How to Download and Install Dplay on Firestick/FireTV?

There are only a few applications out there in the online market for watching live TV channels. From that Dplay is one of them. A few days before I found this app. From this app, you can stream all your favorite live TV channels, movies, TV shows. This article is specially created for all the movie lovers who love to stream Dplay on Firestick.

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What I especially liked about this Dplay app or Dplay service is that it has a huge collection of movies, tv shows, Live TV channels, and many more. Don’t waste your money on paying huge TV subscription bills. Well, with the help of Dplay TV you can watch all the Live TV channels, movies, TV series, sports, and much more at free of cost.

If you want to install this Dplay app on your firestick, Follow the below instructions I will learn you how to download and install Dplay on Firestick. Then this guide will definitely helpful for you to stream Dplay on firestick. I have tried to explain it in a very easy manner along with few images.

About Dplay:

dplay on firestick

Dplay is one of the best video streaming applications that let you watch six live TV channels that include Food Network, DMAX, HGTV, Quest, Really, Quest Red. The highlight of this app is completely free to use. Dplay is available in Ten Top countries like Denmark, Finland, Itlay, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, England, and Ireland. Dplay is also known as QuestOD, it is owned by Discovery Inc. It supports platforms like Android Phone, iOS devices, Tablets, PC/ Laptop, Apple TV, Andriod TV, Chromecast device, Firestick/FireTV and many more. Here we are focussing on Firestick/Fire TV.

Popular TV shows of Dplay are

  • Man VS Nature
  • How to Look Good Naked.
  • Outback Opal Hunters.
  • Salvage Hunters.
  • Curvy Bride’s Boutique.
  • Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox.
  • Posh Pawnbrokers.
  • Born Mucky: Life on the farm.

The Genres available in this app are

  • Crime
  • Factual
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • ParaNormal
  • Motoring
  • Reality
  • Sport

Features of Dplay:

  • The user can watch Rewind and Recap of the TV shows and Live TV channels.
  • Dplay is completely free to stream.
  • What’s ON is one highlighted option available in Dplay. From that, you can get complete details about TV programs.
  • Can stream all the videos in High definition quality.
  • Dplay is an ad-supported application but not that much.
  • No interruption in streaming.
  • On-demand option.
  • The user can get goosebumps while watching show Naked and Afraid.

Why VPN is mandatory?

Dplay is available only in countries like Denmark, Finland, Itlay, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, England, and Ireland It is very tough to access this application outside those countries for that you need a VPN to stream this app outside those countries.

For that, you need to download the VPN on your respective store. Once you have downloaded means install the VPN on your Firestick and set the server to the available Dplay region.

How to Download and Install Dplay on Firestick/FireTV?

Once you install the Good VPN on your device, Next we need to download the Dplay app from the Amazon App Store or respective app store. Below downloading we need to do some mandatory connection.

Install Dplay on Firestick
Install Dplay on Firestick
  • Plug-In the Firestick on your TV first.
  • Connect your Firestick to the home wif or any other internet connection.

Follow the installation steps,

Step1: Let’s start by launching your firestick.

Step2: Next thing, Go to the Apps&games section on your firestick device, there search Dplay app is available by default or not.

Step3: If it is not available by default means proceed to the next step.

Step4: In the home screen on your firestick, you can find the search menu.

Step5: Click the Search menu.

dplay on firestick

Step6: Your on-screen keyboard opens, In that search the Dplay app by typing it or use Alexa voice for searching Dplay.

Step7: It will start to browse for the result, for results click the official Dplay app.

Step8: Inside the Official one you can see the download option.

Step9: Tap the Download option.

Step10: It will start to download on your firestick.

Step11: Once the download gets over means you will receive a notification on your screen.

Step12: Dplay starts to install automatically.

Step13: After installation, Go to the Apps & Games section scroll down you will find Dplay app.

Step14: Open the Dplay App, Do the usual login process.

Step15: Select the country on the home page.

Step16: The Chosen country’s content will be displayed.

dplay on firestick

Step17: Stream your favorite video on your firestick.

Alternative Method:

Since apps like Dplay is not available in the Amazon app store means it is a third party app. For this kind of application, we need to sideload the app on firestick. Sideloading is a simple process you can do it in a minute.

For Sideloading Dplay app, There are two methods available

  • Method 1: How to get Dplay on Firestick with the help of the downloader app?
  • Method 2: How to get Dplay on Firestick with the help of the ES file explorer app?

Before installing any third-party app on firestick, It is mandatory to Turn on the Apps from Unknown source. For that follow the below steps.

#1: Switch on your Firestick.

#2: On the home page of firestick, you can see settings option on the top.

#3: Tap the settings option.

dplay on firestick

#4: Under the options, you can see My Fire TV option. In the early stage, this My Fire TV option is known as a Device option.

dplay on

#5: Inside the My Fire TV, Choose the Developer options.

dplay on

#6: Under the Developer options you can see two boxes one is ADB debugging and the next one is Apps from Unknown Sources.

dplay on

#7: Click the box Apps from Unknown sources

#8: Immediately a pop-up opens with a warning message. In that Click Turn ON.

dplay on

#9: Now you are ready to install the Dplay app.

Method 1: How to get Dplay on Firestick with the help of the downloader app?

Let’s start the sideloading process,

Step1: Return to the home screen of your firestick.

Step2: Click the search option.

Step3: Type the word as Downloader in the search box.

Step4: It will start to browse, shows the result.

Step5: From the result, Tap the official downloader app.

dplay on

Step6: Inside that, Click the download.

dplay on

Step7: Download starts, after a few minutes you will receive a notification.

Step8: After that install the downloader on your firestick.

Step9: Tap and Open the app.

Step10: Tap Allow to access all media contents.

dplay on

Step11: In the Downloader app, you can find the URL column.

dplay on

Step12: On the URL column Copy and paste this URL

Step13: Tap the Go button.

Step14: It will ask for download, click the download option.

Step15: Your Dplay Apk file starts to download.

Step16: You will get notifications after downloading.

Step17: Touch the notification and install the apk file.

Step18: Once installation gets over, open the Dplay app.

Step19: Do the usual login process.

Step20: Choose the country on the home page.

Step21: Contents related to that country will be displayed.

Step22: Stream any video as you wish and enjoy the Dplay service.

Method 2: How to get Dplay on Firestick with the help of the ES file explorer app?

This is another one method of sideloading the dplay app on your firestick using ES file explorer. For that follow the below instruction.

Step1: Similar to the above method, Click the search button on the home screen.

Step2: In that search ES file explorer.

Step3: For that type ES file explorer on the search box and click Go.

Step4: Click the official one from the result.

dplay on

Step5: Download the ES file explorer and install it.

Step6: Launch the ES File Explorer.

Step7: Inside the home page of ES File Explorer, you can find + new option on the bottom of the screen.

dplay on

Step8: Click the + new option.

Step9: A pop up opens with two options one is Path and the second one is the file name.

Step10: Paste the Dplay apk URL on the path column.

Step11: Give a file name in the second column.

Step12: Next, click Download Now.

Step13: Dplay apk starts to download.

Step14: In a few minutes it will be downloaded.

Step15: Click the Downloaded file and install it.

Step16: Finally, open the Dplay app.

Step17: Enter the login details.

Step18: Choose the Country.

Step19: Select any live channel or show that you like to watch.

Step20: Enjoy Dplay service with your family and friends

To Conclude:

Can I stream Dplay on Firestick? Yes, from the above methods you can stream Dplay on firestick easily. If you are a lover of movies and TV shows means you will love this app. Well, this the short review about Dplay on Firestick. Mention your feedback and queries on the below comment box.

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