How to Download and Stream BT Sport on Firestick/FireTV [2022]

Can I stream BT Sport on Firestick? The answer is… yes with the help of the right equipment you can stream BT Sport on Firestick. The very first thing which comes to our mind when you hear a word Firestick is Amazon. Amazon is a famous platform where you can get all the streaming devices. One of the best media streaming devices is Amazon’s Firestick. This device belongs to the family of FireTV. Today Amazon is the best platform in delivering entertainment to home.

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In the Fire TV app store, you can get thousands of video streaming applications Amazon prime video, Hulu, HBO Go, Netflix, Disney Plus, BT Sport and many more. With the help of these streaming applications, you can access your favorite movies, TV Shows, Series, On-demand shows, Live TV, etc… Use Firestick, For streaming this application. The Firestick has the ability to stream all the video contents, So you can Stream BT Sport on Firestick also.

Recently, many users of our website mailed me to write an article on the sports streaming app. So only in this article, we will teach you how to download and stream BT Sport on Firestick.

In this post, I will teach you on

  • About BT Sport
  • Features of BT Sport
  • Why VPN is mandatory?
  • How to Subscribe BT Sport?
  • How to Download and Stream BT Sport on Firestick/FireTV?

About BT Sport:

BT Sport on Firestick

It’s evident from the name itself BT Sport is completely discussing sports. BT Sports allows the user to stream both live sports and nonlive sports. This application is a subscription-based video streaming application owned by BT Group. This application is available on various platforms like Andriod, iOS, Chromecast, Firestick, Firestick 4k, Fire TV Cube, Xbox, Playstation and many more. Here we are focusing only on the firestick. BT Sports also offers video highlights, match fixtures, match results, latest sports news, sports interviews and many more.

The popular channels of BT Sport are

  • ESPN on BT Sport
  • BT Sport1
  • BoxNation
  • BT Sport2
  • BT Sport3 

You can watch famous live events like

  • European Rugby Champions and Challenge Cup
  • SPL Scottish football
  • Bundesliga
  • WTA tennis
  • MotoGP
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • WWE
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Premier League
  • FA Cup

Features of BT Sport:

BT Sport is splendid in many aspects. The key features of BT Sport are given below

  • Rewind and Replay of various championship matches and normal matches are available.
  • You can stream all the live TV channels in stunning HD.
  • With Enhanced Player features you can track all the action in Live.
  • By using the multi-cam feature you can see replays in various camera angles.
  • Sports news will be available up to date.
  • Key moments of matches.
  • Points table standing.
  • There is no Commerical interruption while streaming.
  • No hassle.

Why VPN is mandatory?

BT Spor is only supporting in the U.K. and certain U.K. territories. It is difficult to access this application outside the UK for that reason you need a VPN to stream this app outside the UK.

Also, When you streaming the video contents online, your IP’s address will be exposed or monitor by Governments and ISPs. Your online activities have been continuously monitored every day. Some times hackers can easily hack your devices. If you have streamed any copyrighted contents in your Firestick, you will face some serious problems. Sometimes you have to pay some legal fine for streaming those contents. To avoid all these problems, Use a VPN. VPN helps the user to hide your identity by switching your IP address to the various country location. This technology also helps to stream copyrights video content. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu applications are banned in some countries. To use this kind of applications you can use a VPN to change your location.

How to use a VPN?

Before starting the subscription and streaming process of BT sport. We need to set your device to the UK server range.

Step1: Open the VPN application.

Step2: Search the U.K Server range.

Step3: Set the range.

Step4: Now your device is ready to stream BT Sport in any region.

How to Subscribe to BT Sport?

Before streaming the BT Sport application we need to subscribe to it. For that follow the below steps,

#1: Go to BT

#2: Inside the BT Sport you can see Get BT Sport option at the bottom.

#3: Tap the Get BT Sport option.

#4: Different kinds of subscription packages will be shown.

#5: Choose a package that suits you. I prefer you to choose a monthly pack.

#6: On the next page, it will ask for Sign In Process.

#7: Create an account for BT Sport and Enter your Sign-In details.

#8: Tap Sign In.

#9: Now you will be direct to the payment page.

#10: Make a payment and buy a plan.

How to Download and Stream BT Sport on Firestick/FireTV?

