How to Watch DirecTV Now on Vizio Smart TV? [2022]

Today we will be discussing a bit confusing article. It is so because AT&T TV has changed its name of the services offered constantly from one to another. As the name changes, the features also increase. And hence it is beneficial for the users too. We will be knowing in detail about the process of streaming DirecTV Now [AT&T TV] on Vizio Smart TV.

What is DirecTV Now?

 DirecTV Now on Vizio Smart TV

DirecTV Now was a well-known internet television service. This service was offered by AT&T. It works on subscription-based streaming. It delivers live television service all over the United States. In the year 2019, AT&T renamed DirecTV Now as AT&T TV Now.

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What is AT&T TV Now?

AT&T TV Now is a streaming service that was formerly known as DirecTV Now. It is something that is different from the AT&T TV streaming service. Though it has expensive subscription plans for its users it follows a traditional format of offering cable TV to its users. As of now, none can sign up for AT&T TV Now. But if you are desperate enough to watch live television, the users can go ahead with the AT&T TV service.

What is AT&T TV?

AT&T TV as a company offers a family of multichannel television services.  As a streaming service, AT&T TV is a streaming application that offers live television, sports, news, on-demand content. You can watch AT&T TV at any time and anywhere. It even offers DVR storage which is not available in the above-mentioned services. If you want to watch cable TV that too on the go, then AT&T TV will be your perfect choice.

Cost of AT&T TV

AT&T TV offers captivating subscription plans for users. As the cost of the subscription plans increases, the features offered also increase. The plans are:

  • Entertainment package costs $69.99/month + Tax which offers 65+ channels.
  • Choice package costs $84.99/month + Tax which offers 90+ channels.
  • Ultimate package costs $94.99/month + Tax which offers 130+ channels.
  • Premier package costs $139.99/month + Tax which offers 140+ channels.

How to watch AT&T TV on Vizio TV? [DirecTV Now]

The AT&T TV app (DirecTV Now) isn’t available on Vizio Smart TV. It implies that the Vizio Smart TV users should choose the screen sharing method to get AT&T TV (DirecTV Now) on their Vizio Smart TVs. We will be dealing with: Android, iOS smartphones, and PC.

DirecTV Now on Vizio Smart TV
DirecTV Now on Vizio Smart TV

How to cast AT&T TV on Vizio Smart TV using a Smartphone?

Step1: Download and install the AT&T TV app on your Android  Smartphone or iOS from their respective app store.

Step2: Sign in to your AT&T TV account using AT&T TV credentials.

Step3: Ensure the same Wi-Fi connectivity between your Smartphone and  Chromecast device.

Step4: You will see the cast icon in the AT&T TV app.

Step5: Click the Cast icon and choose your Chromecast device from the list of casting devices.

Step6: You can now enjoy AT&T TV streaming on your Vizio Smart TV.

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How to cast AT&T TV on Vizio Smart TV using PC Browser?

Step1: Turn on your PC or Mac device.

Step2: Provide same Wi-Fi connection to your PC or Mac device and Vizio Smart TV.

Step3: Open the browser of your choice such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Step4: Open the official website of AT&T TV.

Step5: Sign in with your login info of AT&T TV.

Step6: Go to the Menu icon or click the three dotted icon in the browser.

Step7: Click the Cast option.

Step8: In the list of available casting devices, you have to choose your Vizio Smart TV.

Step9: Now, you can see your Vizio Smart TV which streams AT&T TV.

What are the alternative ways to watch AT&T TV on Vizio Smart TV?

Apart from the Casting method, the Vizio Smart TV users can go for external streaming devices to watch AT&T TV. The list of external streaming devices compatible with the AT&T TV App are as follows:

  • PlayStation5
  • PlayStation4
  • Amazon Firestick

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To conclude, people choose AT&T TV because of its streaming of live television and on-demand content. And hope the Vizio Smart TV users are comfortable with the above-mentioned methods of casting the AT&T TV App. Thank you for reading. If you have any other methods, please do share them with us!!