How to Get Discord on PS5? [Updated Feb 2022]

Home video game consoles are the most important gadget for people who love gaming. And those people may look for more facilities and features on their home video game console. It can be fulfilled by PlayStation 5 (PS5). PlayStation 5 is the recently designed home video game console by Sony. You can play games and stream your favorites on PlayStation 5. And you can also communicate with the people you want. You can do that on Discord. Here are the steps to get Discord on PS5.

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What is Discord?

Discord on PS5

Discord is a service that is helpful to communicate with your friends, colleagues, and so on. You can send messages, communicate with voice calls and video calls, share your stuff like files, and much more on Discord. The user can share anything with your friends alone or with a group or community called servers on Discord. You can create and join servers. Servers can be created for all your community such as Classroom, Study, Colleagues, Friends, Games, and much more. You can also stream on Discord. Discord was developed by Hammer & Chisel, Inc. Now it is owned by Discord, Inc. The platforms that are compatible with Discord are as follows: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Web Browsers.

Can you get Discord on PS5?

Discord app is only available for the above-mentioned platforms. There is no such dedicated Discord app available for home video game consoles including PlayStation 5. But don’t worry. You can get Discord on PS5 via a web browser.

How to Get Discord on PS5 by Texting?

You can get Discord on your PlayStation 5 by texting your friend or party on your PlayStation 5. Get along with the steps given.

Step1: Set up your TV with your PlayStation 5 and turn on them.

Step2: Allow your PlayStation 5 game console to connect to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Step3: Press the PlayStation button on your PlayStation 5 controller.

Step4: Now select Game Base.

Discord on PS5

Step5: Then choose Options and pick Go to Game Base.

Step6: Now pick a friend or a party to send a message.

Discord on PS5

Step7: Attach the given link: and then choose the Send option.

Step8: Click on the link you’ve sent to your friend or party just now.

Step9: Now you’ll be directed to Google.

Step10: Attach the given link in the address bar:

Step11: Now log in to your Discord account with your email address or phone number which should be associated with your Discord account and password.

Now you’ve got Discord on PS5.

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How to Get Discord On PS5 By Linking Twitter?

You can get Discord on your PlayStation 5 by linking your Twitter account to your PlayStation 5.

Step1: Turn on your TV and your PlayStation 5. Make sure your PlayStation 5 and TV are connected.

Step2: Connect your PlayStation 5 to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Step3: Access the Settings Gear icon on your PlayStation 5.

Discord on PS5

Step4: Now choose the Users and Accounts option for further actions.

Discord on PS5

Step5: Then choose Twitter from the list.

Discord on PS5

Step6: Prefer the Link Account option.

Step7: Then tap on the small Twitter Logo at the top of the page.

Step8: Log in to your Twitter account with your credentials now.

Discord on PS5

Step9: If anybody tweeted the Discord link, then tap on it and sign in to your Discord account.

You have got Discord on your PlayStation 5 now.

Note: You can do this procedure only if you have a Twitter account. If not, then you can create a new Twitter account. And getting Discord on your PlayStation 5 by using this procedure will succeed only if anybody tweeted the Discord link. Otherwise, you can’t get Discord on your PlayStation 5 with this procedure. If there is any trouble, you can opt for the first procedure to do so.

How to Disable Discord Account on PS5?

Disabling your account doesn’t mean that you are deleting the account permanently. In simple terms, it means you are disabling your account temporarily. You can disable your Discord account temporarily. You need to delete the server or transfer it to another if you own a server. Let’s move on to the procedure.

Step1: Go to the Discord app on your Desktop.

Step2: Access the Settings Gear icon and then choose the My Account section.

Step3: Choose the Disable Account option under the Account Removal section.

Step4: It’ll ask your password for security reasons. Provide it.

Step5: Finally click on Disable Account and confirm the process.

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Discord has the potential to allow you to communicate with your loved ones and with the others you want. And we have provided the steps to get Discord on PS5. We hope that you are satisfied with our article.

Thank you.