DIRTVision on Roku | How to watch DIRTVision on Roku?

Motorsports is one of the major entertainment sources for people all over the world. People love to watch motorsports events like Nascar, Formula One, Moto GP, and many. Recently, Dirt racing has become too famous among people. Dirt racing is a form of motorsports events held on clay or dirt surfaced oval race tracks. Dirt track racing is one of the famous auto racing in the United States. This sport is also popular in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. There are only a very few streaming service available in online to stream Dirt racing. From that, DIRTVision is one of them. In this tutorial, we are going to teach about how to watch DIRTVision on Roku?

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What is DIRTVision?

DIRTVision on Roku

DIRTVision is one of the famous premier dirt racing broadcast providers. It offers the user to watch live race coverage of all the dirt racing. Also, you can stream historical race events. You can get both audio and video coverage of dirt racing through this service. This service offers both free as well as the paid version. It is mandatory for the user to register in DIRTVision to stream content.

In the free DIRTVision membership, you can access to Live Race Day Audio and Video Vault content and to stream Live races require payment. Fast Pass Subscription and Single-day pay-per-view event are the two paid subscriptions in the DIRTVision. Fast Pass Subscription allows the user to watch Live video broadcast which costs $39/month. Single-day pay-per-view event allows the subscribers to watch your favorite event for one night. It costs $24.99 per night.

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How to register DIRTVision?

Step1: Open the DIRTVision on your PC.

Step2: On the homepage you can see the Register option.

Step3: Click the Register option.

Step4: Fill all the details for login.

Step5: Again, tap the register option.

Now, you are ready to stream Live Race Day Audio and Video Vault content. For streaming live race coverage you need to purchase Fast Pass or Single day pay per view event.

How to purchase Fast Pass Subscription or Single day pay per view event?

Step1: Click any one upcoming video which you like to watch.

Step2: On the next screen, you can see the watch button.

Step3: Click the watch button, Purchase page opens.

Step4: Choose your subscription plan and click Next.

Step5: Enter your payment information.

Step6: Finally, tap the subscribe option.

That’s it. Now, you are ready to access all the dirt racing events in your device.

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DIRTVision on Roku:

There is no direct application to download DIRTVision on Roku Channel Store. Still, you can watch all the DIRTVision videos and audios on your Roku device using screen mirroring option. Let’s see how to watch DIRTVision on Roku in the following steps.

DIRTVision on Roku

How to watch DIRTVision on Roku?

Step1: Plugin your Roku device on your TV.

Step2: Power ON your Roku media player.

Step3: On the homepage of Roku, you can find the settings option.

Step4: Open the settings

Step5: Inside the settings, choose the system settings.

Step6: Then, you can see the screen mirroring option.

Step7: Tap and open the screen mirroring.

Step8: Followed by select the screen mirroring mode which is located inside the screen mirroring option.

Step9: Followed by choose the prompt option.

Step10: click OK

Step11: Now, you can screen mirror the content from any device to Roku connected TV.

Cast DIRTVision on Roku from the PC:

Step1: Connect your Roku and PC to the same wifi connection.

Step2: Open the chrome browser on your PC.

Step3: Click the three-dotted icon or Chrome menu.

Step4: Inside that, choose the cast option.

Step5: Your browser will start to search nearby casting devices.

Step6: A popup opens in that open the source option.

Step7: Inside the source, choose the cast tab.

Step8: Then, Select your Roku device from the list.

Step9: In a fraction of second, your PC is connected with your PC.

Step10: Your PC screen will appear on your Roku connected TV screen.

Step11: Now, open the DIRTVision on your chrome browser.

Step12: Click the Sign In

Step13: Enter your DIRTVision account details.

Step14: Click LOG IN

Step15: Choose any video which you like to watch. The same video will be displayed on your Roku device.

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Events in DIRTVision:

  • World of Outlaws Sprint Car event
  • Australian events
  • Xtreme DIRTcar Series events
  • World of Outlaws Late Model season
  • Knoxville Raceway
  •  Attica Raceway Park Weekly Events
  •  Williams Grove Speedway Weekly Events
  • DIRTcar Summer Nationals 
  •  Knoxville Nationals
  • Kings Royal
  • USA Nationals 
  •  Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modifieds
  • The Ultimate Sprintcar Championship
  • The Ultimate Speedway Challenge
  • Valvoline Raceway
  • Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway
  • Hi-Tec Oils Speedway and other major events

Sums UP:

This is one of the best methods to watch DIRTVision on Roku. If you know any other methods to stream DIRTVision on Roku, please tell us in the below comment box. If you have any doubts in this tutorial, tell us in the below comment section. we will help you ASAP. Watch your favorite dirt racing events on DIRTVision site in HD quality.

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