How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 503?

Discovery Plus Error 503: We always love to watch our favorite TV shows in our leisure time and on weekends. In that way, Discovery Plus has been a go-to channel for many people because of its unique shows and the original programming taken from many channels.

This is because the programming includes the original shows of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, TLC, etc. What will you do when an error occurs while watching Discovery Plus?

Yes, Discovery Plus sometimes causes errors that are unable to be fixed easily. Here is an article about the methods to fix the Discovery Plus 503 error.

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How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 503?

We could not find any specific reason for the Discovery Plus Error 503 as there may be any problem. However, we can try some fixes to figure out the exact problem for solving it. So, we shall spend a few minutes trying the fixes one by one to solve this error.

Discovery Plus Error 503
How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 503?

Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost fix you should try for any issue is checking your internet connection. To know whether your internet speed is enough to access Discovery Plus, you can use the SPEED TEST tool. You can restart the router if your internet speed is slow and the quick steps are as follows.

  1. First, turn off your router and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Next, replug the router after waiting for a few minutes.
  3. Then, connect your TV or any streaming device to the internet connection.
  4. Open the Discovery Plus app and check whether the error is fixed.

Check the Discovery Plus Server

If the problem is not with your internet connection, you should if the Discovery Plus server is down. For that, you can use some tools like or the Twitter handle of Discovery Plus. By doing so, you can find out whether the Discovery Plus server is down. If there is no problem with the Discovery+ server, there may be some other reason for this error.

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Clear the Browser Cache

Another possible reason from your side for this error may be too much browser cache on your device. You can use the following steps to clear the cache if you are using the Chrome browser.

  1. Initially, open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dot icon found top right corner of the page.
  2. Then, click on the Settings option from the available menu.
  3. Now, click on Privacy and Security followed by the Clear Browsing Data option to continue.
  4. After that, choose the type of data you want to clear from the list on the Clear Browsing Data window.
  5. Further, click on “Clear Data” to finish the process.

Restart the Discovery Plus App and your Device

If the above fixes did not work out, try restarting the Discovery Plus app to get rid of any triggered glitches with the app. By restarting the Discovery+ app, you can resolve other basic errors that can be resolved. Otherwise, you can restart your device if restarting the app does not work out for you.

Check for Updates

This 503 error can occur if you are using an outdated DIscovery Plus app. So, check for updates and update the app if a new version of the Discovery Plus is required. Similarly, check for Software updates on your TV or streaming device through the Settings and About Device option. Then, update your device to perform well and for the apps to function properly.

Reinstall the Discovery Plus App

After trying all these methods, if the error still occurs, you should uninstall the Discovery Plus app and reinstall it. You shall long-press the app icon and click on the option Uninstall if you are using a phone and you can reinstall it through the native app store.

Likewise, you can uninstall the app from the app section of your TV and you can install it back. If you are using a Windows PC, you can follow the below steps to uninstall and reinstall the Discovery Plus app.

  1. First, press the Windows key followed by the R key to open the Run window.
  2. Next, type Control in the Run window and select the Enter option.
  3. Under the Programs tab, click on the Uninstall a Program option.
  4. Find the Discovery Plus app from the list of various apps and right-click on it.
  5. Finally, click Uninstall and then confirm it by clicking on the Uninstall option again.
  6. After a few minutes, download and install the Discovery Plus app again from the official website.

Contact Customer Service

If none of the above fixes work well for the Discovery Plus 503 issue, you can contact the Customer service center. You can get the Email address or phone number from the official site of Discovery Plus and explain your query. Then, follow their assistance further to solve this issue. 

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Ending Up

Conclusively we are about to terminate this write-up and the discussion we had on how to fix Discovery Plus Error 503. Even if could not figure out the cause of this error, we managed to explain some possible fixes. Thus try all the above fixes to somehow fix the Discovery Plus error on your device. Probably, you have tried all the above fixes and sorted out the issue through this guide.  

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