What Channel is Destination America on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

Destination America on DirecTV: We will see Channel Destination America in this write-up. DirecTV is the biggest Satellite TV provider in America. DirecTV is famous for its different channel lineups. So if you are a fan of any platform, Destination Channel will satisfy your needs.

Destination America is a channel that includes shows like leisure, travel, paranormal things, etc. Apart from these original contents, they also cover shows like wrestling. Luckily you can get this Channel on DirecTV. To know more about this Channel, let’s get into the content.

What Channel is Destination America on DirecTV?

Destination America on DirecTV
What Channel is Destination America on DirecTV?

Discovery Inc owns this Channel. This channel mainly focuses on airing shows like travel, paranormal things, and even cuisine. Earlier, this Channel was branded as Destination America and Planet Green, planned to air only eco-friendly shows. More than a million American households have access to this Channel. Ultimately, this Channel also signed a deal with TNA Wrestling.

If you are a wrestling fan, you will surely enjoy this Channel. If you are a travel freak and always want to know more about new places you intend to visit, this is the best Channel for you. You can get this Channel by subscribing to the DirecTV package. And the packages are pocket-friendly to everyone. The Channel Numbers may vary from place to place that is a little bit hard to find your favorite Channel because there are hundreds of channels in DirecTV. We prepare a list of channels that help you find your favorite one quickly to save your time and energy.

Channel NameChannel Number
Destination America286
Destination America on DirecTV

Popular Shows on Destination America

  • Mountain Monsters
  • Paranormal Lockdown UK
  • Haunted Towns
  • Monsters and Mysteries in America
  • Log Cabin Living
  • Flea Market Flip
  • Ghost Stalkers
  • Buying the Beach
  • BBQ Pit Wars
  • Fast Food Mania
  • Alaska Haunting
  • Buying Alaska
  • Amish Haunting
  • The Fabulous Beekman Boys
  • Ring of Honour Wrestling
  • Trading Spaces
  • Alaska Monsters
  • Buying Hawaii
  • Kindred Spirits


Destination America keeps you and your family full of joy. This Channel has a good content of shows that give the audience a good experience. The above information about this Channel will provide you with a clear view of this Channel. This Channel will satisfy all your needs. So to know more about this Channel, read this article to the end without skipping.


What Channel Number is Destination America on DirecTV?

Channel 286 is running as Destination America on DirecTV.

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