How to Watch DStv on Hisense Smart TV? [2022]

Today we are back with another write-up. And believe that this will help you out. If we make a list of streaming services, the list would go on and on. And this even applies to the TV service. Also, there are services that is available as both streaming app and TV service. And DStv is one such service which was once known as My DStv and DStv Now. In this article, we will be concentrating on How to install DStv on Hisense Smart TV.

About DStv

DStv is a well-known broadcast satellite TV service that is used by a wide range of users. But people can’t have access to the TV service while they are ways from their residence right! But definitely, this won’t be an issue for DStv users as it has its own over-the-top streaming service. Earlier it was known as DStv Now and now it has changed its name to DStv itself. Users have to just add the DStv App to their device, but in return, they gain a lot of exciting features such as live TV, news streaming, flexible watching by downloading the contents, and many more cool features. But can the best things come for an affordable fee? Yes, you can get DStv for free with your existing DStv pay-tv service subscription.

How to Watch DStv on Hisense Smart TV?

Since the DStv App is readily accessible on the App Store of Hisense Smart TV, the users can make use of this easily. You can abide by the following steps:

DSTV on Hisense Smart TV
Hisense Smart TV

Step1: Your Hisense Smart TV should be turned on.

Step2: For an internet connection, secure it with your Home Wi-Fi.

Step3: Get to the home screen.

Step4: Scroll to the AppStore.

Step5: Spot the Search space and go for it.

Step6: By clicking the OK option you will be displayed with the onscreen keyboard.

Step7: Use it to type the name as DStv App.

Step8:Now utilize the D-pad on your remote and select the DStv App.

Step9: To continue, you should click the green button on your TV remote.

Step10: This will add the DStv app on your Hisense Smart TV.

How to Activate DStv on Hisense Smart TV?

Step1: After the successful installation of the DStv App on your Hisense Smart TV, open it.

Step2: When you open the DStv App, an activation code will be generated on your HisenseSmart TV screen.

Step3:Use any other device and log in to your DStv account.

Step4: You have to use the following link of DStv for setting up:

Step5: After signing in, you will see a space that needs a code for activation.

Step6: Enter the activation code that was generated on your Hisense Smart TV.

Step7:And by following the above-given steps, you will be adding and activating the DStv App on your Hisense Smart TV.


To terminate, downloading and accessing the DStv App on your Hisense Smart TV is an easy thing I guess. This is because we have discussed and the steps above. But what if you can’t access it due to some technical issues or OS problems? don’t worry, we are here. All you have to do is just to just opt for casting or screen mirroring. And hope that you find this write-up super useful. Thank you for reading.