BT Sport on Firestick
BT Sport on Firestick

After getting a good VPN and subscription means your device is ready to stream BT Sport. Follow the below steps

#1: Launch your Firestick

#2: Next, Go to the Apps section which is located in the Home Screen. Check BT Sport is available by default or not. If not means move to the next step

#3: Under the Home Screen you can see the search bar.

#4: Type or enter as BT Sport and search it.

#5: From the search result you can see BT Sport related app. Click the official one.

#6: Inside the official one you can see the Download option.

#7: Tap the Download button.

#8: Immediately BT Sport started to download.

#9: After the downloading gets over, then the BT sport starts to install automatically.

#10: After it finishes to installation, Launch the app and open it.

#11: Enter the account details.

#12: Now your firestick device is ready to stream BT Sport.

Alternative Method:

If BT Sport application is not available on your Amazon app store means you need to sideload the BT Sport on Firestick. Sideloading means we need to install the third-party device. Sideloading an application on firestick can be done in a minute.

There are two different methods available for sideloading BT Sport on Firestick

  • How to download and stream BT Sport with the help of the Downloader app?
  • How to download and stream BT Sport with the help of the ES explorer app?

Before starting the process we need to Turn on the Apps from Unknown source option on your Firestick for installing the third party application.

Step1: Switch on your Amazon Firestick

Step2: Then go to the Settings/ Followed by My Fire TV.

Step3: Inside the My Fire TV, Touch the Developer options.

Step4: Followed by Click the Apps from Unknown Source.

Step5: Popup opens with Turn ON button.

Step6: Click the Turn ON.

Step7: Now your firestick is ready to sideload BT Sport.

Step8: Go back to the home page.

How to download and stream BT Sport with the help of the Downloader app?

Step1: On the home page of Firestick you can see a search bar.

Step2: Tap the Search bar

Step3: Type the keyword as a downloader. Click Go

Step4: It will browse and shows the Downloader app.

Step5: Click the Downloader app.

Step6: Inside the Downloader app, you can see the download button.

Step7: Touch the Download button.

Step8: It will start to download.

Step9: Be patient until the download gets over.

Step10: Install the Downloader app.

Step11: Open the Downloader app.

Step12: Inside the Downloader app you can see the URL column. Paste this URL

Step13: Click GO.

Step14: The Apk file of BT Sport opens with a download option.

Step15: Click the Download option

Step16: Your Apk file is started to download.

Step17: Once the downloading gets completed, A notification appears on the top of the screen.

Step18: Touch the notification. It will ask to install

Step19: Click the install button.

Step20: Wait for a minute until the installation over.

Step21: Open BT Sport.

Step22: Enter your BT Sport account details

Step23: Now your BT Sport app is ready to stream all the video contents in firestick.

Step24: You can find this app again in Apps & games section.

How to download and stream BT Sport with the help of the ES File Explorer app?

Step1: First of all go to the above search bar.

Step2: Enter the keyword as an ES file explorer.

Step3: It will start to search and shows the related results.

Step4: Click the Official ES file explorer from the result.

Step5: Inside the ES file explorer you can see the download option.

Step6: Click the Download option.

Step7: Download starts, after downloading install the app on your firestick.

Step8: Open the ES File Explorer.

Step9: On the home page of ES File Explorer, you can see + new option at the bottom.

Step10: Tap the + New.

Step11: A small popup window opens with two options, One is a path and the second one is a file name.

Step12: Paste this URL on the Path.

Step13: Enter any file name and finally Click Download now.

Step14: Downloading of BT Sports starts. It will take a few minutes to download.

Step15: You can see a notification on the top of the screen of your firestick.

Step16: Tap the notification and Click install.

Step17: Now your BT Sport is starting to install on your Firestick.

Step18: Go to the Apps&Games section on your firestick you can see BT Sport at the bottom.

Step19: Open BT Sport.

Step20: Enter the BT account.

Step21: Stream your favorite video which you like to watch.

To Conclude:

From the above methods, you can download and stream BT Sport on firestick easily. If you are a sports lover, you will definitely love this application. Catch up all the live and non-live sports events on BT Sports. I think I have covered all the topics regarding BT Sport on Firestick. If you facing any downloading issues or any other issues means to tell us in the below comment box.

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