easily delete the games or apps from your PlayStation 4 app without any restrictions. Go to the game section and highlight the game that you want to delete. Now, you will get the menu and hit the Delete button to remove the game from your app.

On the other hand, navigate to the Purchased tab and choose the game. Then, click on the Yes button to delete the game on your PS 4 app.


Deleting or removing the app on your PlayStation is too simple. You can delete the particular app from your console with the above mentioned-method. Here we explain the straightforward method to remove the app on your device.

We hope this article will show you the simplest technique to remove the app from your PS4 console. For more technical tips, check out our website under the PS4 category.

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